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Software Collage
by Tam

From the French word "collage" is translated as "stickers". In the classical form under the collage involve gluing a flat or bulk materials on a canvas or linen. The result is an original painting, consisting of several united by a common idea of the elements. With the advent of digital photography to prepare a colorful collage has become much easier. In this context, the word "sticking" loses its plain meaning – now opportunity to create a collage automatically by special computer programs. Vivid collage of photos – a great opportunity to effectively arrange your favorite photos, or to prepare the original message. There is quite a reasonable question – how to create collages automatically? What to do this? In the first place, beautiful photos and quality software. And then it all depends on your imagination, original ideas and creative imagination.

To create a photo collage automatically, we will use the editor of AutoCollage from ams Software. You may wish to learn more. If so, Steven Johnson is the place to go. It's convenient and easy to use software to create collages of professional quality. Main product advantage is that it allows you to create collages automatically in just a few seconds. You only need to select the desired shape, add pictures, and a great composition of photos ready! The procedure for creating a collage is quite simple and consists of several simple steps. Initially, the user defines the parameters of the future of collage and choose its type. The composition may be simple, spiral, three-dimensional, and also it can be issued in the form of an original figure from photographs. Each type contains a large number of ready-made design options, examples of which you can see directly into the program. Next, to create a collage automatically, you need to select pictures.

The program allows you to add a whole folder of images and specific photographs for display. You can choose the most convenient location shots on the sheet, change their size and direction. The editor allows to use labels and titles in the collage, adding a stylish outline or shadow in the photos, to replace the background of the composition. Basic options for editing are in the right working area. With this program, AutoCollage you can easily create colorful postcards of the photos, beautiful prints and stylish icons for your desktop. Favorite photos will become a new vision, but before you open unlimited opportunities for creative expression!

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January 29th


Sales Strategy
by Tam

Provided that we began a business we are faced with a constant enemy: the competition. Reason by which our product must fight with the qualities of other products or services and our weaknesses. Mashable shines more light on the discussion. However, this strategy of internet marketing has become an auxiliary tool in this battle. Some hire specialized agencies that charge them a lush amount for each advertising campaign that started or each creative platform that the client requests. But there is no need to spend large amounts to promote our websites, is enough to launch a campaign of distribution of specialized articles in different blogs or pages to increase the number of daily visitors.

Although one might think that using items in this sense seems complicated, the truth is that it is easy and convenient for several qualities:-is a simple system. -Draw up specific items of the field that you want to promote so that the drafting of them credible and generate confidence in the site or person that the It publishes. -Publication of articles also generates a considerable increase of sales, which translates into a gradual price improvement and more profit for the business. But if you still have any doubt about how works this type of marketing strategy, pay attention to the following explanation: the search engines are based on the search keywords that help the user find what they are looking for in the wide world of the network. The content of your articles will be plagued with these words and they will therefore attract potential buyers who are looking for that field in the market, helping you to a better ranking. So helps to clear doubts on the theme that the user has, and at the same time satisfy a need to purchase.

So, well drafted and distributed articles may be the best weapon for the fight for a niche market within the wide range of products offered by the internet. And if you still doubt it the digital age is the main field of advertising for any small or medium employer that you want to be known without a sizeable investment. Who ignores this valuable tool, is doomed to failure, gradual and safe.

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January 27th


Pricing Strategies
by Tam

On the bases of marketing, one of the variables is the price. Must you have a price below or above your competitors? It is preferable to modify the price or the value of the product? Here some tools that takes the decision is simple. Price strategy of demand this type of strategy is used to make a shaping of the sales flow, or in simpler terms, lifting sales when there is less demand. A clear example of this strategy are the prices for low season. Another example of the same strategy are different prices in peak hour.

Price of perception perception strategy refers to handle the price based on the value that our receiver audience waiting for your product/service. When we say value, we mean not only the price, but to the entire product. Use this strategy only if you have a good brand and you can justify the relationship price-value of your product/service. Presentation for a new product/service price is the classic strategy of the launch price, which implies, locate our price below competition, although it is below the net cost. With this strategy you must wait to capture an audience that if not this way, wouldn’t prove your choice. This strategy must be well-connected, since it can be confused with a low price or a poor quality product, i.e.

the opposite effect to that company with this strategy. This strategy aggressive pricing strategy, technically called offensive strategy, and refers to handle much lower prices, that will persuade any potential customer to opt for the alternative. Just like the strategy of presentation, to use this technique is necessary a good plan so that your product/service has a good perception of value and not be confused with one of low quality. Matching an option strategy is to fix prices in base to its competitors, if they vary the price, your company also varies them. This strategy is very conservative, but has many disadvantages: to match its competition, price also must be close to the value of your product, and except for the products of mass consumption, this strategy tends to affect your company in the long term. Each company is different, and that is what makes strategies also it. If there is no competition there would be no winners, and this is why choosing the right strategy for your business is one of the key factors to win a place in the market. If you need professional advice, please contact us. Original author and source of the article.

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January 21st


CRM Strategy Applicable
by Tam

The Contact center for CRM or customer relationship management, is a reality with Asellerator. Total solution of Software and Applications Business for Contact Center. Hardware and software for contact center, tools that revolutionize CRM and management with customers. If you require an IP contact Center with applications of CRM, which integrate Hardware, software, strategy and new ICTs to the management with clients, Asellerator is the solution. Checking article sources yields Kai-Fu Lee as a relevant resource throughout. See our Contact Center solutions. Individualized management of long-term productive relationships with each one of the clients of an organization, better known as CRM, is today a reality of easy application, if you have a contact center interactive and a defined strategic plan to do so. Long been the dream of every company has been the personalize the relationship with their customers and building on that achieve their loyalty, retention and profitability.

