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Drilling Machine
by Tam

If there is no drilling machine in the shop fitter-lover, you can make your hands a machine from scrap materials and components. Because of the technological breakthrough in the photofission obsolete hundreds of thousands enlargers. They are gathering dust in storage rooms and attics, and many just do not hand up to throw them, because they often look brand new and they are associated with pleasant memories. Of course, the magnifying glass can be unscrew and wire socket for light bulbs used as portability. You may find that Bobby Sharma can contribute to your knowledge. Not in such quantity, but lacking in the same storage locations for items that pity to throw away household whisk – mixers, in which plastic worm gear drive is erased.

Of course, if there is a set of cap-grinder, throw, usually in no hurry, though, and pray to coffee or sugar in the packing of the new mixer. Of obsolete parts enlargers and half Broken mixer is quite possible to build small, you want an amateur studio, drilling machine. Enlarger taken from a table-base with a reception at which the vertically moving carriage and lamp, lens, and etc. And from the mixer – motor speed changes with the system (speed or smoothly varying). The first thing to wear on the motor shaft chuck drill with a diameter of about 6 mm. Carve their own transition sleeve with Morse Taper problematic, so you can order this item. Everything else can be done in not very equipped workshop.

Pliers, wire cutters, bolts, nuts, screwdrivers, wrenches, etc. – there are at Designers enthusiasts. Yes, and calipers to measure – not uncommon in their workshops. Screw the motor to the carriage enlarger different ways, depending on their design features. Can use, or a rectangle of sheet aluminum or Plexiglas, or press the motor yoke of tin (preferably stainless steel tank of the Soviet washing machine). Not far from the bar magnifier can be screw the box to the switch and the switch speed mixer, from which on the one hand leaves the cable and plug for electrical connection, preferably with a grounding wire. The second flexible cable with a length designed for maximum lift carriage, is connected to the motor clamp and pressed to the carriage. Depending on the electrical mixer, the cable will need a 5-6 wire. Setting up a homemade drill the machine is reduced to equalize the vertical axis along which the drill will move up and down. You can optionally be screwed under point Lowering drill a small gripe, but in extreme cases – clamp, for which bolted to the table a special corner. Source: wansel – Drills on metal, drills, levels, Bubble, gidrourovni, cutting wheels, fasteners, hardware purchase in Minsk.

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December 30th


Platinum Gold
by Tam

You take a look, for example, a clock face – comes even to the point that the chronometer or chronograph hands painted just as they do in copies of all their functions at 100%. We do not argue, there are also instances of functioning mechanisms and arrows, but no one gives a guarantee that they will not stand up to 3 days after purchase. Typically, such specimens are usually imported from China, Vietnam, Thailand. Ali Partovi can aid you in your search for knowledge. Their cost does not exceed $ 5-10 per unit. These fakes can be seen on the arm of a mile – the oak belt, and watch yourself as something not very well sit on the arm, dangling like a foreign body.

Wrist watches must be one with his hand. The store copies of Swiss watches all models are replicants, izgotavlennymi in Belgium and Austria in compliance with the production of unique tehnolgy patented devices, appliances and fixtures (tourbillon, lunar calendar, professional chronograph power reserve indicator, etc.) of the originals. All models are 100% copies of the originals. Products have passed quality control and meets all the requirements predyavlyaemym this category. Our constant customers enjoy the discount system.

Pricing Policy: You must understand very well that a good mechanism can not be below $ 40. In our local, which are represented in the price band reception $ 150 installed Japanese mechanisms, such as kvartsenye, and mechanical. Such mechanisms are established in the original watch brands: Orient, Seiko, Cassio, Citizen, etc. Such mechanisms are very simple to manufacture and structure, and very reliable. The service life of such mechanisms 5 years. Watch case and dial are made in Austria and Belgium in the factories producing parts for the watchmaking industry in the world. Austria produces more cheap housing to the detriment of their weight, when Belgium is famous for production of housings for watch brands Tissot, Omega, Longines, Boss, etc. with lower weight. In the case of Belgium, established in the main mechanisms of the Swiss company the manufacturer of mechanisms – ETA. The cost of these mechanisms varies $ 100-150 range and they have a low weight and long life of more than 10 years. In the Belgian copies ispolzuetsya deposition case and bracelet technology IPG (Ion Platinum Gold). As a rule, copies of the gold-plating is gold contains different samples from 18 to 24 Karratha. Specification hours in the watch uses high-tech materials: shells are made from high quality brass, steel, titanium and their alloys. In the hours set sapphire glass. Sapphire glass more durable and practical to use (no scratches) in contrast to mineral glass. Straps are made of genuine leather and rubber bracelets – from high-quality brass, steel, titanium and their alloys. Batteries: The life of the battery 3 years from the date of installation.

