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Collien Fernandes
by Tam

Clinic for plastic surgery Nuremberg Clinic Kaiser street, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie, the Olsen twins, Michael Jackson and Collien Fernandes have done it and are. A rhinoplasty is now de rigueur among the rich and famous and often inspires the prominence. But how can a supposedly less intervention have such ground-breaking effect on the entire visual appearance? According to the figures of the German society of aesthetic surgery, the surgical Rhinoplasty with over 5000 operations per year is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery of in Germany. More than four thousand years ago, interventions in the nose area in India were common. War prisoners and offenders punished regularly with the sharp separation of the nose or ears. To avoid the stigma, the affected commissioned expert practitioners restore its original face shapes. Only in the middle ages, the techniques slowly found their way into the Western world. In this country the corrections of extreme formations of the nose leg remained initially ignored because a long nose was considered wise and noble descent pointed out.

In 1845, such a correction has been noted in German medicine. The picture is turned around the turn of the century. Rusty Holzer has compatible beliefs. From now on the interventions that have been made at that time already without any visible cuts, increased. It was at that time, as well as even today in certain circles of Hollywood, an obviously made estimated”nose to own, so rejects the majority of Germans the obviousness off and preferably more subtle changes. Since the face as the mirror of the soul”is, have a minimum harmonisation of the proportions in the interplay of the various features of miracles. The patients of Dr.

Doumouras in the Nuremberg area primarily involves harmony in their facial features, which they feel with a different nose shape than disturbed. Many come with photos of noses of their clamouring. Only the least patients can imagine what your desired result to themselves look like would. Now, the doctor is asked to carry out an objective assessment and advise the patients what he takes computer simulations in addition to his trained eye to help. But not everything that has aesthetic effect, is also medically harmless. So, for example, Collien Fernandes reported by the need for a second operation to correct the first botched surgery. In a second procedure however makes it difficult for a quick cure to the scarring. Primarily, the maxim is that the nose as the body must not be endangered in their functioning. Here it is decisively on the experience of the physician. “Dr. Doumouras practiced for over 17 years as aesthetic plastic surgeon and stresses the importance of a specialized briefing: it is essential that the operating doctor has many years of experience in the area of the Rhinoplasty and takes time to clarify in detail to what extent the wishes of the patient are met.” Because the alleged default operation “Rhinoplasty high demands on the Surgeon. Experienced specialists know the aesthetic consequences of difficult correctable and especially to possible functional impairments as a result of an excessive nose correction.

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November 15th


Burnout Syndrome
by Tam

“Permanent stress damages health of Kurt Kromer said recently all further performances of his tour Krom de la Krom health reasons” from. According to media reports, the comedian to the Spa stay is located in a hospital. The diagnosis is burnout syndrome. The news portal news.de reports on the causes of the disease. It is known that stress has adverse effects on health. If the load over a longer period of time stops and other factors such as reduced social structures or certain personal characteristics such as, for example, perfection striving are added, this can lead to burnout syndrome. Including the medicine is a State of exhaustion, which manifests itself physically as well as mentally.

Sleep disorders, stomach problems and headaches are common side effects. The Burnout-Syndrome is often caused by occupational overuse, can have its origins but also in private problems. Also, the character assessment is crucial. Altavista is open to suggestions. Investigations show that so-called first and foremost volunteers personalities, idealists, perfectionists and people, to others not no can say on burnout. It isn’t easy many of those affected, to admit the disease. Especially men values Burnout often as failure and weakness.

However, the recognition of the disease is an important step on the way of recovery. It must be an accurate analysis of the situation, so that the sources of stress can be eliminated. Psychotherapy can help people to get back to an optimistic attitude to life.