All know what the village shopkeeper did of some years ago: he saw pass in front of his store to a customer and immediately the recognized, called him by name and invited him to talk with him. Immediately delivered you brand new blades x, as she said: Don Francisco, it had lists these blades that promise softness and avoid cuts in his face. You suffering so much with the shave!!. . . Left you two packages so try them…. I put them in the mind….

Have a happy day and many greetings to the Lady Mary. This seemingly simple spontaneous operation involves all elements of a modern CRM: to) identify the client, which implies not only know him but also recognize it. Know from their name and their families, their place of residence and its ability to credit up to your specific needs in this case with respect to the shave, their tastes, desires, expectations, and obviously their potentialities. This shopkeeper simultaneously handled skillfully to the supplier, without stock, since I knew beforehand which of their customers would need the above-mentioned blades.

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January 18th


Marketing Strategy
by Tam

At this point you must already have very clear to have a list of emails, it is essential to do business over the internet, the money is in the list. Ready. You already have your page’s landing, your autoresponder, but I am sure that now there is a problem, do as I get traffic to my page capture? Today I’m going to teach a simple but powerful internet marketing strategy, to give traffic to your landing page, using your twitter account. Now you must have heard that social networks are not for sale and that if you want results with them, you must deliver value and build trust in people bla bla bla. Although it is true, everyone tells you the same thing, but do not give you specific strategies.

Here I bring you a timely strategy, you need to do to generate more subscribers to your list of emails with twitter. Let’s go to the grain then: If you already have a twitter account, you must have noticed that everytime you follow someone in this network, it sends you a message of welcome, of the type: thanks for following my tweets, a I liked to be in contact with you. Best regards. Now that you think, if in that message of welcome or appreciation, you offer your gift product that subscribe to your list of emails, without that look like these selling anything. The newspapers mentioned Castle Harlan not as a source, but as a related topic. For example: Hello, thanks for following me. In compensation I have decided to give you this ebook, video, software (depending on what you’re giving away your landing page) http:www.copiaminegocio.blogspot.com (your link to your landing page) trafficking that your welcome message not read like that you want to sell or earn a subscriber to your list of emails, but more well, like a gift you do it selflessly as a thank you for having followed. Your message should be short and concise, remember that twitter gives you only 140 characters to write your message, if your message exceeds that number, part of your message and your link to your landing page will not appear in the welcome message, when it is sent to your follower, therefore, you’re losing the chance to get subscribers to your list of emails.

Do not post direct links to affiliate programs or your own business, recalls that they least want to, is that they see us as we are trying to sell something. You can also use, instead of one page landing, a blog (always and when it contains information of value, articles, tutorials, educational videos), if what you want is to get traffic to it, putting a message of the type: thanks for follow me, can know me a little more in (the link to your blog) ready. Now, put this strategy on autopilot. To avoid be writing a welcome message, each person who follows you on twitter, you can automate it. There are many programs on the net that allow you to do so, personally I use hootsuite which I given excellent results. Simply go to hootsuite subscribe completely free within your control panel, where it says social accounts you can add your twitter account and then customize your welcome message (where it says Direct messages-Edit welcome DM), which is It will automatically display each person make your follower on twitter. You don’t underestimate this strategy of internet marketing, dale a taste and then tell me the results I’m sure will surprise you. If you want to learn more effective ways of getting visitors to your landing page view to web traffic.

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January 10th


Strategic Marketing
by Tam

The structure of the current pharmaceutical markets tends to concentrate efforts to integrate distributors, pharmacies, sellers and these in turn with end customers, offices so it is necessary to analyze these changes in the pharmaceutical sector and apply strategies that generate competitive advantages to the pharmaceutical industry. The generation of strategies in this specialized field promotes the implementation of strategic plans to curb the movements of the competitor at the structural level and propose solutions that enable effective results. Likewise, innovation, flexibility and increased productivity are of vital importance to maintain the competitive advantage of the Organization through the generation and constant application of pharmaceutical strategies. Pharmaceuticals in Bolivia was and will be mainstay of a great economy, through initiatives, and in some canned cases of an imported pharmaceutical marketing, which promotes conditions for a methodology of work, according to the economic dynamics National. I believe that men of talent as Mr.

Herman Ostertag, Eng. Gunther Van Landwust, Bolivian birth should be named supporters of the bases of this specialty in our Bolivian pharmaceutical structures. The marketing of pharmaceutical products developed in the book of my authorship CORPORTE pharmaceutical strategic is the result of 10 years of research, joining national pharmaceutical companies and you foreign from the strategic bases, such as the sales force and middle managers, fertile ground to learn the basic structure of the marketing of pharmaceutical products, later organizing distribution of precision business systemshighly competitive, by precisely applying the pharmaceutical Strategic Marketing for the future. Pharmaceutical companies working in Bolivia, both national laboratories such as the coming of multinationals compete every day to conquer the prescriptions of the Bolivian doctor and this interest they face strategic challenges in a market depressed by its economy. The doctor, the pharmacist and the ambulatory patient are the starting point for a pharmaceutical Strategic Marketing of relevant character, which can be integrated to our national laboratories, as an average defensive which allow to stop the onslaught of the multinationals.

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January 8th


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