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Design Pages
by Tam

Do because avoid flash in your design of web pages? Most know that it is flash, but if you don’t know they are animations that can be inserted in a web page to give you more striking, elegance or simply as an ornament that makes your design of web pages is more interactive. From the point of view of design of websites as such, flash for many must be incorporated and there for whom is even essential. Now changing point of view and already not focusing on web design, but focusing in how we will achieve that people can see our website, we will realize that flash is not very favorable for our design of web pages. We go from one point in common. Learn more on the subject from Mikkel Svane. We’re talking about design of pages web that we want to be visited so people buy a product, or see our services, or to give information to people who visit it, i.e. web sites informational, institutional, eCommerce, to show our services, etc this type of design of pages web requires visits, since without them you don’t have any target on the web.

Having said that will see because the flash for our website is not so favorable. You may wish to learn more. If so, Josh Harris Sixers is the place to go. I stress that it is not that it should have nothing Flash, I mean much flash. Fixed flash generates a file that usually have the SWF file extension, and this kind of files obstructs the code reading web pages HTML with which they are made. In view of this in many cases search engines like Google or Bing just to mention some, leave your page and will be another and they take longer to index it. Another reason why it is not advisable to use much flash is because it makes our design of web pages, becomes very heavy, and therefore more difficult to charge for browsers.

Do you not happened that sometimes want to open a web page and this takes a thousand years in charge? What makes the most is that he is simply going to another web page, because the navigability has today become very fast. In fact says that you ideally our design of pages web this made open in less than 3 seconds. More that we are risking to lose visitors and customers. Flash means that the pages take more in charge and takes more to be indexed in the search engines. Recommendation: that our design of pages web have the least amount of possible flash so you’re well indexed more fast and your page is much more light when charging.

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May 24th


Buying A Watch
by Tam

However, to buy a watch is not so simple. Need to revise a lot of different models of watches, watch carefully selected with a stylish and beautiful design, and only then pick up a watch specifically for themselves. Many wondered where to buy men's watches without extra margins? Of course, the easiest way to buy a watch from an online store. You do not waste their energies to long search is not expensive boutique in the real world. When buying a watch is a search engine Rambler, Yandex and Google to select an attractive look to your watch, while skipping frankly bad in the sense of design and country of manufacture replica watches.

Today's chain stores immediately and without delay to give you the opportunity to admire the ordered hours, as in the photo, and a "live" – with the delivery of the goods issue has been successfully resolved, you pay only bought hours after delivery and inspection. In addition, among the many suggestions of gifts, perfect solution would be to buy a watch in the show. Giving hours, you show the birthday that you care for him and his very appreciate. Exclusive wristwatch – is, believe me, a valuable and timely gift. And yet – look for trendy replica watches for women, who as a gift sure to stir the soul the birthday girl a storm of emotions – surprise, gratitude and admiration gift. No girl can not resist the luxury of such a scale! For example, women with women of fashion are very popular replica watches Chanel, one brand name to results in wild delight. Good-looking replica watches copy absolutely original brand. Extremely professional watchmaker can distinguish the differences between qualitative and a copy of the original.

But even for an expert need to remove the back cover of the clock and "pokoldovat" over them. When buying a watch advice from more experienced colleagues and be sure to pay attention to their country of origin cues of male and female hours. Not buy Chinese replica watches and cheap imitations! Thus, you should not do not spend your money and will not pay extra money for no tangible qualities, as they say – "the air", and buy a good copy original hours is quite inexpensive. As a result, spending some vryamya to prepare and find a nice replica watch, you will pay for a purely "physical" properties of replica watches, their elegance and reliability.

