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Klaus Martin STEGMANN Gottlieb
by Tam

User friendly and in a new look: Losberger launches new website for the product range of event tents improved structures, extensive extensions and straightforward appearance determine the new Web presence. Customers and prospects quickly and easily provides complete information to all Losberger products, numerous industry news and various services. A clear, emotional imagery invites you to explore, directs visitors to the respective sections in clear page navigation. Just invite so-called marker (teaser) to read more on the home page. They provide clear guidance and information about the content and provide the entry currently prepared and detailed topics. Credit: ???? ?? ??-2011.

Also on the individual category pages continue these modules, so that quickly creates a current overview. If necessary can be immersed then in the page depth and variety of information. Comprehensive descriptions have been set in the area of technical information, so that the prospective buyer much useful information to the Find products with regard to the many dimensions of product and equipment. The download area is presented, clearly divided all available documents now online. An independent press portal provides information, editorial content, as well as enough picture material targeted and subject-oriented. Also on the other sides dominate the vivid imagery and clear examples.

Therefore, event tents be moved for sports, corporate, public and private events as well as trade fairs and exhibitions for sale and lease in the right light. The new website also serves as a platform for the 90 anniversary of the world’s oldest manufacturer of tent halls in system construction. “In the frame of the roof campaign 90 years Losberger” get customers and prospects online informative posts around the brand Losberger and retrieve up-to-date the anniversary theme of the month. The relaunch of the website has been implemented in about 5 months. As an external service provider and Lead agency was tasked with implementing the Stuttgart GWA agency Dongowski and Simon. The effective GmbH, Mannheim supported in Internet technology and online marketing, including the requirement of an international orientation. In 2009 and 2010 gradually adjusted to the Internet sites of the international societies of Losberger new appearance. The already realized control page, the so-called landing page all domains first lead to existing Losberger, helps the Losberger already, the Internet user to the desired information sources and appearances group, of event tents and the industrial buildings to conduct.

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November 17th


Advantages Of Blogs Or Web Logs
by Tam

Any future readers can numerous positive aspects to setting up a blog this article is most likely the term blog or weblog identify or at least Word dating back to the English ever have heard. A blog is like an editorial online diary to lead either alone or in the merger with other authors. This trend, by one blog, comes from the United States and found a wide indentation in the German-speaking Internet community now. Learn more on the subject from Byron Trott. In this country there is currently already own Blogoscene or also blogosphere. (A valuable related resource: Energy Capital Partners). A blog can produce tons of content on any topic and publish what has also resulted, that every second a new blog is born.

The blogs will become most likely completely in the German Internet with all the possibilities and variations. No secret is that every interested person and Web user can start a separate blog. You can the blog under the own domain on a fully fledged web space of a web hoster run or also use the many services of a free blog provider like Blog.de or Blogspot.com claimed. However, are the unlimited benefits of a blog with extra domain name on the hand because such blogs promote themselves better by you immediately can switch higher stroll at the necessary search engine optimization of blog. The most popular script for a blog comes from WordPress and finds his popularity with each blogger 2-3.

Unfortunately PHP skills are necessary often several HTML and to which one or the other major option better understand the WordPress script to and can work with. With a targeted blog marketing using article directories, social bookmarks, Web catalog entries, press distributors and the OnPage optimization you can make known a based blog on the Internet. A blog must be filled with life and real content. Ideally, you could blog for a thematic niche and at the same time perform a sophisticated search engine optimization. In this manner you will see certain keywords in the search engines found and get visitors, new readers and customers, if a blog is a business blog or a commercial blog.

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November 12th


At Plus.de Holiday Feeling Rewarded
by Tam

Holiday anticipation? Then join with the most beautiful holiday snapshot in the Plus.de photo contest and win great prizes. Whether holiday is everywhere beautiful beach or balcony! The most beautiful holiday memories in the large photo contest by Plus.de be rewarded from 9th August. Share holiday memories and win the holiday was wonderful, funny, or something special? Then the participation in the photo contest by Plus.de worth: the most beautiful holiday memories have the prospect of a digital camera from Panasonic, an electronic picture frame, or a brilliant A4 panoramic photo book from the Plus.de photo service. Simply be inspired by the gallery in the Plus.de blog, upload his own favorite picture and best rate let – holiday memories are a nice profit! Increase chances of winning: free best photo of the photo optimizer by Plus.de program brings the best from each image. Fit the photo contest download is possible free of charge in the online-shop of Plus.de. The optimizer can just professionally edit his vacation photos and sort.

