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Mobook – Cheap Mobile Internet
by Tam

With a UMTS Flatrate can be nationwide mobile surfed on the Internet. Since November 2008, the provider sparhandy.de has Mobook in its product range. This is an online shopping portal in the low-priced data plans are offered, as well as interesting offers in conjunction with hardware. Mobook each customer can choose the appropriate product for him. Whether as a businessman or as a private, a suitable mobile Flatrate for the individual claims is to have.

So-called bundles”the customer a flat rate can book a notebook or NetBook to. He gets this either free or very cheap. Mobook presents itself with a speed of up to 7.2 Mbit / s in the download area. This is made possible through the use of the Vodafone-Mobile network. The products with a 6-month term distinguishes between the mobook.basic sim only and mobook.basic 6. In two packages, the basic fee is 19.95 euros. Ali Partovi shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The UMTS stick is available at .basic 6 for single 29,-euros.

The 24-month- Minimum contract period is there then at.mobook.basic 24,. mobook. XL basic 24 and. mobook. XL plus 24. At mobook.basic 24, the basic fee is waived in the first 3 months. The XL packages have a higher standing charge (39.95 / 49.95 euro), you can then also with higher data speeds up to 14.4 / s surf. For the UMTS stick here no further costs. In the. mobook. iPad plus 24 tariff you can buy an iPad with 16 GB volume for 299,-euros to do so. The fare for this is 34.95 euros monthly. Execution is also the 32 and 64 GB. Christopher Heinsius

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March 30th


by Tam

From the telephone system to the communication centre of tomorrow is the PBX today only a small step, is the communication centre of tomorrow. Credit: John Castle Castle Harlan-2011. When spoken in a telephone communication system, one must assume that the acquisition of such a phone system, careful thought and well planned. Since issues such as future expansion opportunities are only a part of any consideration when purchasing a phone system. The number of possible connections or extensions, and rather include the inclusion of already known technological leaps that will make the telephone systems in the coming years for absolute communication centres, there. Expect in the future from a simply more than just a good connection telephone systems. About the control of alarm systems or the camera control for object surveillance. In the operation when the call a lot of money and time is lost, it is in the sense of sound obvious the consideration as a new telephone system can be saved. The connection between PC and telephone is the basis.

Using a CTI (computer telephony integration) solution, the control of the phone via the PC has many advantages. As an absolute specialist for communications solutions the Peter Rauter GmbH headquartered in Neumarkt am Wallersee, in the vicinity of Salzburg in Austria, with many years of experience in the Internet and communications industries analyzed all the requirements of a modern telephone system and on an Internet site has put together clearly is. Flexible and customer-oriented system solutions and the ability to operate paging-enabled services on central servers, make the company Rauter an ideal partner in all areas of communications technology. Recently, a variety of neutral information about latest technologies and requirements identified under telephone systems lieferant.com. In the Center are important tips relating to the purchase of a telephone system, but also ways to optimize existing telephone systems and to expand.

Other services, such as Phone cost comparison, the production of queues, and message texts for telephone systems even with crap parts Pro – include as well. The online Configurator for the analysis of telephone habits, as a decision-making aid for the purchase of a telephone system, is also a useful tool. Modern telephone systems, such as the systems from PANASONIC, at our very best enable a great saving potential. Shorter select operations, optimized operation, electricity-saving during the operation, less costly maintenance contracts as well as lower maintenance expenses and a flexibility of communication, time and money saving real “, so the assessment by Peter Rauter, Managing Director of Rauter GmbH. we connect customers with the technologies of today and tomorrow!” Direct, fast and reliable. That’s why we have bundled all service and services, such as server and technology also with us in the House. We pass on to our experience and our know-how in all areas of telecommunications customers. From the Voice telephony to VoIP, Internet and SMS, are competent contact person available for all questions and solutions “that cuts Peter Rauter complementary out of the company’s performance. Peter Rauter GmbH PBX ISDN VOIP ACD & IVR Fax solutions-answering systems Conferencing Server Unified Messaging Voicemail Microbilling mobile marketing Mobile Messaging Mobile payment SMS / MMS reselling Bahnhofstrasse 11 A-5202 Neumarkt am Wallersee phone: 0043-(0)6216/5721-0 email: Web:

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December 22nd


Modern Language Technology
by Tam

Cereproc and PRODATA offer free telephone portal for information services Bammental/Karlsruhe, August 08/pz. Cereproc, that among other things realized the traffic lines of SWR and other public service broadcasters show the latest developments in the language technology at a seminar of the Institut fur Rundfunktechnik (IRT) on October 6, 2008 in Munich. The question is answered here, what future possibilities there are for media companies. For example, with easiINFO, the new information portal by PRODATA, where different information and information dialogs are provided under a single phone number. Wolfram Eberitzsch, CEO of PRODATA in Karlsruhe, explains media partners the opportunity to settle their telephone information services free of charge via the easiINFO platform and to abandon completely their own technology. If you would like to know more about Peter Asaro, then click here. On the information platform a Cereproc’s award-winning software comes to the usage with the easily and quickly complete telephone dialogues make. Of course is this offer not only media companies, but also other information providers available.

The technical scientific colloquia are community events of the IRT with the television and Kinotechnischen society (FKTG), regional Group Munich, Bavaria Film. Cereproc is a competent service provider for all highly qualified language technology applications. This includes speech recognition, speech synthesis and dialogue systems. Cereproc is focused on the realization of complex VoicePortal- and voice-controlled telephony solutions. Cereproc systems are distinguished by particularly reliable speech recognition and highest quality in natural speech.