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April 1st


Spinning Coil
by Tam

Modern inertialess coils are very few differences, such as materials of the body and spool, the number and type of bearings, the design of the kinematic mechanism, etc. However, experience shows that even the cheapest coil with one or two bearings that run at a sufficient level of technology in use is much stronger than super-modern six-seven-bearing with poor workmanship. How to make a correct choice? We first need to determine the diameter used fishing line. In most cases we can restrict the fishing line diameter to 0.3 mm (tensile strength 3.5 – 6.5 kg). With proper vyvazhivanii on a fishing line can be pulled fish weighing 10-12 kg, and the use of a fishing line is justified. Choosing a closer look at the reel spool – usually on the side indicated its storage capacity (0.3 – 100 or something like that). Choose from the reel spool more capacity not only inappropriate, but harmful, because for the normal casting spool must be filled in completely! The maximum distance from the top level of the fishing line winding spool to the edge of the cheeks must not exceed 2 – 3 mm.

If you need to use a larger diameter fishing line, you can use it safely reduce the length of fishing line. If you still supposed to frequent changes of line, it is advisable to find a model with interchangeable spools. Here, Michele Glaze expresses very clear opinions on the subject. In this design the spool should have a quick locking button in the front part. If the fishing line will vary rarely, the coil is fine with a spool or by any means of fixation. The second factor determining the selection is mutual arrangement of structural elements of the coil. In this respect one has to decide independently on the basis of their habits … The third factor – the gear ratio.

For large capacity reels that the ratio usually is 1:4,3; for small coils – 1: 4.3 to 1:6,2. The higher this ratio, the easier it is to control the speed of installation (for the slow posting just have to slowly turn the knob). Yet it is not recommended to use small and medium-coil with the gear ratio is less than 1:5. The fourth factor – the material body and spool reels. Modern reel do or aluminum alloy or carbon composite materials to. The first have increased durability, while the latter – and cheaper (with sufficient strength) easier. Definitive recommendations can be given here, but because of the increased fatigue with a greater weight of the coil should be preferred construction of carbon fiber. The fifth factor – bearings (quantity and type). Much depends on your wallet and workmanship coil. What should I look for when choosing: – the front jaw cops should be ideally smooth, without chipping and unevenness – spring return lesoukladchika must be rigid enough to provide a clear return to the operating position after rejecting it for 1-2 cm and released. If you do not – better not to take the coil. – When rotation of the handle to the spool reciprocating motion without undue friction. The less effort vrasheniya handles – the better.

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March 24th


French King Louis
by Tam

Men prefer business dress code, can not do without cufflinks. Cufflinks – fasteners, pass through a loop cuffs (sleeves) and a man's shirt collar. Cufflinks appeared in Europe in the early XVII century. Initially, the sleeves tied laces or ribbons. During the reign of French King Louis XIV in vogue is to use a pair of identical glass buttons, connected by a short chain. By 1715 it is a simple decoration is replaced by more sophisticated, jeweled with gold chain.

At that time, cuff links, very expensive to produce, were the accessory of the elite class and were not widespread among the masses. In 1924, invented a new mechanism fasteners. Boyer Company began using the pin, rotating freely inside the entire length of legs. This system has become so popular that it is used today in most of the studs. Cufflinks are very important accessory, which emphasizes the completeness of the image of business men.

The modern fashion industry offers a great selection of men's bracelets of gold, silver, with accents of leather and precious stones. Bracelets appeared in the antiquity as a decoration of warriors, kings and priests. Ancient men wore bracelets on the arms and legs, because that bracelet is not only a symbol of royal power, and magic charms, defending its owner from evil spirits and demons. Currently, men's bracelet – a necessary accessory for a modern trendy image. Men's Bracelets, as a rule, consistency in the strict, laconic style. A well-chosen male bracelets testify to the good taste of their owners. Very popular in the modern world are men's chain. The choice of buyers a wide range of circuits with different designs, weaving and sizes. Men's chain of gold, as a rule, represent the status of the owner, the craving for luxury and well-being. Silver chains for men demonstrate strength, confidence and an impeccable sense of this stilya.Pri silver male chains are perfect for all ages. Men are self-sustaining chain ornament, but can also be decorated with pendants. Men's pendants and pendants are no less interesting than the female. In addition, they can tell a lot about its owner, his interests and hobbies. In jewelry stores you can find many other fashion accessories for men: clips and tie clip, earrings, key chains, money clips, business card holders. Men's Jewelry allow representatives of the stronger sex to look stylish and elegant. The presence of accessory shows a man and a taste of his ability to think their way through. When buying jewelry for men, try to get acquainted with the widest possible range of jewelry. Shopping for this kind of stuff can be fun. Jewelry can not only change his image owner, but can become a family heirloom.