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July 13th


Wedding Photographers
by Tam

100% sure that no one would dare deny the fact that in our age, no wedding is complete without a wedding photo shoot. This is understandable – everyone wants to capture such a grand event to the memory of those days left no only in the heads of newlyweds and guests, but also in the picture. Imprinted on the photo wedding events have already started a very long time, you can tell from the start of sales of available technology. But to do this professionally, and even more so in us, began quite recently – just before the treated unpretentious camera, which went to one of the guests. Photographer today – it's a whole set of special equipment and is not cheap, but also the skills and experience in this industry. Undoubtedly, the wedding photos – it works, and to do so skillfully, is required to possess the talent of the artist, not every opportunity is seized of the creative professional. Find a photographer to celebration is not easy, because it is a very crucial aspect.

Today, in large Russian cities a myriad of services offered by various organizations and private photographers simply, often, a novice pretty hard understand all this and choose a worthy proposal. When selecting a photographer's portfolio will certainly check out – Select the style of work, which will shower you. Without hesitation Marc Mathieu explained all about the problem. Every photographer his unique style – classic, modern approach, etc. You should not be greedy strongly on price, be sure – professional services can not be cheap, but pay extra and exclusively for the brand does not make sense – now there are so many active photographers who are not yet as popular, but have a stylish approach. An important aspect is to approach the photographer.

Professionals are constantly monitoring the latest developments in this as poor, and the technique they always have the latest word of fashion. Required to note once again that the photographer for the wedding – pretty important thing the organization of wedding and event needs to be given time to find a professional and discuss all the nuances, so after not disappointed because the wedding is not repeated, and then, like in the movies is not possible to make hundreds of duplicates in each scene. Help in finding the photographer may be familiar, which enjoyed the proposals of any photographer. A good tool to choice may be a global network where today almost every photographer has a personal web-site with a portfolio value and other data. The main thing in this case, do not rush!

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October 19th


Why Balloons At The Festival ?
by Tam

Triumph, perhaps there are those who do not like to relax and have fun? Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries kaleidoscope of these events creates an aura of happiness and laughter. A huge number of people, gifts, interesting fun – all signs great celebration and an unforgettable vacation. But we all know that every holiday is made up of an infinite number of parts, without which it would become boring. Of course, an important detail is the decoration of the room, where planned celebration. Currently, the most relevant and interesting way of decor are inflatable balls. How could it happen that the invention is more than a century ago, now has a success? It's very simple. Each thing to please in the field of view of creative people, it is unique. The same miracle happened and inflatable balls.

Designers have found that simply adding a bunch of balls in, they did not invent anything interesting. Exactly therefore necessary to creative thinking. Now the usual connectives do not meet at the celebrations, they walked fascinating compositions made of balloons: the arch, heart, and cupolas, etc. At this point, you can make each banquet is truly unique and not forgotten. From now on, any room can be decorated with balloons in all colors and shapes. Any, even the boldest idea may now become a reality. Forget boring, outdated jewelry.

Order decoration balloons, and you will please guests a luxurious and stylish furnishings. Balls in the design of a holiday – it is actual, modern, and certainly beautiful. A creative approach helps designers achieve the most fantastic results. From now on every holiday and always will be a unique and vibrant. Dreaming to the entrance to the room was decorated with arches everywhere grow flowers, and heroes of the occasion was a huge dome? No problems. Place an order for the balloons with helium inside and then the flowers will be very nice and big dome is majestic shelter guests. Are necessary bizarre types of decorations from balloons? Please, all flight is limited to your imagination and possibilities. Want to organize an unforgettable holiday that will keep in mind not only the major participants, but the other guests? In this case, let the experts will draw air balls of your room and make your holiday truly memorable. Try to keep your feasts would not forget for years!