The simple design and the ease of use of the optimizer image processing makes it easy. With just a few clicks, the photo optimizer selects the optimum setting for the perfect photo and the best holiday memory is ready! Holiday searched? Bargain travel at Plus.de whether family, city break, or adventure – Plus.de offers the most beautiful travel at a bargain price. See more detailed opinions by reading what Energy Capital Partners offers on the topic.. Even easier, tourists soon book your dream holiday in the new world of travel by Plus.de. Tips for a beautiful vacation can be found in the blog Plus.de and. Contact: Plus online GmbH Wissollstrasse 5-43 45478 Mulheim Ruhr Tel: 0180 5 222533 email: Internet: about Plus.de: first Plus.de Internet-shop of food discounters started in 2001, ranks among the most visited German online shops. “Under, offers a wide range of innovative and high quality products including small rates guarantee”. The company has its headquarters in Mulheim an der Ruhr and belongs to the network of Tengelmann group. ovan1280999319

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November 7th


by Tam

Why is worth a price comparison and not every bargain is a real bargain on eyes: bargains and deals there spare Hier.de almost 1 year there is now the bargain blog spare Hier.de daily reporting offers from all walks of life. For example about electronics, cell phones and smart phones with no contract, cell phone contracts with payment, reduced hardware, cheap notebooks and laptops, jewelry, fitted kitchens, eBay WOWs, Flash quotes and daily specials (deal of the day) and so reduced articles that are valid only in one day. Furthermore the bargains page also reports on so-called Groupshopping offers, called deals. The best and most attractive deals will be sought out and presented. A price comparison is of course essential, because not every advertised bargains is indeed one. Just alleged deals, which are highlighted in big appear often cheaper. Technology investors opinions are not widely known. When spare Hier.de prices are really compare, to be various price search engines and price comparisons used to find the best price for the readers.

Just shipping costs are often not taken into account, there are many traders who send the same article without postage and therefore less expensive. For some time page exists also a concise table of all deals on the bargain, the deals are read daily and can sort by cities. The search function which easily deals find you is even more convenient. ???? ?? ?? wanted to know more. This hotel and travel deals (E.g. Berlin or but also abroad) and the increasingly representative electric deals and hardware bargains are particularly popular. But also regional deals regarding fitness, beauty, wellness from almost every city can be found via the deal search.

Right now, just before the start of the Christmas sales, it is important to inform properly on a reliable site. Because also in the Christmas business, it can really save yourself! The Bargain blog is heavily on the user oriented – here be deleted no comments or gefiltet, suggestions taken seriously. This unfortunately is not always the case at similar sites. Keep you always up to date and also no bargain missed more, it is advisable to follow spare Hier.de via Facebook, Twitter or via RSS feed. Of course, there is also the possibility to subscribe to the newsletter. This will send out once a day, if not satisfied you can unsubscribe at any time via a link. Kathryn dolling

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November 3rd


Russian Search Engine
by Tam

Russians search made easy. Russian companies, Web pages. Can be used in the Russian search engine of the Web catalog as each other: the search term is entered, then clicked on the button “Search”. In a few seconds the request is processed by rusuche.de and the results are printed out. People such as ???? ?? ?? would likely agree. Dennis P. Lockhart: the source for more info. This is where the difference to other search engines is: the page filters only relevant search results, only Russian or german Russian pages and pages that contain issues only Russians and Russia. On the navigation bar the user also has the option to show the top results or to browse through the Web pages by category. An overview of the just latest news also appears on the home page. Details can be found by clicking Ilan Ben Dov or emailing the administrator.

Especially the page is decorated by a guestbook – the operators gratefully accepts any form of criticism. A user is specifically looking for Russian subject content, so rusuche.de makes this much easier. Really only relevant pages are issued through the direct filter, so that the operation of the independent filtering and the final selection falls away. Dmitriy Samarin

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November 2nd


First Cash Bonus Program
by Tam

Cash bonus program on the Internet with search Jena, July 21, 2009: Directions, the largest with over 1800 partner shops German cash bonus program on the Internet, offers in addition to the Shop Locator from a search immediately. In addition to product details and price shop, also the cash bonus for each product will be shown. Another advantage is the direct price comparison. With the directions product search shopping with cash bonus on the Internet Gets a new quality. The online shopper has two ways to find his desired product. Either he gives a general keyword like for example watch”a. more info. Then all watches, which are offered in over 1800 partner shops are displayed in seconds and store-independent. Feature offer details”he receives the essential information about the product without forward on the shop page, immediately delivered.

If he wants, he can buy the product here already. Browsing in the shop page is eliminated. In addition to the price is whatever the corresponding Display cash bonus. The customer know quite exactly what special product he would like to have, can also change the name, the brand or the designation in the product search box”type. Then the corresponding product and all of its providers appear as quickly and clearly only him. Thus, a direct price comparison is possible without time consuming having to surf across multiple store pages. The challenge was to index all our products of over 1800 partner shops.