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February 27th


Office Equipment
by Tam

In addition, there are requirements for the degree of whiteness of the paper and the content of resins: the process of printing sheets are heated, evaporation and resin can significantly damage the computer equipment. In Therefore, office paper is divided into three main categories: A, B and C. The other paper grades are writing, and work on office equipment is not suitable. Category A is given by the premium carbon paper. It homogeneous, contains no tar substances and has a high degree of whiteness of 95-98%.

This paper applies to all types of office equipment and provides excellent results in both unilateral and with bilateral copying or printing. C A working paper category is arbitrary, capricious, even the equipment. Category B – the most common and suitable for most printing technologies. It is convenient to print and copy the references of the office. Not "Upper class", but the technique of conflict usually arise. Whiteness in the category of 92 to 95%. Category C – paper with a minimum set of characteristics that guarantee the efficiency of office equipment. It usually print a "draft" documents, quality requirements are low.

Whiteness index of such securities does not exceed 92%. How to store office paper Office paper is sold in packs of 500 sheets, and those in their all packaged in hard cardboard boxes that protect the corners and edges of the strains. Such precautions are not random: only nezamyatymi sheet printers and copiers will work without problems. Delivered to the office to retrieve the paper from the box and give it to ripen in the "local" conditions. The optimum temperature and humidity in the room to store paper must comply with 19-23 C and 45-55%. In winter adapting to the conditions of the office would take about three days, and in summer the weather is dry, you can proceed to print the next day. Proper storage of paper for printing is the key to successful work with the office equipment. Otherwise, problems can arise even with the production of well-known, time-tested brands.

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August 13th


Japanese Online Auction
by Tam

Unmatched quality, high reliability, accuracy and long life without the slightest hint of possible trouble – these are the qualities that make goods produced in Japan, won the love and popularity throughout the world. However, making purchases in the Japanese online auction site Yahoo, which sells mostly things made for the domestic Japanese market, need to remember a number of features similar, certainly not just quality, and quality products. It is worth to know, for example, that Japanese stuff meet Japanese standards is that different from European and, above all, Russian. So We'll talk about what you need to know, engaged in shopping on the Internet auction Yahoo, and, generally, what things are worth buying on Japanese Internet auction sites, so as not to regret the purchase, and enjoy the things purchased for long term. The general situation of things on Japanese Internet auction Yahoo sold a lot of things.

Among them there are new things – in their original packaging or with broken packaging, but never used (For example, stood in the window) – and things second hand, often such a great state that it is impossible to guess what the object used. The fact that the Japanese are a number of reasons often tend to change things. People are encouraged to new purchases advertising, producers, putting out to market more new and sophisticated models, cultural norms, stereotypes are a consumer society. Buying new, the Japanese get rid of the "old" in the also on online auctions, where things fall, often not had time to properly serve as hosts, almost new. Their quality is beyond description, and price can be twice lower than the new counterpart. Notebooks, desktops (Personal) computers, handheld computers (PDA) If you decide to buy on eBay or laptop computer, you need to remember above all about two things: the technical side of (hardware) and software (Software).

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May 18th


Navigator Explay PN445
by Tam

Explay PN-445 – is the new navigator at the time writing this article. And it shows! '5 '-Inch thickness of 17 mm and a stylish design. In addition, of course, the most modern processor SIRF Atlas IV 500MHz. Besides the basic functions of GPS can play video and audio files display images as well as operate in handsfree via Bluetooth. We have this GPS comes with the software 'Navitel', but the navigator can support up to 3 preset systems! Price, as in all of this line, even understated, in our opinion. Explay PN-990 – Navigator '5 'inch support tubes through a built-in GSM-GPRS (will need to purchase a sim-card of any mobile operator with best rates). It is very convenient, as navigator will be largely used as a communicator: send and receive SMS, make calls to any numbers.