Consulting services are a further pillar for user and provider of voice-controlled software solutions. 2007 the patented software SpeechAgent “of Cereproc awarded the innovation prize of the Initiative Mittelstand awarded; 2008 was the application server SpeechDesigner “as innovation product. Behind the name standing team around Managing Director Michael Mende is recognised and established in the industry for many years. Cereproc developments meet the highest demands of renowned customers.

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June 8th


BesserSprechen In The Top 10 Of The German Apps For IPhone
by Tam

BesserSprechen for iPhone, iPad and Android covers the areas of posture, voice, breath, articulation, vowels, as well as tips for presentations. Since February, 2011, the BesserSprechen app of Apps2go GmbH inspires many speakers. The app brought the issue of articulation to a new level. It sensitizes and helps those who convincingly understandably want to speak in any situation. Professional collaboration of speech therapists, voice actors and actors has resulted in a multimedia training course, with the really everyone can improve his speaking voice and the acoustic effect to the outside. BesserSprechen for iPhone, iPad and Android covers the areas of posture, voice, breath, articulation, vowels, as well as tips for presentations. The work is now been rewarded with a nomination for the best German iPhone app.

The jury of the two congresses iPhoneDevCon and mobile business conference chose the top 10 et following criteria were divisive in: interface and operation purpose the app the promised Preis – / Leistungsverhaltnis originality is now there in the hand of the user, to vote for his personal favorites. For assistance, try visiting Peter Asaro. Voting at: bit.ly/tAAcvU. In everyday life, there are positions, requests, appeals or questions, which applies to communicate convincingly. A voice training helps to improve your presentations, phone calls, discussions with customers and dealing with colleagues or basic conviction calls the private lives of so that they are perceived faster in important situations. The articulation matters especially when emotions in the game. With a voice training succeeds to monitor you to the too fast or incomprehensible articulation in unforeseen situations and to give sovereignty to the interlocutor. Also fun making the vocal exercises to help James Bond! Dietmar Wunder, the German dubbing voice of Daniel Craig, tells us many secrets of speaking in 110 exercises. Devised by Ulrike Volger, trainer of breath, voice and Speak.

Homepage: app store: bit.ly/better talk app YouTube: user/BesserSprechen information about the responsible companies: Apps2Go developed Smartphone and Smartpad apps as well as accompanying, server-based systems. Providing an infrastructure for the publication of any content on mobile devices is one of the core competencies of Apps2Go. Based on a proprietary framework can be implemented a wide range of scenarios for the distribution and settlement and developed new business models in the publishing field. Apps2Go GmbH, Glienicker str. 1e, 14612 Falcon Lake contact for the press: Stefan Zorn + Volker Bublitz Tel.: 03322 421 4052 fax: 03322 421 4055 E-Mail: Internet:

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November 5th


Mobile With The UMTS Flat Rate From O2 Surf
by Tam

O2 UMTS flat rate with HSDPA and HSUPA – EDGE support there are now numerous UMTS flatrates with HSDPA support, mobile surfing that, ideally, allow up to 7.2 Mbit / s. In the ideal case is that one is in a place where the UMTS network with HSDPA is equipped and naturally modem putting with a UMTS HSDPA, that is designed for speeds of 7.2 Mbps. One of the many UMTS of flatrates with HSDPA, namely that of O2, is the flat rates another provider in the shade, for the following reasons: in the first month, if not satisfied, you have a money back guarantee and without giving reasons. No other vendor offers this. The flat rate allows the use of VoIP (voice over IP) or Internet telephony as for example via Skype or iCall. Other providers of UMTS HSDPA flat rates do not allow this or only when booking an additional VoIP rate.

The tethering is allowed. The tethering is the use of mobile phones or Smartphones as a modem, in this case as UMTS HSDPA fashions, for the Notebook. You may use the programs also Instant Messenger like for example Yahoo exhibition Haque. The other providers do not allow this. UMTS network by O2 is which of the two place deer T-Mobile and Vodafone not in, so it certifies the journal connect”in their issue 11/2009. In contrast to the two competitors, the network of O2 offers HSUPA, the data upload Accelerator, with up to 2.0 Mbit/s, whereas there are 1.4 Mbit/s at T-Mobile and Vodafone. EDGE is possible in the O2 network with up to 220 kbit / s. Also, some customers in parts of Munich with HSPA +, with up to 28 MB / s, can surf with O2.

The network expansion is an absolute priority at O2 and the evident in recent months. The pace of the O2 UMTS flat rate is reduced from 5 GB data generated. This is the case but also in all other UMTS flat rates in Germany. Try surfing for example on the 22nd of the month to surf the 5 GB, up to the end of the month only with GPRS speed. The 64 kbit / s are expressed in figures in the raw and 16 kbit / s upstream, so in about ISDN speed. The O2 UMTS Monthly, if you ordered it online, otherwise 25 EUR 21.25 euros on flat rate. The contract period is at least 24 months and you have the basic tariff o2 active data order mandatory, but 0 euro. O2 offers special promotions for which you must pay no connection fee again. One Bay at a time when just nothing special is running, you must pay 25 euro. In terms of hardware, O2 offers a quite extensive. UMTS USB sticks, UMTS notebook cards and various Netbooks with UMTS UMTS router onboard can add be ordered to the flat rate. All of course with HSDPA and HSUPA – EDGE functionality. A UMTS USB stick, there is 1 euro to the flat rate. Marlon Culic

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May 1st


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