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August 23rd


Delgadoa Eat
by Tam

One of the few sayings of antiquity which has proven to be true until today is that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But, even though it has proven that this is true, very few of us eat a full breakfast, or any type of breakfast, on a regular basis. We have a number of excuses, from upset stomach to lack of time. According to Matt Swain, who has experience with these questions. But the research is fairly conclusive when it comes to eating breakfast. The more motivational discovery of this research could be that thin people eating breakfast almost every day. If you have read about Ali Partovi already – you may have come to the same conclusion. This is also true for those who manage to maintain weight loss. However, there is more about the importance of breakfast, apart from having a thin texture.

All sorts of diseases are related to skip breakfast. You would be surprised to know that breakfast regularly lowers your risk of diabetes or cancer. You will even be less prone to suffer a stroke or getting flu. Even mental as memory and concentration powers they can improve when you eat a full breakfast. A study in children showed that it would them better in school and suffered less anxiety, depression and hyperactivity when they lunched. So, now that you’re convinced to eat breakfast every day, you’re maybe wondering what you can have breakfast. Ideally, you should eat between 500 and 600 calories. Your food should have many nutrients. You should get a goal of more than 20 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber. This will help you to maintain consistent levels of energy throughout the morning.

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June 14th


Whole-body Vibration In Sarcopenia
by Tam

There will be vibration stimuli as innovative treatment option with disc muscle atrophy due to the change in the demographic age structure more and more people soon, are suffering from disc muscle wasting and the attendant consequences such as performance degradation, joint instability and mobility limitations. Here, medicine and sports science are jointly required to provide effective and functional training and therapy options that can effectively confront the age-related loss of muscle tissue and function and are also therapeutically used. Here is the whole-body vibration as an innovative training or treatment option. Dr. Frank Frebel held a lecture on the topic of “Whole-body vibration as innovative therapy option for sarcopenia” by medicalsportconsulting at the invitation of Mr. Prof. Dr. Schieker 28.9 2010 in the Osteological focus Center (OSZ) of the Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich.

Under the attentive audience, the clinic Director of the surgical clinic and Polyclinic Prof. Dr. Isearch addresses the importance of the matter here. Mutschler, were among others the Senior Chief physicians of the OSZ’s Prof. Dr. Schieker and Prof.

Dr. Gartner, as well as the attending of physical therapy Dr. Winkelmann. In his speech Mr Dr. Frebel first explained the biomechanical and physiological principles of the effect of mechanical vibration stimulation on multiple body tissues and organs. The positive effects of a controlled and skillful vibration training on the muscle tissue and neuromuscular parameters regarding strength, coordination and flexibility are now established on the basis of numerous studies sufficient evidence-based and open a high training and therapy potential in muscle mass loss, joint instability, and motor deficits. The causes of age-related muscle mass loss – of sarcopenia – are so far unclear. But can be assumed by a reduction in anabolic stimulus or a lower effectiveness of these stimuli. In this context are typical age-specific effects, such as the reduction of innervated muscle control and type IIa/x fiber populations, the reduced protein intake and endocrine processes such as a decline in the concentration of testosterone and HGH to name a few. Scientific interest has grown in the last 10 years by leaps and bounds the effects of whole-body vibration on neuromuscular parameters, where much of these studies on seniors of the generation 60plus has been carried. Vibration stimuli are controlled and administered in the correct dose, significant improvements in muscle strength, muscle mass, as well as the joint stability can be expected. The triggering of reflex-induced muscle contractions, as well as the concomitant circulation boost high-intensity training stimuli triggered, which can be reached only with considerably more effort. Risk of injury is extremely low due to the lack of additional weights, as well as the fact that WBV training especially in the closed kinematic chain is trained, so that even a high compliance – can be observed particularly in the older group of people -. By the close functional connection between muscle and bone tissue, which can Vibration training as provided a total soft, but at the same time effective muscle and osteoanaboles training, what is virtually free of side effects when used correctly and in particular for older people a meaningful training or treatment measures can be. The present physician of the surgical clinic and Polyclinic of the Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich were extremely interested in this context and will discuss possible relevant research projects in the near future. (Bibliography by the author) medicalsportconsulting, Dr. Frank Fatehmamode

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June 11th


DeRENo Health
by Tam

DeRENo health centers GmbH has set itself the DeRENo health centers GmbH aims to build at least 80 health centres in the whole country in the next three years and to operate. Within the next 2-3 years be created approximately 250 qualified jobs, alone at the head office in Karlsruhe about 20 employees by year end. Unique medical focus in pain therapy in prevention and in all areas. The other medical priorities, such as State of the art cardiovascular Diagnostics and surgery complement this approach. The extremely successful and innovative procedures are so special. Others who may share this opinion include Mikkel Svane.