Besides the basic functions of GPS Explay PN-990 is capable of playing video and audio files, as well as work on the handsfree mode protocol Bluetooth. In the Navigator built-in games. This is the most advanced and most new navigator in the class navigator with built-in GSM-GPRS. And the price for it is the most democratic. Progress does not stand still.

Garmin – world leader in navigators. Strictly, reliable and very well as expensive! The model number is quite large. Please note that Garmin is using its navigation software with maps Navicom 'Roads of Russia ", which is quite accurate and easy to use. On Site manufacturer can download not only update the maps, but also many objects POI (gas stations, hospitals, cinemas, etc., by which sometimes do not want to pass).

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April 11th


Diamond-Like Coatings
by Tam

Diamond-like coatings hours few words about the diamond-like coating (DLC). Literally (DLC – DIAMOND LIGHT COATING) translates as 'THIN DIAMOND-LIKE COATING' or rather diamond-like carbon coating. The peculiarity of this material is its hardness 4000-5000 HV (Vickers). For comparison, the hardness of the underlying basis of gold is only 150HV, and diamond – 10 000 HV. Clearly, this cover attaches to the body clock unparalleled scratch resistance. To know more about this subject visit BDT Capital Partners. Diamond-coated applied to the titanium or steel surfaces (1700 HV). Deposition of diamond is ion bombardment of the chamber with cleaning air in a vacuum.

The thickness of the deposited carbon coating DLC is about 1 micron. Further, the carbon is converted into a diamond, so it's hard and resistant to scratches, almost like a diamond. This coating has been used for 20 years in many other areas, such as aircraft and Formula 1. In time industry began using it recently and then only if the watch of the highest high-end class. Brands that use this cover a little bit.

The most famous is PERRELET. This is due to high cost technology, as well as industrial and technical challenges: thermal cameras operating conditions, the complexity of the finishing polish as matte and glossy. In short the gun on the wheel. Know-how and enthusiasm – these are the key words that could describe the production of "House of Perrelet. It's safe to say that since 1777, when Abraham-Louis Perrele invented the self-winding mechanism, the firm is constantly growing and evolving. Being worthy successor to the invention, which today operates in all the self-winding watch, Perrelet brand makes a bet on the main clock. In 1995, the company has patented its exclusive Perrelet detail – twin rotor. This self-winding caliber (Perrelet P-181) opened the eyes two rotating rotors – one under the other – on the face, and formed the basis of "turbine" Source:

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August 23rd


History Of Marmalade
by Tam

History marmalade No one is sure where and when it was invented marmalade. Perhaps the marmalade is derived from the eastern sweets under the name Turkish Delight. Since time immemorial, it was cooked in honey, starch, fruit and rose water. About what exactly is in the west marmalade learned only in the era of the Crusades, when Europe was imported sugar. XVI century was a golden pastry for European history. Have been invented hundreds of types of jams and marmalade, amongst which was very thick jam, marmalade, which was named later. That French confectioners have noticed that apples, apricots, or, for example, the quince may be unlike other fruits boil down to a solid state.

Slices of jam in the glaze become a feature of French XVIII century. In the XIX century with the invention of artificial pectin, marmalade production much easier. There were marmalades with different taste and flavor, as it became possible to prepare it from various fruits such as cherries, oranges, currants, and others. To thicken the masses have also been used herbal teas cartilage, fish glue and other natural zheliteli. In the twentieth century without gelatin is not do any jam, and the invention of artificial dyes, fruit bought almost a modern bright vid.Blagodarya the latest technology, it is now possible to make marmalade every taste color and smell. Invented new kinds of goodies – whipped jelly, chewing marmalade, marmalade cream. Now marmalade is popular not only among children but also adults, being one of the most popular treats in the world. In next article we will tell the difference between a marshmallow from pastes. Now most people immediately respond – form. In fact, the form – not the main difference between them. Few people know that candy – traditional Russian dish.

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June 8th


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