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However, a lot really depends on the professionalism of the workers, educated selection of materials and human technology finishes. Now, after weighing all the pros and cons of this method of design of slopes, we can consider other options. Plastic slopes to them, of course, applies not only to sheet plastic, but other types of finishing materials made of him: the insulation sandwich panels, hollow panels with jumpers, porous panels and thin plates, operating more decorative function. For each type of finish should be more detail. Plastic sheets with thickness of 8-10 mm, using insulating materials such as wool, can get pretty smooth slopes. Caring for them is simple and consists only of wiping the contaminated surfaces with a damp soft cloth.

However, the high cost of such a type of finishing slopes makes us look for other, more feasible options. Sandwich panels are two sheets of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), between which there is a layer insulation material – polyurethane (PUR). With the help of a special profile panel attached to the window assembly and the inner wall of the room is a plastic corner, giving the aperture a complete form. Outer layer of the sandwich panels can be made of glossy or matte plastic, so owners of new windows will have the choice of the surface texture. But, preferring to gloss, remember that on a sunny day at these slopes appear glare, blinding my eyes. Along with low thermal conductivity, ease of care and high moisture resistance in slopes of sandwich panels have another advantage – quite reasonable prices.

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May 13th


Whirlpool Baths Design
by Tam

Lightweight run-up, straight back, look straight ahead, jump! And you covered with cool pleasant wave. Ah, the sea, the sea! What to do if you're somewhere in the suburban villa where there is even a hint of cool water? And in this case no cause for grief. Today you can enjoy all the benefits of modern technology in our advanced civilization. Marc Mathieu has much experience in this field. It is for this reason that come near their dreams to reality by setting the pool somewhere in the backyard of your holiday home. This may be inflatable or fixed (sometimes several kinds – indoor and outdoor), and plastic pools. The form of construction and design work is surprising and reinforces the desire to not only realize a dream, but to have something individual, unique and unforgettable.

Pleases use in finishing the pool a variety of materials such as marble, tiles, mosaics, painting, and recently and photo design. Only in the recent past a new opportunity to equip your pool fashionable fun accessories: Jacuzzi, water slides, fountains, decorative lighting, a liner of all colors and shades (ornamental film). Increase the space around the pool expands the boundaries of the possible relaxation – this morning a tan or a nice evening revelry or children's games. A huge demand exists for the design pools with waterfalls or opposition for swimming, caves and bars at the site of landfall, stages an extraordinary form. Only should provide in advance the possibility of such devices, since for their installation require additional manipulation during the initial installation. .

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January 2nd


Wooden Houses
by Tam

Warmth and comfort of the wooden houses has its own characteristics, so their construction is necessary to pay attention to some of the nuances of design. This primarily refers to the buildings Hardwood (log). Some skeptics argue that in a wooden house is blowing from the corners and joints. The practice of modern construction proves that the purged can only properly constructed house. First of all it is desirable to use the so-called winter wood, that is harvested in winter. For example, in ancient times timber felled for the construction not only at certain times of the year, but at certain times of the day – namely, in early morning hours, when the tree is still asleep, and all biological processes are not so active. Although it is already out of tradition. Currently used a large number of both traditional and advanced methods cutting cup – place the angular connection logs.

Therefore, the cutters qualification is crucial. Ready to frame must be accompanied by detailed technical documentation showing that the house produced according to a proven technology, not chopped "in haste" in the presence of order. Particular attention should be given the choice of windows for wooden houses. Summer residents are well aware of how great is their significance, especially in the cold time of year. But if the house is designed for permanent residence, then the window should be as warm and as well protected from the weather, as in a city apartment. In addition, changes in temperature and humidity are not the best way affect the durability of wooden walls.

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August 1st


National Olympic Committee
by Tam

In 1938, she began to be used for broadcast television and became the emblem of the Soviet television for many years. By analogy with were built water pumping and radio tower, lighthouses and more than 200 steel plants. Tower was declared a monument of architecture and engineering. Masterpiece architectural art protected by the state. Technology development, begun brilliant engineer, is actively continuing.

And today Metal can implement the most ambitious in conception architectural projects, such as a ski resort on flat terrain. Better mountains can be Kaluga region. Here are preparing for the opening of a unique project – a real ski resort. No mountains in Kaluga? That’s right, it is heart of the Russian Plain. But the skiing here could be as early as this winter.

Thanks to modern metalwork. A key element of one of a kind project that was created for one of the largest Russia building structures – Kalugaglavsnabstroy “- an artificial slope length of 108 meters and a width of 45.7, with an overall length of the slope is 300 meters. A base of “mountains” – five-story building. This hotel is 84 rooms, rent restaurants, lobby bar and a spa. The complex will operate this platform, in addition, there are modern facilities for the production of snow, but because of Kaluga ski resort can be athletes and holiday 12 months a year. According to the chairman of the National Olympic Committee of Russia, Leonid Tyagachev, in the future complex “Kwan” could become a base for training jumpers jumping and snowboarding.

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October 18th


Construction Requirements
by Tam

4. Requirements for design bases, foundations and underground parts of tall buildings 4.1. This section provides basic guidance on organization, technology, construction and acceptance of works on the grounds of foundation and underground parts of multifunctional high-rise buildings and complexes with height above ground of more than 75 m. 4.2. Reliability and efficiency of the device of the foundations of tall buildings and structures shall be provided for by taking into account the specific natural, technological and design features of building construction and use of effective technologies for production work. 4.3. Prior to the commencement of works on the underground parts under construction high-rise building customer must execute and submit a contractor building the organization permit (order) on the production of relevant construction works.

4.4. The main construction works altitude of the object are allowed to proceed only after the removal of in-kind platform for its construction, the creation of center geodetic framework, the devices required fencing of the construction site, perform grading, work on the drainage device intrasite roads and utilities and perform other work in accordance with the recommendations of snip 1.12. 4.5. A geodesic framework for the construction stakeout high-altitude facility includes the construction of center network at the construction site and stake out the main or principal axes stakeout facilities as a system of fixed marks points defining the position of buildings on areas and ensuring the implementation of further construction and measurement in the construction process with the required accuracy. When you create a geodesic of center base and the performance of other surveying at construction of the facility should use the guidance snip 03/01/2003.

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September 25th


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