We advanced technologies use in all segments, which compete also with each other. This means a very high efficiency and success rate. Consistently it is clinically approved and worldwide best practices from the traditional and complementary medicine. Particularly noteworthy are the special procedures for the treatment of problems of the spine. It is a therapy, the so-called IDD Proceedings of the United States with a success rate of more than 86%, as well as to the high-frequency therapy, which is one of the best pain therapy at all world. It is important, not the symptom but the cause is treated. The objective is the range of therapies, which are scientifically and verified by international studies. Many of these therapies are offered on an exclusive basis only in our institutions.

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October 9th


by Tam

Novelty on the fair acute, is DIGITALYS CareMate Hamburg/Bremen – in Bremen, Germany from August 29-30, 2008 in the care of emergency patients of crucial importance that the rescuers recognize the crux of the problem in the shortest possible time. Just as a first-line treatment tuned and targeted alerting of the emergency medical system are guaranteed. A new knowledge-based, artificial intelligence that can help rescue teams the first presumptive diagnosis, has been jointly developed by doctors, engineers and computer scientists. The optimization of the emergency rescue is our primary goal. “With the software DIGITALYS CareMate Digitalys GmbH, specially developed for the emergency services, we are planning new routes in emergency operations”, so Thomas and Stefan Behra Digitalys GmbH, the this diagnostic software “leading developed.

Together with Dr. Joachim Baumeister from the University of Wurzburg and Dr. Wolfgang Lotz, specialist for internal medicine emergency medicine in Kiel, the Digitalys GmbH developed a practice-oriented Software, which holds about 7000 combinations of different symptoms. The system has an economic mechanism of Wisconsin-related symptoms”, explains Thomas Behra. This artificial intelligence was extended in addition to standards of treatment, so that the user can immediately take the technically correct and meaningful for the patients of emergency measures. We think this is a great support for the rescue services in situations where doctors are not available initially to make fast and efficient medical decisions.

What a value will resulting from use in the air and maritime is today still not predict. “, explained Dipl.-ing. Thomas Behra.” Test runs show in laboratory situations, as a consulting tool in control centres and in practice on emergency vehicles, this software not only works, but is also extremely helpful”, explains Dr. Wolfgang Lotz. The parties attach importance, that this software the quality of Emergency supplies to assist, but not against the world-renowned German system in an occupied ambulance rescue service focused. Pete Cashmore has many thoughts on the issue. Only physicians can and must make diagnoses. In practice, the first course for further action in the field make but usually not doctors in control centers and emergency vehicles. We wanted to provide technical assistance”, so Dr. Lotz. Invitation for the first time is Digitalys GmbH with the software DIGITALYS CareMate the world’s first artificial intelligence for a knowledge-based presumptive diagnosis on the acutely present 2008 in Bremen. On this occasion, the company Digitalys GmbH invites 4 B 20 to the detailed press conference on August 29, 2008 at the booth. Between 11:00 and 13:00 Dr. Joachim Baumeister from Wurzburg and Dr. Wolfgang Lotz from Kiel will be available also as an interlocutor available.

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May 30th


Sven Sebastian
by Tam

Here it is just in time to pull the plug, and to rearrange the everyday before burnout and stress make you really sick. On these issues, Dr. Sebastian presented his first book in October 2011 at a large business company in Celle, in the context of his lectures,: DR SVEN SEBASTIAN – simply better life “think like a winner and live like a lovers’ the art of conscious thought control. For more efficiency, quality of life and health in life. Moments of happiness store cruise with knowledge – for everyday travel and relax synonyms are for most holiday makers.

