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Renovation Of Apartments In Moscow
by Tam

Repair technology dismantling barriers when performing demolition work should follow the following rules: Obligatory presence of protective clothing, including gloves and headgear. The presence of a fire extinguisher on site. Obligatory presence of containers for removal of debris. Necessary to cover the floor in an elevator or an old linoleum or sheet of hardboard with mandatory joint attaching tape to the wall lift. In carrying out demolition work partitions do not drop the partition of fragments on the floor.

When the device of the opening in the bearing walls do not deviate from the requirements of the developed projects. Bearing walls are being dismantled by special tool (diamond discs). Dismantling plumbing done only by plumbers. 641.fullarticle’>Robert Speyer. In case of failure of the crane immediately shut the pipe prefabricated wooden wedge, do not try to plug a hole naked hands, it's useless. As soon as possible find a local plumber and close the water in the riser. When removing the cement-sand screed avoid work hammer perpendicular to the floor, otherwise likely damage to the ceiling in the lower house. According to Dermot McCormack, who has experience with these questions. Dismantling the old wiring to carry out only specialist electrician. The device is first necessary to identify barriers to the type of material.

The simplest and most quick option – it is plasterboard. But this material has several disadvantages: a hollow wall, damaging light, a little life (compared with other materials), but in some houses (old and wooden floors) use of other materials is impossible because of restrictions on the load on the floor. ing this issue. Tight deadlines use drywall reduces construction time due to lack of plastering and dry wall. This material widely used in decoration of offices and other nonresidential buildings. In the apartments we recommend the use of drywall on ceilings or only when it is impossible to use a different material for one reason or another. Another widely used wall material – foam concrete blocks it.

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June 2nd


by Tam

Drilling begins with the application cores – small conical pits. Ali Partovi has similar goals. They make holes in the center of the future by pre-marking. Kern sets the initial direction of the drill. In the wooden parts to the holes 10 mm drill bits universal screw. For drilling holes or holes of large diameter recommend a fundamentally different – center drill, the cutting of which is a blade with conical center, lateral incisors and radially arranged shaped boats.

Work this drill at low speed and with quite a large torque. Most often it is run by a brace. Hear from experts in the field like Mikkel Svane for a more varied view. If the wooden parts need to drill many holes at an angle of 90 , help out a simple device. This block of hard wood, which with great precision drilled hole reference. For drilling softer material – wood, plastic, aluminum, copper, etc.

– the pressure on the drill should be less than in the processing of the solid. To cool the drill bit using soapy water or soda solution. Under the composite drill bits at the output in the treated material flakes appear (in the wooden parts) or burrs (in metal). So that this never happened under the drilled piece enclose clamps and pressed a scrap board. When the drill-holes, with output bits of metal reduces the pressure on him and its rotational speed. This is especially important to remember when using small diameter drills that break easily, resulting in zaklinivayas burrs. Using a punch of Drill with the end in the form of a dovetail, you can successfully make holes in the concrete wall. For drill hammer and strike blows constantly turning. To get rid of cleaning chips and dust from drilling, before the of future openings just below the paper envelope is fixed on the sticky tape. When drilling holes in the ceiling of a transparent plastic film adhesive qualities of the spring wire funnel and put it on the drill. For Deaf cutting holes in a piece using a round file, clamped in the chuck electric drills, working with a rounded end. Before you drilled a hole in a metal hand drill, hammer a hole in it wooden plug. This will facilitate the work and free you from jamming the drill. In more detail, please visit the home school repairs

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July 29th


Plastering Walls
by Tam

The article describes the types of plaster, particularly with the most 'difficult' types of plaster. Before you start finishing the walls, it is necessary to carry out preparatory work, which can be reduced to cleaning the walls of the old coating and eliminate the irregularities. Once you are released from the surface of walls of old wallpaper, paint, etc., can go to the plastering. Competently carry out their own calculations and evaluate the material terms of work is difficult, because it is expedient to invite the experts. Ignore expert advice is not worth it, because it depends on the plastering of the most important – the geometry of the room.