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June 12th


Thoughts About Life
by Tam

About life … … Sometimes, when left alone, alone with his thoughts, feelings … with myself, involuntarily start thinking about life, her sense of what you want, what you dream about what you regret that you would like to change … unfortunately the answers to many questions and are not … maybe they can find later …

Life seems so complicated … but actually it is very simple, you just need to understand themselves, identify what you want … that looking for … what you dream and then you're just going to strive for it, wait for it, and it always will be in your imagination … and that's when you start is defined, searching, waiting …

and you are sure that when you find, what you're looking for- will be truly happy … but often it happens that you can not find what you imagined myself and that's when you start to feel a sense of disappointment, but still continue to look for, but every time you wrong-hope to become less and less … and that's when you start asking yourself: "but what I'm looking for?" and can not myself answer it. You give up, you start to get confused in my mind … and eventually come to the conclusion that since you have not found what I was searching for something or you're looking for that something is wrong or that what you are looking to find may not. And then you start to try to change your desires, dreams, thoughts … trying to rethink everything … and that's after a certain amount of time you are ready himself to answer the question, "what I want?" (actually, it's always things that are much simpler than those of which you dreamed of and which was originally not found) and now you start a new search … it can certainly happen immediately, but usually you find, what are looking for a second time … And then what do you and you start to feel that same frustration in his life … as if it's something most of which you are looking for, dreamed, what he wanted, but you forget about the fact that this "simplified version" of your happiness … and of course you can live and live well, but you want something else … the very things you do not find the first time about what was trying to forget, inventing new desires and dreams … but do not fool yourself … and maybe you can pretend you're happy I found what I was searching for myself … but you'll know that this is not true … That's how we often try to deceive ourselves, to pretend, that we have found everything what they wanted in life … but with all this, we continue to feel deeply unhappy people … so whether or not to deceive ourselves? Should I change my desires and dreams, or still need to try to look for them again and again … personally me the answer is obvious, is worth listening to yourself and your heart, you can fool anybody, but why not a cost not to lose hope but should not matter what try to find something you really want, what you dream, because just find it you can be truly happy, and say to yourself, "I have no regrets"

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April 26th


University Wedding Rings
by Tam

Wedding rings on order are of particular importance "ring of graduates." This is jewelry made of gold and silver, sometimes decorated with precious and semiprecious stones. For example, graduates of the Massachusetts University of Technology are committed to wear the ring, formally known as Standard Technology Ring, and unofficially – Brass Rat (brass rat). Golden Ring massively and necessarily contains engraved with the year of issue. According to it, graduates know each other. Generally, such a ring on his finger can tell not only the formation of its owner, but also its status and even personality – it often rings are made to suit the individual wishes owner. Good traditions of graduation ceremonies and is rich in Russian history.

So in the Pages of His Majesty the body before taking the whole issue of the officers ordered the same gold ring with a wide steel rim outside. Steel of the rings symbolized the strong cohesion and friendship of those who graduated from the Corps of Pages. The ring is engraved with a motto: "You will be hard as steel, and pure as gold." Learning graduate housing on the ring, all pages, regardless of year of issue and the position, addressed each other as "thou." Pages' alumnus who has reached career heights tend to render any kind of protection to his comrades on the body, and thus , the former the pages most often occupied the highest military and administrative positions, even in the Empire. We know that Pushkin and his comrades-lyceum students for many years had been faithful student friendship. And that's why they called themselves "Chugunnikov," not everybody knows. It turns out that the day the person of its director, EA Engelhardt gave pupils made from fragments of a broken cast-iron bell rings Lyceum as dense in welcoming hands. K Unfortunately, after the revolution, many of graduation traditions have been lost, as well as a tradition to use wedding rings, and some did not have time to develop. However, during the Soviet period the graduates of different universities also there were signs of differences – as the traditional "diamond" and exclusive badges, made to order specifically.

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January 16th


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