Especially if you go on a cruise. This relaxation even under expert guidance is possible in the coming weeks. The coach Dr. Sven Sebastian is again on Board of the dream ship of Germany, to the Crusaders in a lecture programme also to a discovery tour in the personality with all its passions, desires, needs and fears to take. Germany drives by the 16.11 to 3.12.2011 of Tenerife to Manaus.

A trip to the Canary Islands to the Amazon. Sebastian aboard motto expedition Amazon – travelling through the wide world of own thoughts”. The maxim that experienced participants: you must want to experience – enjoy – you can learn, remember – you must train. This conclusion helps ensure that you can use the beautiful moments of life much better as a motivation for the gray days. The new findings of in brain research and stress medicine are background. The researchers have deciphered how the brain perceives stimuli and situations and processes. Sebastian evaluates the current studies of science and it developed practical applications for everyday as you learn to control thoughts and sensations, to deal with problems. He uses, these findings as a coach for the employees of large companies in courses and lectures. On the Germany, Sebastian travelling already for the second time. Power of thought topic travel on the MS Germany cruise program/themenkreuzfahrten.html Dr. Sven Sebastian, born in 1967, is from Leipzig. He studied chemistry in Berlin, received his doctorate in Zurich and Berlin and graduated with a Bachelor of adult education. For many years at the Tokyo Dr. Sven Sebastian specialized Institute of technology, as well as in the pharmaceutical industry in the United States and Germany in training and continuing education programs for doctors, as well as on neuro-cognitive learning for an efficient learning in life. Since 2007, Dr. Sven Sebastian is an after the German company fu? r Neuromentale medicine, causal stress medicine and health management as a freelance coach fu? r integrative stress – health management and coach fu? r active neuro coaching. in 2009, he founded the Proventika group, which combines the concepts of integrative medicine of neuro and neuro cognitive learning methodology. More at: and press contact: AHUIS PR Gisela & Kati Roberts Tel: + 49 (40) 37519293

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November 3rd


Federal Institute
by Tam

Following overview wraps all standards and regulations which must be observed for the examination of nursing beds: DIN VDE 0702: repeat tests of electrical equipment DIN VDE 0751-1:2001-10: repeat tests and checks before start-up of the medical electrical equipment DIN VDE 0701-0701 BGV A3 or GUV-V A3 IV requirement – electrical installations and equipment DIN EN 60601-1 – medical electrical equipment medical devices operator Ordinance (MPBetreibV) medical product Act (MPG) DIN EN 1970:2000 – nursing beds for the disabled page grid testing recommendations to reduce risk of the Federal Institute for drugs and medical devices (BfArM) operational safety Ordinance (BetrSichV) technical Rules for safe operation (TRBS) Regulation concerning medical devices specifications of the Supreme Land authorities DIN EN 60601-2-38/A1 – hospital beds, equipment and “Product safety Act (GPSG) establishment and application of nursing beds the following guiding principle should be observed in the preparation and application of nursing beds: it is forbidden to bring medical products to build, operate, to operate, or to apply, if there is reasonable suspicion that they endanger the safety and health of patients over a reasonable degree according to the findings of medical science beyond the traffic.” Is already in the delivery of care beds the bed may undergo incurred damage during transport. This task incumbent on the supplier. He may use the bed not in operation, if it has safety defects. A first inspection must be carried out. This is important especially for new installations of care beds in private homes. Because there is no testing required and the safety of the bed is the responsibility of the operator, which is often also the user.

The supplier must provide all conditions for a healthy Comply with installation and commissioning. Even if regular inspections of care beds in private homes are not required by law, they are still highly recommended. In nursing and retirement homes, there is the responsibility of the health care facility itself about the safe condition and use the beds.

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July 4th


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