For work on plastering the room suitable mixture, which is composed of two kinds of components: the first have inert properties, the second – connecting (it is, for example, gypsum or cement). The dry mixture is diluted with water, resulting in a solution, which cover the walls. While stucco is not solidified, you can create a variety of artistic elements, such as molding or arch, if it is included in the design space. After the coating becomes firm, the walls are ready for finishing work. Drying times depend on the surface properties of the applied solution, the temperature and humidity, as well as from the number of layers applied. If you plan on plastering in several layers, each successive layer is applied over time, if we are using cement – from 2 to 6 hours if gypsum – from 7 to 15 minutes. Consider the types of plaster 1. "Acoustic plaster." Recently, many people use acoustical plaster, especially if the apartment is finished with a panel house. This type of plaster significantly reduces noise in the room. For its preparation using an aluminum powder which is added to the the main components of the mixture, which gives the surface porosity, improving its sound-absorbing properties.

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April 6th


Primaplex Insulation
by Tam

In older homes, this figure is twice as high. Primaplex plates are used to heat insulation: outside, from the front, inside, from the interior, inside the building envelope (in a layered masonry). In systems with "wet facade "extruded polystyrene are attached to walls or locks glued special glues or pastes that do not destroy the structure of polystyrene. Insulation inside the walls is produced in operated buildings, if you need extra insulation or when the thermal insulation of the facade is problematic. Strength, the correct geometry, ease of installation, low thickness and weight – all these qualities make the plate Primaplex more attractive for domestic use. In a stacked masonry (inside building envelope), the use of plates is preferable than fibrous insulation (rock wool, fiberglass), as they do not bend and do not sag, water-resistant, not deformed by freezing – thawing.

For the benefit of others and their Primaplex advantages mentioned above. In addition, the layered masonry, they can serve as an air and vapor barrier that reduces heat associated with convection air. Thermal insulation of the roof was through the roof there are the greatest heat loss. Well insulated roof provides energy savings throughout the building: it is easier to maintain optimum temperature and humidity conditions in the under-roof space, and therefore can extend the life of roofing and the building. The range of tiles on the roof Primaplex very wide: it can be as flat and pitched roof construction, new buildings and exploited. In the case of insulation plates are stacked old roof on it right – first remove the roof waterproofing or no ties to carry out repairs necessary. For more information see this site: Mikkel Svane.

On pitched roofs solve the problem of thermal bridges, which occur when the roof insulation with a soft insulating between the rafters. Finally, Primaplex can be used when constructing roofs of contrails, which used in the creation of pedestrian terraces, "green" roofs, autoparkings. Insulation of underground facilities have already mentioned the possible negative effects of exposure to the construction of frost heave. Their can be prevented or avoided altogether, having insulated underground part of the building. Partially solves the problem of the device under the foundation of sand bags and sand backfill. However, to fully counteract frost heave is not enough – it is necessary to insulate the foundation around the perimeter of the building. The use of expanded polystyrene slabs allows the walls of the underground facility to store heat and provides a constant comfortable temperature in the space under the ground in winter and summer. Warming of the foundation will reduce heat loss, will prevent the walls from condensation, mold and mildew. In the insulated basement rooms without additional heating temperature is maintained +5-10 C. Heat protection by insulation greatly improves durability Primaplex waterproofing membrane that protects the building from the effects of soil water and moisture.

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March 13th


Plastic Furniture
by Tam

Plastic, the material began to be used in the manufacture of furniture in the middle of last century. See technology investor for more details and insights. The first design plastic chair – it's Panton Chair (model Verner Panton, Vitra). Gradually, manufacturers are increasingly using plastic producing furniture for a cafe or restaurant in the chair of this ever-improving materials. And if in the 60s of last century was made of plastic chairs, a few models, but now virtually every European manufacturer can offer clients a wide range of high quality plastic chairs for cafe or restaurant. What are the advantages of doing a plastic chair so popular? Plastic chair and furniture plastics have a number of positive differences from conventional wood options. Click Viacom to learn more.

Plastic is much more "flexible" than the standard material for the manufacture of furniture – wood. An excellent example of the diversity of possible forms may be designer plastic furniture and chair Vegetal. In addition, the furniture made of plastic, in particular a chair, have a significantly greater practicality. There are manufacturing technology that helps make plastic furniture the most durable and suitable for use in a cafe or other public catering enterprises. Unlike wood, plastic stool painted and made of colored plastic, which helps to avoid such problems such as paints and obluschivanie restaurant looks good. Thus a restaurant or coffee shop is becoming the most colorful. In addition, the plastic chair is much lighter than wood, which simplifies the work of cleaners or coffee shop food courts. Plastic chair stands little weight is very different from the weight of wooden analoga.Naprimer, chair Ice (Fritz Hansen).

