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Waterproofing And Insulating
by Tam

Yesterday my roof again poured tar and covered with roofing material. It would seem, is why these older materials are still used, due to longevity? None. Because of the efficiency? Either. Price? Perhaps, but only to her yet should add a regular salary brigade workers. Unfortunately, the only correct answer is corruption in public utilities, but not about her speech now. The fact is that in a world designed for tens if not hundreds of materials and methods waterproofing and insulation of roofs, providing all who are in the room, comfort for decades in a single day of work.

Properly executed, they improve the microclimate, reduce costs, due to heat losses (and is 40-60%), eliminate icing roofs and hanging icicles, relieve from daily duties to listen to sound of pigeons and the roar of the rain By the way, sound is also due to appear , it does not necessarily do separately. More information is housed here: technology investor. High-quality waterproofing requires tools and equipment appropriate level of qualified specialists who are familiar with the technology used. But she is also very important. It is worth noting that best technology for waterproofing – jointless, which means the application of a single material for all insulated surfaces. Such an opportunity to enjoy only those that can be sprayed evenly. Basically, it liquid rubber material, from a distance resembling tar, only much more flexible and durable, and polyurea – this material is as hard as plastic, or even harder. It is a different color, and therefore can receive from your the roof is also an aesthetic pleasure. The same can be said about the roof insulation – insulation should be based on a monolith and does not contain gaps. This effect allows to reach spraying foam on the inside of the roof. The material used is humidity resistant, hygienic, is an excellent sound insulator and solves most problems associated with the roof. I note that each of these materials tightly adheres to the surface on which apply, so do not peel or form bubbles in the moisture that falls to the destruction of the protected surface.

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January 4th


Perfect Building Material
by Tam

Sandwich panels, sandwich panels, sandwich panels – each of these types of material – or rather, in the construction industry have found extensive application. Representing two grading sheet with thermal insulation layer of insulation on the basis of basalt mineral fibers, this material has high resistance to harsh weather conditions, is resistant to moisture and uv light, fire safe. At the same time, sandwich panels are easily installed, reduce the load on the foundation of several times that allows you to make it shallow. Their use allows you to quickly build a building, reducing the time of the introduction of projects in operation. Due to the ease structures – the mass of one square meter of the material ranges from 15 to 30 kg and a protective coating thermo provides an opportunity to build houses for all weather conditions.

Sandwich panels are used in the construction industry globally – for the construction of buildings, cladding, insulation, construction of cryogenic facilities for the installation of the roof. As a material for cladding and sandwich panels, due to extensive color palette and different texture becomes indispensable. Compared with concrete and brick, sandwich panels are characterized by the high heat-insulating qualities, because highly sandwich panels are capable of maintaining the cabinet temperature to -24 C, +40 C outside. Since the complete isolation of the external surfaces of each other, increasing heat-engineering parameters of the material, it greatly reduces the cost of building maintenance. The use of sandwich panels in the construction of prefabricated buildings can significantly reduce cash costs, it is considered useful for industry investment. Poetomutakoy type of construction is always in in great demand. Production technology, which is based on European standards, the output provides high-quality material, which can lower the cost of building materials and construction of additional attributes attached attractive appearance. In this case, the cost of panels for certain domestic production is several times than that of foreign producers, and is absolutely not the same quality.

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December 20th


Thermal Finishing Materials
by Tam

In the process of manufacturing housing and other parts of metal and other hard materials is an obligatory stage of processing, which includes processes such as design, cutting, cutting, welding (flexible and other), allowing to change the shape of parts, their dimensions and other characteristics. Traditional part of the treatment are welding. They are irreplaceable in many preliminary stages of manufacture of the finished product. C by welding work is carried out cutting of parts from metal and other solid materials and their docking. A variety of technologies and ways of doing welding, welding in various media, and other features of their allowed to join absolutely any metal, including a mixed bag. Welding can be carried out as standard products, and artistic compositions of metal. Turning and milling are during machining of the outer and inner surfaces of products, such as threading, and others.

Modern machines are allowed to perform several types of lathes and milling operations in a single setup details and perform a series of different operations simultaneously, which significantly reduces the time to create the final product. Metal bending is applied when necessary to create a seamless (seamless) detail, since the seam – it stress concentrator products and so are his weakest part. Most often bending to produce critical parts that are manufactured with a high safety margin, for example, when laying pipelines for oil and gas. Laser cutting technology is revolutionary in the treatment of metal. Machines performing laser cutting are highly accurate, and employed in its implementation capacity of the metal to so small that additional treatment of the cut is not needed. In addition, due to the concentration of the main effects of cutting the tip of the laser beam, laser cutting metal is almost no heat, which excludes its deformation. Machines for laser cutting machines take up very little space in the shop, about 3 to 1.5 meters and ensures cutting accuracy with coverage of 0.05 mm.

