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Certain Strategical
by Tam

In general way the company immortality searchs and the profitability in the market. For this reason, the strategical planning can assist the entrepreneurs who are responsible directly for the development of the company, therefore they needs objectives and goals thus and, to determine the action plan that it will be necessary for attainment of the results. However the small companies are the ones that less are worried about the strategical planning. For Certain (1993, P. 6), strategical planning ' ' it is defined as a continuous and interactive process that it aims at to keep an organization as a set appropriately integrated its ambiente' '. Through these definitions a line of thought is perceived very seemed that detaches the importance that to all interact the environment of the organization, all the sectors and departments need to be in the strategical planning.

With the strategical planning it is possible to direct the efforts of the common points, to clearly leave for all the employees the mission, the vision, the objectives of the company, etc and to stipulate a cronograma of work for all the employees in a skillful time to reach the longed for results. LEVELS OF the STRATEGICAL, TACTICAL AND OPERATIONAL PLANNING In the elaboration of a strategical planning exist levels that must be followed stop better performance of the process. In accordance with Oliveira (2004, p.47): The strategical planning, of isolated form, is insufficient, a time that the establishment of objectives in the long run, as well as its reach, results in a misty situation, therefore does not exist immediate actions that operacionalizem the strategical planning. The lack of these aspects is supplied through the development and implantation of the tactical and operational planejamentos of integrated form. Figure 1. The levels of decision and the types of planning. Source: (Oliveira, 2004, P. 45) the strategical Planning becomes related with objectives of long stated period and strategies and actions to reach them that affect the company as a whole.

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March 31st


Applications Business
by Tam

The Contact to center for CRM or to customer relationship management, is a reality with Asellerator. Total solution of Software and Applications Business for Contact Center. Tools of Hardware and software for contact to center, that the CRM and the management with the clients revolutionize. If you require an IP contact Center with aplicativos of CRM, that integrate Hardware, software, strategy and the new Tics for the management with the clients, Asellerator is the solution. It consults by our Solutions of Contact Center.

The individualized handling of productive relations of long term with each one of the clients of an organization, more known like CRM, is today a reality of easy application, if it is counted on contact to center interactive and a strategic plan defined to do it. For a long time the dream of all company has been the one to personalize the relation with its clients and base in it to obtain its loyalty, permanence and yield. All it is known what the shopkeeper did of town of some years ago: It saw happen immediately in front of his store a client and it recognized it called, it by its name it invited and it to have a discussion with him. Immediately it gave the new blades to him of mark x, while it said to him: Don Francisco, had lists to him these blades that promise smoothness and to avoid the cuts in its face. You that undergoes so much with the shaved one! I left two packages Him so that it proves. I put in the account. That it has a happy day and many you greet Mrs. Maria. This apparently simple spontaneous operation, entails all the elements of a modern CRM: a) TO IDENTIFY the client, which implies not only to know it but also to recognize it. To know from its name and the one of its relatives, their place of residence and its capacity of credit, to its specific needs in this case with respect to the shaved one, its tastes, desires, expectations and obvious its potentialities.

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March 30th


by Tam

The participation of the parents, professors and friends of classroom is extremely important for the good performance of this pupil, therefore, with the devotion of the parents, the interest of the professor in always searching new methods of education, not only for this pupil, but for all in general, and the agreement of its friends of classroom, who had taken knowledge so that they did not friction and they did not commit bulling, and yes to help with motivation. All these intentions can change the life of a person who has learning riot and to make with that the index of reprovao and the failure pertaining to school are extinct. Words keys: Dislexia; Failure; Learning; Pupil; Professor. ABSTRACT This work is the bibliographical study, based on authors that dyslexia write about and has aim you present the difficulty of to teacher in dealing with dyslexic children in learning process. Specifically, Strategies you be applied in class, verifying procedures respecting the evaluation, knowing methods that can be applied in class you the best development of this student. In the hypothesis, the educator ought you have dyslexia the beginner’s all-purpose symbolic instruction code knowledge about what is and which ploughs the most common symptoms. Dyslexia is learning to disorder of reading, writing and spelling. Usually, the symptoms start appearing in the process of alphabetization.

Several Dyslexia can be caused by factors. By this reason, it is classified in dyslexia of the development and acquired dyslexia. Child with suspicion of dyslexia will be evaluated by multidisciplinary group with several kind of professional. Just to after the diagnosis, if the child was confirmed dyslexic, to teacher should apply new methodologies in classroom will be the students you be able you develop his creativity and performance in the reading and writing. The participation of parents, teachers and friends of classroom is extremely important you good performance of this student, therefore, with the dedication of the parents, the interest of to teacher in always searching new methods of teaching, not only will be this student, but will be everyone in general, and the understanding of his friends of classroom, who have knowledge only that they of not label and of not commit bulling, but they help with motivation.

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March 17th


Modern Life
by Tam

Remember the biblical parable of the Tower of Babel? According to her, it was during this ambitious construction projects God has divided the society into many language groups, putting them in front of the barriers of misunderstanding. Know their own language today insufficient, because in school, work, shop, online and computer games – in short, everywhere we meet with foreign languages. This may be an inscription on the goods, books, advertisements and announcements. You can even meet with alien, although without the knowledge of his language to communicate with him you can not. The conclusion here is one – to study, study and study again.

However, most modern people, for various reasons are unable to learn a few language, treating the knowledge of two or three, and sometimes even one. As a result, many of them are faced with a situation where you need to translate a language that they do not know. In such a case comes to the aid agency transfers. These offices offer transfers to the most common languages, and with them. The staff of such agencies usually work on several translators to two or three dozen professional philologists. Due to this time from order acceptance to its performance is greatly reduced, giving the opportunity to work with large volumes of text. Range of services provided translation agency, is very wide – this literary translations varying complexity, and technical translation of specialized texts, and translation of legal documents. In some cases, available even personal assistance of an interpreter at events and interpretation.

In general, list of services translation agencies very, very broad. Of course, if necessary, can refer to a freelance translator. They have more opportunities in terms of pricing, which means that they may choose to dump competitors' prices in the hope of attracting customers. However, in this case there is a fairly high risk of being cheated by enterprising scammers, who take money and disappear, leaving you with nothing. It is therefore necessary be careful and check carefully to guarantee compliance with the job in time. Normally, such a guarantee is the reputation of an interpreter, you can check in online. Do not be lazy to carefully check the feedback about the translator in specialized forums and labor exchanges, and to learn from his portfolio. Solid reputation – it's certainly cool. But what if a large volume of translation, and to fulfill his need for a couple days? Normal translator hardly cope with this challenge, and if the number of target languages is more than three, then he does is irrelevant. Here and come to the aid of the notorious translation. When you go to a bureau, you run multiple interpreters, which allows you to make urgent orders large quantities. In addition, the usual translator may not always offer as rich choice of services, which is available at the agency. With regard to translation quality, in the case with the Bureau of you get one hundred percent guarantee of higher philological education of all its employees. The reason is simple: these companies are too value their reputation and hire only highly skilled professionals. So, giving the order for execution of the agency, for the quality and timing can not help worrying. The only unpleasant moment – the price of the translation in such companies. Sometimes it is much higher than that private translators. However, in this case, together with the translation you are buying peace of mind and full confidence that the work will be done and in time.

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March 10th


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