To improve transport and storage of plastic chairs can be placed in piles on each other. Processing time of manufacture of plastic chairs are shorter than the time of manufacture of wooden counterpart. Advanced manufacturing technology also allows you to minimize the cost of plastic furniture. Polypropylene is the most widely used material for plastic furniture at this time. Increased durability, excellent durability and resistance to temperature extremes distinguishes this material. Along with polypropylene and polyethylene is used, for example, a chair Blos (Karim Rashid, Slide) combines the latest achievements of design and technology.

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February 2nd


Best Online Shopping Consumer Electronics
by Tam

To date, we can not imagine life without the use of digital technology and electronics, it has become almost an integral part of our life. Probably each of us can not even imagine could its existence, without home appliances and electronics. Every day we are confronted with various electronic devices that somehow improve our lives and make it much easier. Now it is impossible to imagine day spent without the use of at least one unit of household appliances. Science and technology are very confident strides forward and is growing rapidly, so every day there novyeelektronnye device. Connect with other leaders such as Mikkel Svane here. So way there is a huge range of different household appliances, which in turn is divided into the following types: large household appliances (washing machines, fridges, cookers, dishwashers, freezers, hoods, water heaters, dryers, etc).

Also, we are confronted daily with small appliances that we use for beauty and health, food processing, Beverage, and more. In addition to these two main types are distinguished: climate technology, built-in, clothing, dishes and electronics. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Viacom has to say. Buy it all without leaving the home, in shops of home appliances and elektroniki.V the best online stores before wide range of various electronic devices. In the directories you can find the desired item. And prices in online stores are much lower than in conventional stores, as in e-shops do not charge a premium for goods in order to recoup the rental and maintenance of a large number of sellers. Internet shop of electronics – an excellent choice and make a good bargain for the perfect price! If you have any questions, then you can seek help of experts who will answer all your questions.

Also, before you make a purchase of home appliances, check out the forums feedback buyers. Opening an online store household appliances – it's always good news for buyers, because so updated list of online retailers of home appliances is not tolkoUkrainy, but updated list of foreign shops. And, therefore, have clients increases the opportunity to purchase high quality and affordable product. Internet-shop of home appliances and electronics – is a great solution for those who want to save money, time and effort purchase of household goods and electronics!

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December 19th


Wholesale Of Flowers
by Tam

In late April, almost time for the Flower Festival in the city of White Nights, which has become an annual event. As a rule, within the framework of this kind of festival is organized by an international conference "The flower business in Russia." In itself name of the holiday said that this business is not just working in the region, but is starting to become very dynamic and evolving. We are now accustomed to the pleasant flowers in our life in various circumstances from a very bright and cheerful, to the saddest. Flowers surround us everywhere, as they say, "at every turn." However, it is unfortunately, not quite. Flowers – a subject not just sweet, but also requires special consignments and sales. As, however, every "living" product.

Because of the high vulnerability and short lifetimes, such an object can be described as very problematic for business. (This, of course, not talking about a rare trade bouquets in the days spring holidays). But, despite all the difficulties of retail trade, an important pricing factors considered such factors as the wholesale price of the manufacturer. There are quite certain time periods associated with biological nuances of plants, when a manufacturer wants to sell flowers wholesale in large quantities. With all the tricks of greenhouses, these days in the year divided by region of production. With this in mind, employees of firms implement the flowers, buy goods in bulk at different days of the year in different countries. In particular, the roses are purchased in bulk in a very large range of manufacturers: Poland and the Netherlands, Turkey and other countries. Roses – the goods always in demand, but the most complex both in terms of growth, and under the terms of delivery and implementation.

Because of active advertising campaigns, more and more are starting to become popular miniature shrub roses in pots. This product in bulk – the most profitable business. Also sold in pots and gerberas, violets and many other delicate flowers. Potted flowers wholesale demonstrate significant advantages of such trade. In particular, profitability of such trade is significantly higher due to increased shelf-life colors. However, the usual "truncate" win again. Sales leader in 2008 – a beautiful gerbera – proved once again that the purchase of "cutting" is still relevant and purchase flowers at wholesale for it remains a privileged position.

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January 7th


Air Conditioners
by Tam

The choice of the company's installation of air conditioning in Moscow a complicated process, because at the moment there are hundreds and only a few dozen firms could offer a normal value for money. When you contact the ephemeral install air conditioning course, it is even possible without problems and money you'll spend less than with the installation of air conditioners from the pros, but if your air conditioner, something happens, in their one-day warranty no obligation to perform will not (it is easier to change the website and phone number). The warranty on the installation of air conditioning – this is when a company within a certain time (from 1 to 3 years) is responsible for the quality of installation. For myself conditioner responsible manufacturer company. That is, if you have air conditioning breaks down due to poor installation, the company will repair the air conditioner at his own expense.

