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Bessarabian Market
by Tam

In the 'era of stagnation' 'flying saucers' and little green men with antennae, horns on his forehead and nose instead of pork stigmas were favorite characters, artists and comedians. In addition to 'flying saucers' have been invented by them flying fork spoon sets, and even pots. Strict censorship is not allowed to penetrate the seal is no serious information about it – space aliens were not supposed to haunt the minds and impede the progress of society as' a bright tomorrow. " C beginning of , the situation began to change rapidly. First came samizdat literature, after it – in print publications. It is difficult to judge whether the information contained therein is accurate and you can only assume that the fraud had been set, as usually happens in such cases. Sometimes authors even honestly confessed to the crime. Passion for anomalous phenomena quickly grew and gradually turned into a real epidemic.

The result is not slow to affect: December 2, 1983 in the evening sky in Kiev appeared first unidentified flying object. He was a yellow-orange color and is actually looked like a plate – or rather, seledochnitsu, as had not round, and oval in shape. At the edge of 'plates' were located windows, inside it was covered with warm reddish-orange light – I describe the way it was seen from the windows of the house on Karl Marx Street (now – Gorodetsky). The object appeared from the Bessarabian Market and silently drifted to the southeast. Speed of movement was small enough, and could well see.

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March 29th


Alexander Pushkin Books
by Tam

And what to do with the fact that my generation instead of reading the classics prefer blogs and audio books. After all, we have completely forgotten how to look like the library, and what they are intended. Now all that remains of them is just old books on dusty shelves, which are waiting for someone to remember them. In these books, even if there are no errors. And in Internet? Not only did we just stopped going to the library, so no-one had to download books from the Internet? I am sure that all.

So know that each of you is such an absurd mistake, which, quite simply, embarrassing comrades. I do not want my kids to the library as something fantastic and supernatural heard. Besides, in my opinion, it is disrespectful to those whose word is eternal. You'll have to forgive us! Finally, perhaps the most immoral and crazy. What does it mean to find a husband (wife) on the Internet? Well, that's really crazy.

True, my friends wake up! Where then becomes of beauty at first sight, goodbye, kiss. How can I get married (marry) in humans, which do not know whom you know only by how beautifully he writes. But what about the soul? What remains for the soul? Maybe I'm naive girl who wanted to in life romance, which is waiting for tales of life, but I definitely know that their fate on the Internet do not want to find. In conclusion, I want to say that of course my post may seem a challenge. It may seem that I am opposed to the Internet in general. In fact, I myself using the Internet and find it very convenient. All I want to say – it's take care. Do not forget that the most important. O my soul! As soon as you remember about each other, do not run first thing in the computer and try to find a moment to meet, or at least case, call a word of warm, if not warm, friendly hug. Do not forget the libraries of books, which were covered with a thick layer of dust and completely bored by human hands. I think Alexander Pushkin and not imagine that soon it will be the manuscript only dust collectors. I think he was counting on more. And, of course, do not forget the basics. About love, about passion, about the outbreak, which happens when you meet that the one and only, the brilliance of the eyes, the festivities under the sun, that gives rise to strong feelings, unable to die out before the end of life, if they are, of course, true. And unless you can find online is real?

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March 10th


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