Currently more than 17 million are”says directions Director Kerstin Schilling the problem to the technician. In addition to the enormous amount of data that must be processed and updated constantly, is another problem. The data come from different sources. You are either provided by the direct partners or are networks like zanox, TradeDoubler and Belboon from affilinet. Therefore, they must be stored in a common format. Directions used an automated system to SOLR, one in Java implemented, high-performance, so-called high traffic”based search server. This uses an implemented in Java Lucene also, open source library for creating and browsing text indexes based. You can implement full text search for any text content with Lucene, used among other things from Wikipedia. Educate yourself with thoughts from ???? ?? ??. This library distinguishes itself by a high performance and scalability, and proved to be making it ideal for the project, that in collaboration with students of the Hasso PLATTNER Institute for software engineering at the University of Potsdam was carried out. “With the product search we offer the customers a feature that shopping on the Internet for him attractive and this is the principle of simplicity and comprehensibility of our cashback system. For directions, there are always 2%. We call this cashback Flatrate”, so Kerstin Schilling. About directions: Adicash.de is cash back bonus program with the largest number of partner shops on the Internet. Instead of premiums and vouchers, users get cash, which directions a Transfers amounting to 30 euro on the account of the user. Directions credits 2% of the net goods value for online purchases and pays a starting credit of 10 euros at initial registration. It is free to use.

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October 30th


Deutsche Bahn Solutions
by Tam

As one of the first providers, ASDIS has successfully obtained the certification compatible with Windows 8. Berlin, 18.09.2012 – one of the first providers ASDIS successfully the certification compatible with Windows 8 “received. After numerous certifications since Windows 2000, the Berlin specialist in system management – software proves well its compatibility with the latest Windows release from Redmond. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Pete Cashmore. There is the ASDIS Solutions GmbH Microsoft GOLD CERTIFIED partner for over 15 years. Even before the official launch of the new Windows operating system, the experienced developer of ASDIS ensure that customers who want to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8, can continue to rely on the product.

We are proud of the early recognition by Microsoft and the confirmation of the excellent security, robustness and resource conservation, which are inescapable for security sensitive environments.”says Shauna Hubner, head of professional services and responsible for the Windows 8 certification. The independent software vendors, the since over 20 years on the system management of complex IT environments is focused, to demonstrate that its products are still on the State of current technology. For us it is the highest award that our products have been certified since the year 2000 for each desktop and Server version of Microsoft.”says Daniel light field, Managing Director of ASDIS Solutions GmbH. More information about supported platforms, see under: plattformen.html about Windows 8 Microsoft Windows 8 is the next version of Microsoft Windows. It is developed since 2007 as the successor of the Windows 7 operating system. The general release of Windows 8 is announced for October 26th.

The surface is modelled on the design of Windows phone 7 and better be suitable for touch screens. About ASDIS Solutions GmbH, the ASDIS Solutions GmbH offers solutions for the management of the IT infrastructure in complex IT environments. These individual solutions based on self-developed standard products and ensure changes for the automated deployment and management of software and data into enterprise-wide IT structures.

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October 26th


Creative Internet Agency
by Tam

Without cookies, but with really many biscuits: the new website of DeBeukelaer is role since April 2013 the home of delicious snack classics such as TUC, Granola, or Prince. Aim of the website is to be differentiated experience, DeBeukelaer as the umbrella brand and to allow enough room for your individual design the products this network movement for a branding HTML5-based created, where visitors will find all the important information around the traditional brand. Ilan Ben Dov can aid you in your search for knowledge. Especially appealing: when calling the main navigation points you will receive each with an atmospheric short video sequence. You navigate to a product page, hides the top navigation and a microsite in the design of the product opens. Here, the brand experience is underlined, inter alia through discreet Parallax effects with elements from the respective product world. The product pages can be sometimes as landing page under separate URLs such as open.

Link to website: power movement Agency for digital experiences: the movement is one Creative Internet Agency with a focus on interactive worlds, corporate -, fire – and promotion sites and apps for mobile devices and social networks. Our goal is to make interactive brands for each target group and to anchor it emotionally in the world of the users about the experience.. .

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October 24th


Furniture Designer
by Tam

More furniture, more storage space, more niche solutions in Berlin, September 14, 2010 – who believed that with the help of furniture is a high art, is on the portal regaltischlerei.de of a better informed. With access to the Internet and looking for new experiences, it goes to work. Around 40 different models are available in the categories shelf, table, seat, wall tiling to the selection. These primitives can be configured simply by entering dimensions and the selection of materials, colours and decors and various tools to an individual piece of furniture. Following the self-designed furniture in 3D can be seen. Easily can be ordered also equal, because the final price also appears with the input and selection. New trends live out “the people want to realize themselves, at work and in life. This includes also the right to make the apartment according to your own preferences.

