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Waterproofing And Insulating
by Tam

Yesterday my roof again poured tar and covered with roofing material. It would seem, is why these older materials are still used, due to longevity? None. Because of the efficiency? Either. Price? Perhaps, but only to her yet should add a regular salary brigade workers. Unfortunately, the only correct answer is corruption in public utilities, but not about her speech now. The fact is that in a world designed for tens if not hundreds of materials and methods waterproofing and insulation of roofs, providing all who are in the room, comfort for decades in a single day of work.

Properly executed, they improve the microclimate, reduce costs, due to heat losses (and is 40-60%), eliminate icing roofs and hanging icicles, relieve from daily duties to listen to sound of pigeons and the roar of the rain By the way, sound is also due to appear , it does not necessarily do separately. More information is housed here: technology investor. High-quality waterproofing requires tools and equipment appropriate level of qualified specialists who are familiar with the technology used. But she is also very important. It is worth noting that best technology for waterproofing – jointless, which means the application of a single material for all insulated surfaces. Such an opportunity to enjoy only those that can be sprayed evenly. Basically, it liquid rubber material, from a distance resembling tar, only much more flexible and durable, and polyurea – this material is as hard as plastic, or even harder. It is a different color, and therefore can receive from your the roof is also an aesthetic pleasure. The same can be said about the roof insulation – insulation should be based on a monolith and does not contain gaps. This effect allows to reach spraying foam on the inside of the roof. The material used is humidity resistant, hygienic, is an excellent sound insulator and solves most problems associated with the roof. I note that each of these materials tightly adheres to the surface on which apply, so do not peel or form bubbles in the moisture that falls to the destruction of the protected surface.



January 4th


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