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Vision Mind
by Tam

We have a conscious mind or rational mind and a subconscious mind or emotional mind. The way we think (aware), provokes our feelings (subconscious) and our actions emerge from there. This waterfall mode is developed. At the same time we have an environment that surrounds us, and in which there are two forces: well: is all the positive, faith, happiness, optimism, etc. Evil: it is everything negative, fear, fear, selfishness, etc.

The choice is our what what you surrounded, it is that you will have the intellectual faculties hosted in the conscious mind: perception, reason, desire, memory, imagination and intuition; they are those that give us energy to carry out our actions. Through the display, these intellectual faculties produce a vibration, in the subconscious mind, which gives rise to the creative process. 1-Perception: is your point of view. Two persons have a same situation may have different interpretations. 2-Reason: is the ability to take individual thoughts and form an idea. 3-Will: is the concentration of power in a single idea 4-memory: depends on the training and exercising like any muscle, does not depend on features different anatomical. 5-Imagination: is something great by means of which we can have to fly our ideas and find those things that we like.

It also develops by the practice and this increases our creative ability. 6-Intuition: is perceived through a vibration, it captures. When you sintonizas with something, you attract it, you are on the same frequency and, therefore, you can hear it, you can see it, you can view it. Usually refers to the confrontation: faith vs seeing is believing. But if you understand that faith is the certainty of what you hoped for, the conviction of things not seen, are talking about visualization.

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March 30th


How To Get To The All Pages Of The Site Are Indexed
by Tam

A common scenario that occurs is that many sites have an excellent indexing of their homes, but when we move to the inside pages, they show one much lower Pagerank, and consequently are less visited. Some documents can take to achieve have as good indexing on the inside pages as the same home. Here is a checklist that will help you achieve it. Include links to your internal pages in the home. Imagine your site as a structure in the form of layers.

For example on the outside, the home, a level below, sections, and in the last level, the sub sections make sure with a couple of clicks users and bots – can easily reach the internal urls put their links at the top of the page in the form of breadcrumb: are the links from the homepage to the page in which you arein the form of text, for example Home > section 1 > subsection 1? If your site is dynamic create static versions of your dynamic pages more important to create a sitemap, and include a link to it from the home create a text called urllist.txt file and place it in the root directory of your server. The urllist has a much simpler than the sitemap structure, but is equally effective in helping the spiders. Yahoo acknowledges and appreciates particularly the urllists create a robots.txt file. In this file are explicit bots of all search engines which pages indexed, and which malicious bots are entering forbidden sites avoid putting too many links on a single page. More than 100 links per page is already suspect to Google that will consider it spam. It may not be penalized, but simply bots do not follow links, alerted by the possibility that the site is actually a farm of links avoid putting the links based on scripts, i.e. keypads with Flash or Java.

A simple text with a link will be much less heavy, but far more effective for the bots when asking that continue it to take care of the weight of your page. Pages slower they discourage bots, and then a reasonable time, to see that the load is stopped or is too slow, simply go to otherwise promote equally the inside pages to the home page of your site. For example, instead of including the url of your home in the Resource box when post an article in a directory, include the url of your blog or other internal sections by following these simple instructions, you will be much easier to achieve the totality of your site to be indexed. Do the simple things, and if you see that the site has become too heavy, perhaps time to resort to the micrositos or sub-domains, as a way to rank pages in your site much more orderly.

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March 17th


Memory Techniques
by Tam

With this simple technique will memorize lists of words whatever I have chosen the basket as an example. The technique is form a story with the components of the list, so that it is as implausible as possible since our subconscious (where resides the memory), so qualify information valuable and unique. Viewing acquires a vitally important since we are working with images, and sharpness is crucial, not only that but also odors and flavors that imagine can help us to remember. We are going to practice: bread, two bottles of milk, butter, oil, paste soup, chickpeas, chicken, yogurt, sausages, cheese, toilet paper, ketchup. Now let’s associate words ones with others so that they form a story, a sequence logic to help us remember all the objects that form the list. This is my story, but if you feel that you can change it to remember it better, do it since every person is a world. I’m walking down the street road to the supermarket when I get to the door I am with a huge loaf of bread who crosses me step, give a punch and inside out two bottles of milk, open the bottles and see that milk has been damaged and has become butter, put bottles in the Sun and heat butter in oil, lame converts oil and see that there is a huge pot of water boiling in the center of the super’m going throwing droplets of oil and to contact with water becomes Pasta soup, I’m stirring the soup with a baseball bat and throwing more oil, I leave the soup and with the bat I give a large whack to a bookshelf, a few vials that come out raw chickpeas are broken, all the floor is filled with chickpeas displayed a giant chicken who slips with chickpeas and falls against a refrigerator causing a great DIN chicken is completely covered with yogurtruns off behind my very angry but as it is full of yogurt it slides far I take this opportunity to pick up a packet of sausages and I’m throwing until he calms down suddenly stands up and picks up a huge cheese these Dutch giant makes a hole in the middle and feel to make your needs, I reached him a roll of toilet paper, he feels grateful and picks up a pot of ketchup and draws a heart in a huge white wall.

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March 7th


Simple Technical State
by Tam

You’ll probably be pre gun tando because this ridiculous picture. It has to do with the cep with cough that I’ll intro Duce today, and I want you to remember it well, since it can be very impor tant when generating ingre sos. You ase guro that this face is hard to forget well, returning to the subject: today we are going to talk about how apply some nica tec de mer cadotec nia being taught doth in the uni to see if dades to generate more cough prospec, afil iar more personas, and sell more products. First, I’ll intro Duce to two new with cep cough than nece if tas dom inar if or if. These are actual and desired state. The first is a situation in which one per sona is real tra mind country to country, and the second is where the per sona wants to be. A plo apli Ed the mul ti ahem level would be that of Juan Prospecto, has a list of 1000 per sonas, but that does not reach to generate ingre sos enough to cover their expen sas (real estate) and you want to enlarge your list a 0. (desired state) Everyone would make AC any mind basi Sew for alcan Tsar its desired state, by more extrav to Ghent that is; because their instin nat u general cough the Dec so.

As sim ple as that, nat u nature, ani is wrong that emos within ten, leads us to make everything by follow what we want. The trick in apprentices der as shrink the tesca gigan gap between the real state and the desired state of your cough prospec. Why the singo = dibu jado on this sheet: the trick is in equalize or acer car the actual status of your prospect to the desired state. In this way, no single mind get dras what you want (that is afil ien to pren com your pro duc cough), but who will see you as someone capable of ayu give them to get what they want, and are trans for not only maran prospec cough, but customers. Returning to the plo ahem before inside, if your teach you John how to enlarge your list in order to sell his book as a play by inter net the AJE drez how a champion in 5 days, achi faces such great gri eta between its actual status and your desired state. In with is cuen cia ten it dras, lit eral mind, listening to each and every one of the things you say (to say it another way). Well, here ter mine my entry, let me an eat correspond saying if you served or not the information.

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March 1st


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