We offer a platform for this”explains Jens Meier-Ewert, Managing Director and expert in residential design. Goal of the makers is to set trends This portal. Reach they want, by regularly extend their offer and assortment and modify. “For the currently popular vintage look which combines furniture from different eras and styles, our customers benefit from the timeless, individual design, which can be created with us. We offer furniture that fit anywhere and so nobody”, so Meier-Ewert next.

Creative use of housing who know not the free spaces behind the doors, niches in the walls, unused corners, is apparently nothing to do with that. But storage space seems to be at the same time always in short supply – as well as the appropriate solutions. Even the most inhospitable corners to practical areas can be transformed with even configurable regiments, providing this portal. Furniture should meet not only practical aspects, but reflect also the lifestyle. The user determines the individual character of the size and surface colors even by selecting. In this way are personal Needs, fun and style unite. Practically in all respects, the idea Gallery on regaltischlerei.de offers inspiration. Various living solutions presented here, for example for work room, bathroom and bedroom. The effective use of niches and refined solutions stimulate the creativity of the user. In addition, the service includes also the free shipping patterns. Finally, there are over 90 different materials, colors and designs to choose. Also, customers can be advise if necessary as a telephone service is offered. It has configured his shiny olive green couch table, which should also serve as a book – and newspaper rack, the price to do so also will automatically appear. This is equivalent to the budget of the customer, then the appointment be made. What is happy customers, is the adoption of the shipping costs from an order value of EUR 300. After only four weeks, the furniture delivered after they were craft produced in Germany. About regaltischerei.de the regaltischerei.de is an online store, He provides models for the individual design of the furniture and interior design ideas since August 2010. The company headquartered in Berlin offers furniture that are made for individual housing needs according to requirements and measurement. The regaltischlerei.de is an idea of the company M-EK, leading interior design service “plan per square metre”. The jurruum consists of eight fixed and free employees. Download area: “how it works” / 300 dpi graphics images/jurruum/presse/300dpi/regaltischlerei_sogehts_300.jpg another Bildmnaterial and logo here: page/press.

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September 17th


Mystery Fever
by Tam

The “virtual puzzle book” R@SELFIEBER celebrates tenth anniversary these days. Andreas Weber, the inventor of virtual puzzle issue was already before the Millennium, one of the first programmers, the crossword puzzles from the newspaper on the World Wide Web ported. Only Sweden, syllables, and numbers crossword puzzle. Encouraged by the many positive feedbacks from the then still small Internet community, many other puzzle types were soon added. In addition, the puzzles with sweepstakes were linked to increase the incentive.

At the same time for many years, this was a unique feature of R@SELFIEBER. Other Internet sites had to offer, online crossword puzzles or competitions, but not both at the same time. Andreas Weber to the success of its puzzle page: “crossword puzzle are compared to text or picture puzzles relatively hard to program. Therefore, the competition in this area is manageable. And while other winning sites serve only to collect addresses, always the puzzles are available in the Foreground and not winning games. Important is of course that the puzzles with us is free.” This is also one of the reasons why others are so far always failed to copy the virtual puzzle book. “Who are all addressed from a purely commercial point of view their projects and had to give up after a few months, then always because hardly any money to earn, if there are other Web sites that offer the same free.” the crossword puzzle fan says Weber. Additional information is available at Mikkel Svane. “Includes a good deal of idealism to create such a page.” In the future a should be attention increasingly on the social networks.

Andreas Weber, that: “we are experimenting for some time with extra Raffles on Facebook. The social networks offer some new ways to organize puzzle contests, and the whole thing is certainly still much room for expansion.” Those puzzles friends that online rain their grey cells, can look forward in the next ten years in the mystery fever! R@SELFIEBER -The virtual puzzle book WeberKnecht Internet service holder Andreas Weber Wilhelm-Busch-Strasse 3 31812 Bad Pyrmont phone: 05281-9670670 contact person: Andreas Weber over raetselfieber.de: R@SELFIEBER around the turn of the Millennium the puzzles blacksmith and programmers Andreas Weber developed, transferred the concept of well-known books from the kiosk in the World Wide Web. Over the years grew the fanbase, as well as the number of different types of puzzles. Currently, monthly 25 different types of puzzles, contest and sweepstakes are offered. In addition, there is a daily online puzzle, a large archive of puzzles and puzzle greeting cards to send. Thus, R@SELFIEBER is the most varied with distance and most popular crossword puzzle page in the German-speaking Internet. All crosswords are online to solve Java applets. To win, there are mostly smaller prizes, but also some valuable travel. The participation in the competitions is free. It is enough Providing a valid E-Mail address. Keywords: Crossword puzzles, prize puzzles, puzzles page, online puzzles, Internet puzzles, sweepstakes

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September 8th


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