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by Tam

HGsystem has sent to the market a new program: QuickOrder, the first free professional software for the admnistratin of restaurants and pizzeras. The program works through some components hardware: touch screen, printing and wireless connection to hand computers. The application is executed in the operating system Linux (Ubuntu), Windows and Mac. Simplicity and the functionality are their characteristics. The program not only is very easy to use, but also owns a very intuitive graph, a module to take to the orders to the table with a portable digital assistant Its use is simple: for example, the waiter takes the order with the computer from hand, that is sent from the system, at the same time as the printer in the kitchen and the box.

The program is based on a system of wireless communication (wireless). In addition, with this program you can store to any information, from the order of cash, the existence of inventory, can be known what young that she serves table. He can realise a pursuit of the reserves, state of the tables in the menu dining room. It can add to new plates and drinks. The request registers the order and right away to see the management of the premises. To computerize the management of a restaurant, pizzera and brewery means not only to accelerate the work, but also to improve its business. Software was developed with C + +, to improve the efficiency of data processing. Although almost all the software for the restaurants is made with Java language and the platform based on Web.

QuickOrder PostgresSQL is used in the data base, reason why he is strong and fast. The application is developed in the same atmosphere of production used by Nokia for the awarded movable solution. The program is of license of open code that allows to the access to the source code.

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June 24th


Free Software Users
by Tam

88% of users use free software habitually. The majority of users who know software free, use in addition it and are satisfied with him. In addition they show to high rates of satisfaction and confidence in him. Nevertheless, a small user group is disappointed: Who have had some problem with him (3%), hardly they will return to prove it. One is an user group defrauded, who knows the software free but that he has not fulfilled its expectations or because does not have so many functions as he waited for or because they have had security problems. 54% of users associate free software software the value of free software nothing has to do with the economic aspect. Nevertheless, as concerning user the majority of free applications is in addition gratuitous, the term tends to be confused. The impellers of the free movement want to present this philosophy, the authentic value that offers free software: freedom in the use, modification, distribution and improvement.

One has demonstrated that users who know this philosophy value plus the quality and security of this software, trusts more him and much more is arranged to use the one that the rest of users. ” It is logical that the users associate software with free software free because the majority of free applications concerning user is it. In Portal Programas, for example, all the free programs are gratuitous. It is important that they know the true philosophy this type of applications because he is that, and not the price, the true value of free software. To go when unloading the report of free software original Author and source of the article.

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June 18th


Why Balloons At The Festival ?
by Tam

Triumph, perhaps there are those who do not like to relax and have fun? Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries kaleidoscope of these events creates an aura of happiness and laughter. A huge number of people, gifts, interesting fun – all signs great celebration and an unforgettable vacation. But we all know that every holiday is made up of an infinite number of parts, without which it would become boring. Of course, an important detail is the decoration of the room, where planned celebration. Currently, the most relevant and interesting way of decor are inflatable balls. How could it happen that the invention is more than a century ago, now has a success? It's very simple. Each thing to please in the field of view of creative people, it is unique. The same miracle happened and inflatable balls.

Designers have found that simply adding a bunch of balls in, they did not invent anything interesting. Exactly therefore necessary to creative thinking. Now the usual connectives do not meet at the celebrations, they walked fascinating compositions made of balloons: the arch, heart, and cupolas, etc. At this point, you can make each banquet is truly unique and not forgotten. From now on, any room can be decorated with balloons in all colors and shapes. Any, even the boldest idea may now become a reality. Forget boring, outdated jewelry.

Order decoration balloons, and you will please guests a luxurious and stylish furnishings. Balls in the design of a holiday – it is actual, modern, and certainly beautiful. A creative approach helps designers achieve the most fantastic results. From now on every holiday and always will be a unique and vibrant. Dreaming to the entrance to the room was decorated with arches everywhere grow flowers, and heroes of the occasion was a huge dome? No problems. Place an order for the balloons with helium inside and then the flowers will be very nice and big dome is majestic shelter guests. Are necessary bizarre types of decorations from balloons? Please, all flight is limited to your imagination and possibilities. Want to organize an unforgettable holiday that will keep in mind not only the major participants, but the other guests? In this case, let the experts will draw air balls of your room and make your holiday truly memorable. Try to keep your feasts would not forget for years!

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June 12th


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