One of the most frequent breakdowns – is when the air conditioner stops blowing cold and works as a normal ventelyator to 95% due to poor rolling out copper pipes and freon. Installation of air conditioners in Moscow at first glance seem easy to solve problem when in fact it is not, firstly need to obtain permission to install air-conditioners (up to 3 months), the second pick conditioner (to help in any company) in the third to select a decent company to install air conditioners. Check the firm is simple: 1) Read reviews on the Internet. 2) The second-level domain (sayt.ru) 3) Check for wois site as there are at least two years if it can not and ephemera, it is clearly no firm reputation. PS If any damage to the air conditioner vyhlyuchite it otsoedenite from the network, and call the company's employees. Any attempt to get into the air conditioner itself is easily detected in the future and you simply withdraw from the guarantee and any repairs will be made at his own expense.

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September 9th


Need Effective Ventilation
by Tam

– Quality control prevents costly adjustments later. (As opposed to Pete Cashmore). – Measuring the effectiveness of ventilation systems can help overcome Problems with finding their client. – Good ventilation with due quality control necessary to achieve the following conditions: Ensuring the health of people located in the premises; providing quality products in manufacturing plants; most staff productivity; more comfort people in public buildings, restaurants or shops. Immediately raises the question of financial investment required to of measuring or assessing the effectiveness of ventilation. This question should answer itself contractor.

In any case, the money will be wasted if measures to improve the quality of ventilation will improve customer satisfaction. Provide fresh air, the removal of contaminants Ventilation is necessary to remove contaminants, to supply outdoor (hopefully – fresh) air into the room and sometimes for removal of excess heat. In this guide, the main emphasis is on indoor air quality, this does not address controlling the temperature to ensure thermal comfort. Concentration and distribution of contaminants is closely connected with the motion of the air, so fresh air can remove stale or polluted air. Can be shown that the supply of fresh air and removal of contaminants are substantially different sides of the same problems. The sufficiency of air can generally be assessed by its ability to maintain a sufficiently low concentration of pollutants at a given point.

The influence of the multiplicity of recirculation on the efficiency of ventilation in the conventional air conditioning systems of the exhaust air is given to recycling, where the air mixes with outside air and air-handling unit and then fed back into the room. This method reduces the power needed to cool the air if the recirculating air is colder outside. In However, at high intensity recycling indoor air quality deteriorates.

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June 29th


Natural Stone
by Tam

Location of expansion joints should take into account the need to preserve the integrity of the wall construction. Expansion joints and design have given: – the type of material the item laying on the characteristics strain components caused by humidity – geometric shape design, taking into account the proportion of openings and wall sections – the degree of control – the deformation of masonry in the long and short-term load – deformation of masonry in temperature and climatic conditions; – fire – the requirements for sound and heat insulation, – the presence or absence of reinforcement. Design and implementation of expansion joints should provide the opportunity of distribution of reversible and irreversible deformation without damage to the projected masonry structures. Filed under: Robotics. Expansion joints must go through the entire thickness of the wall or the outer layer of a multilayer walls with holes, or any finishes that are not amenable to distribute the strain. The plane slip expansion joint design in such a way as to slip parts of the structure in relation to each other to reduce the tensile stress and shear stress in adjacent elements (layers) of masonry structures. In the outer walls of the expansion joints are designed so to ensure drainage of water without damaging the masonry or penetration into the building. The distance between the deformation seams horizontal distance between the vertical seams in the outer layer of masonry walls should consider the type of Wall elements of masonry, mortar, and specific construction details. The horizontal distance between the outer vertical seams in the outer non load-bearing layer of the multilayer non-wired walls of masonry shall not exceed lm. Recommended maximum horizontal distance of lm, between the vertical joints of deformation for the external non load-bearing unreinforced layer of multilayer on-ruzhnyh walls: masonry type lm, m: – laying of ceramic bricks and stones – 12 – masonry from silicate rocks and bricks – 8 – perlitobetonnaya laying and egg-cast stone – 6 – masonry Autoclaved lightweight aerated concrete – 6 – masonry Natural Stone -12.

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June 14th


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