Waterjet cutting is used primarily for materials not metal – stone and porcelain tiles, glass and plastic, and others, as well as for metal sheets of great thickness, when utrudneny other ways to handle them. In implementing the waterjet cut surface under non-stop water flow, which excludes heating products and its deformation, and also guarantees a perfectly flat and smooth to the touch section. In addition, in waterjet cutting, there is no separation of dust and gas that provides safe working conditions and safety of all the features of the original material. This type of cutting material ensures greater accuracy of cutting and insufficient level of material consumption due to small slice thickness. At the final moment of designing and manufacturing products for the sustainable use of protective coating of powder coating products. Before performing the procedure, powder painting details certainly degreased, washed and dried. The applied powder paint coating of the polymer has both a decorative and protective functions. By the positive aspects of such technology are: high corrosion resistance, shock-and cost-effective, since powder coating is applied only in one layer.

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November 25th


Foam Concrete Blocks
by Tam

In the construction industry, like many others, technologies are constantly changing. Innovative methods and technologies – all of it is typical for the production of building materials. Material of the new generation can rightly be call the foam blocks. Appearing on the construction market relatively recently, this material has become quite popular due to its outstanding performance and affordable price. Foam blocks have strength, lightness, good heat and sound insulation. For a number of material parameters similar to wood. This refers to the ecological and the possibility to pass through the pores of the air. Sales of large volumes of foam blocks is because Construction of such a material expands.

Buy foam blocks in Moscow – is simple: many companies are engaged in such sales. Lightness of the material becomes particularly manufacturing – with the help of when fast pace whipped cement. In the foam block can contain up to 95 percent air. This parameter changes depending on various conditions. Thus, to significantly improve the frost resistance is required low air content.

These building materials are called “fine-grained concrete. In the manufacture of concrete mix is saturated with air under high pressure. In one case, the mortar with the addition of surfactants mixed at high speed. After some time the solution hardens and transforms into porous rock. Production of foam can be done in two ways – by Cluster and by cutting. In the first case, the concrete mixture is poured into molds. The second applies a great form, and after curing the material is cut into blocks of desired size. In each of these methods can be distinguished both pluses and minuses. Second, the cassette method of producing foam blocks is easy and affordable price. In this case, the foam blocks can be of different shapes. Among the weaknesses – the inability to use the exact size is not enough attractive appearance, low speed and small volume production. In the second method the foam blocks have a remarkable appearance, exact size. Material produced in short periods at high volumes. However, there and disadvantages. First of all, get a decent amount of waste. Expensive, often imported equipment often breaks down. Do foam blocks produced in this way – a higher cost. Technology production, all being perfected – manufacturers try to achieve excellent quality product at a relatively low cost. Perhaps very soon on the construction market will foam blocks, which meet all modern requirements.

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November 24th


High Quality Bricks
by Tam

Brick as a building material has been used for centuries. Despite its familiar and monotonous appearance, this building material is manufactured by different technologies, some of which allow produce high-strength bricks, while others make it possible to attach them to any sophisticated forms. However, of special interest is the technology of manufacturing bricks from natural slate, which allows to obtain an eco-friendly building material. Description of the technology and the subject of this article. Slate is an extremely natural construction material. The ancient Romans appreciated the opportunities provided by its natural nature and the layered structure. Ably mining and processing have the opportunity to receive long plates of different thickness, which can be directly used to create decorative roof.

However, the main advantage of oil shale rock is hidden in its ancient origin, which can reach 400 million years. Studies have shown that oil shale is first dried and then baked in the sun, clay. For such a huge amount of time managed to put all unwanted oxides and organic compounds, forming almost perfect, environmentally friendly material. With his production career reveals first machine layers at a depth of 40-50 cm, and then leave it for two years. So simple way shales allow loosen, loosen, and thereby facilitate the processing plant. From large parts of the rock to produce a uniform and solid brick is almost impossible, so the next step is pulverization of raw materials is almost a powder. Naturally, as in most such productions, the resulting mixture is sifted from it stand out large parts of which are newly exposed to the grind.

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January 29th


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