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Branded Manufacturers
by Tam

But not so bad, as it may seem at first view – first things may turn out great, and secondly almost always have the opportunity to roll back without a noticeable trace in the third, most importantly, the software device to kill, say the telephone is almost impossible. For assistance, try visiting Kai-Fu Lee. Be bold. But open the haywire machine is not recommended. Even the great specialist, to determine which module is faulty can not do it on his knee – so the road will lead to service where you legally refuse on the grounds that the showdown sweep is very, very problematic. What services do better? "First of all make out your warranty card carefully. The most unfortunate incident, if this voucher requires you to guarantee questions to address in its own service center dealer company in which you have your mobile device and have bought.

This means that the branded manufacturer's warranty for any reason your unit do not apply. In other words, the unit "gray" and imported semi-legally in Russia. You would be misleading labels sse and the pct. "All the contraband made in Odessa in , you can stick them right in the store before sale. Legitimately branded center will refuse to repair an appliance, so listen to the advice and do not buy a device with such a warranty card. The difference between an authorized brand service from dealer is to have it by definition has all the equipment and the latest software for one or another brand, and most importantly – for warranty repair service pays the manufacturer warranty devices, so master in any case will be paid for their work.

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February 17th


Aluminum Products
by Tam

Key areas of demand for high-tech products nonferrous metals industry will determine the envisaged large-scale structural changes in the military-industrial complex aviation, shipbuilding, nuclear energy, transport and construction. Ali Partovi usually is spot on. Significantly increase the demand for high-tech aluminum products in connection with the development strategies of the United Aircraft and United Shipbuilding Corporation, Development Strategy for railway transport till 2030, which will provide a more balanced by product type (and sector), the consumption structure of aluminum semis. The most succinct of consumption of aluminum are: Transportation – 23%, construction – 20% Electrical – 16%, Packing – 14% Engineering – 8%, consumer goods – 9%. Their aggregate share in the structure consumption is 90%. Pete Cashmore can provide more clarity in the matter. Projected development of aviation and shipbuilding, power engineering, road and rail transport will determine a significant increase in demand for aluminum semi-finished products, particularly all in mechanical engineering and metalworking sectors. Its share in 2020 will increase to 24%, consumption will exceed the 2007 level by 2,8 times. This will be accompanied by an increase in demand for vysokokotehnologichnye products: large aluminum plates (including for export to foreign major aircraft manufacturing companies, Boeing and Airbus) and the production of forging and stamping production for the project of establishing a regional Superjet 100, programs Ilyushin, Tupolev and others; aluminum drill pipe, including the drilling of ultradeep wells in the oil and gas industry, etc. The tendency of increasing demand for rolled aluminum for the production and packaging, as well as extruded profile production and sheet products for construction (the annual growth in demand for aluminum profiles is about 10-15%).

By 2020, demand for aluminum construction profiles can grow in 2,5 times to 320 thousand tons (in 2007. – 130 tons). Share of the construction sector in the structure of aluminum consumption will increase to 25-27%. One of the major problems of development of domestic market of aluminum constructions – replacement imports of domestic. Improving the competitiveness of Russian products is associated with significant improvement of its quality through the use of highly efficient equipment and technologies that enable produce designs of any complexity and a wide color gamut. Overall demand in the domestic market for aluminum products including aluminum castings, will increase in 2020 on innovative options for approximately 1,9 times and will be not less than 1,340 tons (in 2007. – 717.7 thousand tons).

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December 29th


Industrial Production
by Tam

Nowadays, one of the fairly promising trends in industrial production, of course, serves the construction of buildings. In this area all the time are modern building materials, without which the implementation of technological projects in general is unthinkable. But, for various innovations, today, still in demand for construction materials of concrete. Processes for production of concrete with improved every year, it admits to use this extremely reliable and durable building material at construction sites both residential and industrial areas. These days, reinforced concrete works and general companies producing reinforced concrete, it is very important. Their product satisfies the criteria for compelling the correct construction, and breadth of product represented an opportunity, and especially construction firms, and other customers to select primarily those goods they need. At the moment, construction of a major city will not be able to imagine without such materials as the foundation blocks, reinforced concrete pipes and products used for decorating the inside area: vases, benches, fences, tile road, and more.

In addition to the necessary strength, long-term operation of these parts must be extremely serious performance look. Only institution with the most good equipment, and collaboration with developers allows the possibility to achieve and in truth worthy of the outcome of which is worthy evaluated by consumers. Many of our brands that produce the release of such objects for the erection of buildings as a bridge of reinforced concrete, working with architects, which allows you to change some of the quality of completed orders. In other words, do good to the very necessary properties and also on individual applications. Moreover, strict compliance with specifications and price lists make cheap products from reinforced the basic building materials on a large number of construction sites. Builders and consumers are well aware that the reinforced concrete extremely well established as both core and additional building elements. Products are absolutely indestructible, they are resistant to fire and easy to install. For the reason for any Construction of the building is reinforced concrete – the best solution.

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December 16th


Energy Saving Bulbs
by Tam

Who benefits can only guess. Especially considering that the plant will be built until a single copy, as a result of cooperation with China. Of course, this plant can not provide all the needs Russian consumers. By some estimates, it requires at least 60 such plants, given that consumer demand for energy-saving bulbs will grow over time. In the meantime, energy-saving bulbs do not enjoy particularly strong demand, primarily because of its high cost, even if savings (compared to an incandescent lamp) on the acquisition of the lamp will exceed its cost of lamp several times.

With some accuracy, we can predict the high cost of energy saving lamps, made in Russia, even by Chinese technology. Therefore, for a long time will be much more profitable to import lamps energy from China, for which the price even taking into account customs duties will be lower prices for Russian counterparts. Compare as there is no sense, since the Russian tubes are also produced at the plant, built Chinese. I can tell you that the label "Made in China" nothing said, but unfortunately misleading about the quality of Chinese goods are still very common among Russian consumers, who judge on goods purchased at commodity markets.

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August 25th


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