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USB Phones
by Tam

It is already a reality, Chinese mobile phones market moves by leaps and and are becoming more users who are willing to break the traditional scheme of a team of brand to enjoy all the advantages of a double cell phone Chip. Is that really the advantages of phones cell DobleChip are multiple on a cell phone brand type Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, LG, who then move on to detail: 1.-come with double Chip, allowing you to save costs on calls between the same operator. 2 Saves space when transporting them, because he no longer has to carry two mobile phones but an only cell phone and carry their two lines on a single computer. 3 They let you capture channels of local Television and UFH in the city where you are. 4 Come unlocked from factory, thus allowing its quick of the chip or simm installation and not to rely on any providers of telecommunications for its activation.

Also are quad-band, namely that they work around the world. 5. Your screen is touch type Iphone, what that allows greater interactivity between the user with cell phone Multimedia applications. 6. The vast majority of these phones cell phones double Chip are manufactured in the same factories that they produce brand teams: Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, LG, among others. 7 Come with dual battery, headphones, USB charger and cable connector to the computer, in addition to its manual. The team management is easy and the interaccioncon team Multimedia functions are very good.

Today has already broken the old paradigm that every Chinese product is bad. To my I had to travel to China and learn about the different factories and really the Chinese carry an amazing advantage over West in subject of production. Usually those in charge of the creation and design of technology are the Japanese and Taiwanese and Chinese are in charge of Assembly and mass production for sale to the world. That is why today in day referred to China as the factory of the world. In addition to cell phones Dual Chip, smart also phones market is increasing. Only She expects the demand for these equipments increase so lower cost of manufacturing original author and source of the article.

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May 30th


Wholesale NFL Jerseys
by Tam

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May 24th


UMTS Telecommunications
by Tam

UMTS stands for Universal Mobile Telecommunications System. There are now already a UMTS flat rate. The technique is known as third generation mobile communications, which can be abbreviated with 3G. A specification of UMTS was carried out by ETSI. This is the European Telecommunications Standards Institute or the German European telecommunications standardization and authority. In the international area, the requirements are met regarding UMTS by the IMT.

UMTS is the world’s harmonized wireless and packet-oriented communication, which involved, in most cases, two devices are. These so-called devices need to be able to work in multi-band operation. Overall, however, is implemented in the UMTS technology is a modular communication concept with data recorded terrestrial. Furthermore occur also mobile and satellite components. Important for UMTS service is the UTRA air interface.

This stands for Universal Terrestrial Radio Access, and is called Universal Terrestrial Radio Access. This interface is realized via W-CDMA for the supply of larger areas and over TD-CDMA for care in local areas. Among the services available via the UMTS service will be offered a voice are in very good quality and also the dispatch of emails. The whole course is more convenient and cheaper to implement in connection with a UMTS flat rate. Other possible services are the sending of SMS messages, access to information, access the Internet using WAP and also the electronic shopping. When a UMTS division took place in four different areas. Of course, the completion of a UMTS flat rate not linked a specific area. The so-called pico cell is designed for very many participants and high communication traffic. The radius of this is about 500m and the data rate is 2Mbit / s. In the micro cell was designed largely to the urban operation and there is increased communication overhead. The radius is about 3km and the data rate is 384kbit / s. Then there are the macro cell, which is intended for use in non-urban areas and where there is low traffic. Therefore, participants may also be more mobile. The data rate is about 144kbit / s. The last possible method of sites is the world’s cell, where there is full mobility and a transmission capacity of more than 144kbit / s. Since the access is worth especially with a UMTS flat rate.

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May 11th


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