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Software Crm Company
by Tam

When a company thinks about a software CRM, they appear many concepts: trustworthiness, rapidity, simple design, many reports but are something often is difficult to obtain: flexibility. So flexible what must be an application so that a company feels attemped to acquire it? It is spoken much of certain values that must own the good software. In a CRM each of them acquires certain importance. Some companies make more emphasis in some values more than in others, following their needs. But when the process of acquisition of a software CRM is evaluated, often flexibility is requested.

aplicativo able to adapt to the needs of our company . a software of simple functionality but that it can grow as we need . the precise company something simple in principle, with time we will see towards where we go. These phrases commonly are listened to by professionals of computer science in many occasions. These virtues are simple to ask, but What so simply can be fulfilled in aplicativo? What means that a software CRM is flexible? So flexible what must be? We could enumerate a series of processes that would have to fulfill a CRM basic: It would have to be able to administer to data of contacts and organizations. It would have to be able to administer the opportunities (possible contacts or leads)? It would have to be able to administer the happened events to each contact. This is fundamental and does to the pursuit than it happens to the contact.

The task of generating events must be automated more than it can within a software CRM. If this administration is made manually, then it does not serve? It would have to administer to tasks usuary them and to agentar them, with victories, warnings and fulfillments of the same. All this work, would have to generate different events in automatic form? By all means it must have an amount of reports that allows to draw conclusions and to establish, after his analysis, different steps to follow. We could detail some concepts more. Where enters the flexibility? We put an example: The company that wishes to acquire software is in agreement with these processes, but it needs to realise an exhaustive pursuit of collection: To generate tasks for the users of way like they know if there is to call to some client who was delayed in the payment of his debt. By all means the fulfillment of these tasks must follow the normal course of the rest of the tasks within the CRM, with generation of events to the contact for its history, etc. Perhaps this process, simplified here, does not appear within the standards of a software CRM, but if this one is sufficiently flexible, would have to be able to add this new functionality. What advantages contribute a flexible software? It offers the possibility of developing a great part us of software according to the standard requirements of the market and, saving time of development and costs (as much from the point of view of the client like of the point of view of the company developer) so that a favorable economic agreement for both parts can be obtained

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