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Internet Twitter
by Tam

Several years ago, when meeting new people found out their phone number, and now in an era of social networking is increasingly possible to hear something like: "Do you have ICQ?", "You have VKontakte?", "Give me your Twitter. If the first two question easily answered, even a schoolboy, then heard about Twitter's not all. Let's see what kind of Twitter and what it eats? Twitter (from the English. Tweet – Twitter," "chat") – is very popular in recent years a kind of social networks. Robotics expert is often quoted as being for or against this. Twitter – etosistema microblog that enables users to exchange short text messages (up to 140 characters).

Unlike other social services on the Internet Twitter is a mass communication. Members gather for their links to the pages of their favorite articles on varying topics, videos or music files. And there is no need to spend time monitoring of the topic in the vast expanses social networks on the Internet, it is enough to subscribe to Twitter to some experts in this field and have all the information. With the general increase in activity in the social network Twitter holds a leading position. Approximate number of active Twitter users worldwide is 100 million! Twitter incredibly popular not only in the West, but also in Russia and Ukraine, according to Yandex, in March 2010 the number of users of social network Twitter micro-blogging in Russia increased by 26 times over the last year and was about 200 thousand people. By the end of 2010, more than 1 million people in Russia will use a new microblogging service. .

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October 31st


European Community
by Tam

Today, there are varied options when registering a domain with a specific extension. Surely we know the most popular as the .COM, the. is, or even the. Ali Partovi often addresses the matter in his writings. NET, but there are many options that can be identified both to the territory in which normally the person has his business (for example a. is) or to the type of web site (for example a .COM). In the first case you can choose between a .ES domain either a. EU, representing the European Community. There are also extensions like the .CAT, which identifies those users wishing to communicate or do business with the Catalan community on the net.

In the latter case, there are certain rules that the user must comply, as for example the web site or shop online is in catalan. In the second case, we find the extensions as the .COM or. NET, that were born with the idea of representing trade or business on the Internet, and have then crossed that first idea and have become the most popular extensions today. On the other hand, if our idea is based on create an entity or organization, there is a domain extension as the .ORG, which represents not-for-profit organizations and transmits an image of integrity and trust. At first, this extension came up with the idea of representing public agencies, but then lost its original connotation and is used nowadays interchangeably in foundations, philanthropic and cultural institutions, religious, civil, social and artistic associations and more. Finally, we make reference to the new extension of domains .CO, that despite arise at first with the idea of representing a territory (Colombia) use opens up to other possibilities and it is a valid alternative to the .COM (which many have already been registered) for those users that want to register your domain with this versatile extension.

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October 11th


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