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History Tower
by Tam

It is known that it had severe taxation and same with comprase sales remained the new owners under rigorous control of these lands, that is, the lands continued being of Church or of the crown, arriving to cause dissatisfaction in the colonists, even so causes also admiration the strategical action of the D? Avila in the hinterland, as confers itself in citations of the Vestibule of the House of the Tower, of the journalist Whaler: The vigilant and energetic action; the astuteness, intelligence, the bravery and the tenacity, guided for the insacivel ambition of Garci’a D' The Avilas and its descendants, had reserved for these heroes of as many days, as many fights in some fields and in the most diversified circumstances, the historical paper that the House of the Tower so shiningly plays in the formation of the nationality, the development and of economic expansion of agriculture, in the conquest of the hinterland and the povoamento of the ground. While an ox to walk for the occidental sertes, sleepy or remoendo, will last in the memory of the Brazilians, the admiration for the inolvidvel figure of Garci’a D' Avila – the founder of the House of the Tower, whose destroos, remember today, old and a majestical one to be able, remembering in the poetry of the landscapes northeasterns – generations of heroes whom they had known to establish it and better defend-la.' ' (Peter Calmon, in History of the House of the Tower) Searching on the creation of the villages, of the towns and cities of the pernambucano hinterland, it can be perceived that the name of Brgida de Alencar has great importance and that its existence made history as great farmer, heiress of great farms that if had become cities, essentially catholics, mainly the cities of Cabrob, Parnamirim, Ouricuri and Ex. It has names of streets and schools in Cabrob, homaging Brgida de Alencar, in Saint Maria of the Boa Vista, Parnamirim and Belm of the San Francisco. .

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