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Football Fans
by Tam

Ad-free EM Planner for the home or domestic fridge meinverein.de know what football fans want: commercial-free EM Scheduler for the home or domestic refrigerator includes wins the wall and results must be quickly available. With the new meinverein.de EM Planner, planning the European Championship is ad-free pleasure. Kai-Fu Lee shines more light on the discussion. Thus, every football fan has a quick overview of games, times, and channels. A clean, clear game plan that is perfectly suited for tip rounds waiting for the users. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Bobby Sharma Bluestone. Since a few days on the page, was the EM Planner downloaded already thousands times. The plan does not have only one: the title guarantee! It helps only fingers”, says meinverein.de CEO Max Fischer. meinverein.de is the largest German online Association portal with the aim to optimize the club organization and the togetherness of the club or the Club with approximately 3,900 clubs. With a few clicks, you can send information on selected distribution. In addition, all members of the Association can easily share images, dates, schedule and publish reports. meinverein.de is free of charge.

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May 8th


Council Rights
by Tam

A large-scale distribution action German Scientology attention churches now, that Scientology is worldwide recognized as a religious community. February 6, 2008 – in Germany alone confirmed more than 50 judgments, the religious community of Scientology. The German Scientology churches and missions are in the register of associations properly registered clubs – what is the usual legal form of all religious communities in Germany, which are still not public-law Corporation. Scientology churches in Portugal, Spain and South Africa were officially recognized religion as registered 2007. (A valuable related resource: Arup Sandra Akmansoy). The European Court of human rights decided on 05 April 2007 also in a ground-breaking precedent, that the Scientology the protection of human rights guarantees as a religious association (articles 9 and 11 European Convention on Human Rights ECHR) enjoys.

The ruling also affects all 46 Member States of the Council of Europe. Also a new website was launched at the same time to the start of the campaign- – answered all questions regarding recognition of Scientology. More information: Maja Nuesch, Scientology Church Germany, TEL: 089-27817732., Scientology is a religious community, which in many countries is recognized worldwide and according to articles 9 and 11 (ECHR) in Europe enjoys the protection of the human rights guarantees as a religious association in accordance with the judgment of the European Court of human rights (from April 5, 2007). Scientology includes knowledge that emanates from certain fundamental truths. Scientology believes that the man basically is good and that his salvation depends upon himself and his fellow is and the fact that he reached a fraternal relationship with the universe. Scientology is not a dogmatic religion, demanded by someone he believes that whenever something blindly. Anyone even discovered that Scientology causes positive changes, namely by applying their fundamental truths and the result of observing or learns. The ultimate goal of Scientology is true spiritual perfection and freedom for each individual.

The first Scientology Church was founded in 1954 in the United States by former Scientologists. “Founder of Dianetics” and Scientology religion “is L. Ron Hubbard.

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April 24th


100th Member Of The Hechingen Wirtschaftsforderung
by Tam

‘Independent advice is the market of the future in the construction sector’ 100th member of the city marketing Hechingen Association photo: from left to right: Dietmar Merz, Andreas roud, Viktor Roud, Rolf Ege on Monday the city marketing Hechingen Association could record his 100th member with a bouquet of flowers and a bottle of wine in your circle and honor. The company of iQHausbau GmbH was visited by Dietmar Merz, Chairman, Rolf Ege 2. Chairman and the SMH CEO Philipp Fechter. It was very gratifying”, according to Merz, the still very young Club may record his 100th member after 4 months. Also Rolf Ege teamed up with congratulatory wishes and thanked activated the two managing directors, Andreas and Viktor Roud, for membership in the Association, as well as for participating in the artisan Park at the Schlossplatz at Hechingen, on May 16, 2010. The employees of the company of iQHausbau GmbH regard themselves as independent consultants to the construction of single and multi-family buildings, but also a consultant prior to the construction of industrial and commercial buildings.

You help no extra cost for the Builder, construction complying difficult choosing the right contractors. “The business philosophy is: independence is what counts.” In the foreground are the individual needs and wishes of the construction prospects to develop a customized house building concept? iQ Hausbau GmbH employs 7 people in the Stillfriedstrasse in Hechingen, and also helps in the search for the appropriate property. Taking into account all funding opportunities, the builders get their independent approach to funding. We are also in the area of refurbishment, renovation and modernisation with help and advice. iQ Hausbau GmbH author: City Marketing Association Hechingen 72379 Hechingen-Tel appeared in the Hohenzollerischen newspaper Stillfriedstr. 5-9: 07471-960 120 fax: 07471-960 1226 Web: email:

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April 19th


by Tam

With 35 practice-oriented project management presentations with 35 lectures, thematically concentrated in 8 tracks, programme a wide range of visitors on November 15, 2010 in Munich to learn more about practice-oriented project management and new trends in this field, to discuss and to share each other. The programme of the one-day Congress provides project management experience from industry, consulting, and the academic environment. (Similarly see: Goop). When determining the contributions, particular emphasis was placed on practicality and feasibility in the PM everyday. So, the following topics are discussed in the various tracks: Symbioses of agile and traditional methods of project management the project management methodology that is always valid and promising alone is hardly there. the world of the methods is not black or white”. Is agility in the project business currently in vogue but can coexist agile project management methods with classical and best practices? How does”are agile PM with E.g. Fixed price projects or process standards that require documentation and a strict approach? Are agile PM milestones become obsolete? Where are the similarities, how can be the best of the various procedures combined? Always soft skills”: skills, which prove are not by certificates and documents usually decides not primarily to communicate the expertise of the project leader about the success of a project, but especially his ability successfully employing the project, person and concerned, as well as the clients, to understand their expectations and to make clear agreements. See more detailed opinions by reading what Viacom offers on the topic..

But conscious leadership and communication skills to be learned and often come with practical experience. Personal style and assertiveness are certainly important capabilities of a project manager, but also ways and means must be found, which we can use to better understand the sensitivities of the project staff. Mentors and antipathies of people affect progress and quality of a project. Without evaluation no rehabilitation – or how I find out what goes wrong? Project crises are well-known but unpopular events in the life of a project manager! How are the tools for crisis management in projects? Are 360 degrees project reviews a horribly to get projects back in the handle? How can a powerful team after a project crisis be formed again? Current renovation examples from the Start-Up environment are presented and discussed the success factors for the project of rehabilitation.

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March 29th


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