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Training for the strengthening of their process focus Kempen, 27 September 2012. PORTICA GmbH marketing support, one of the leading optimizing for marketing, sales and information logistics in Germany, has extended its offer in terms of training. You trains now in addition to Office merchants and specialists for warehouse logistics in association with the IT service provider GEDAK also in the profession of information technology administrator. PORTICA ensures the strengthening of their process focus through this training. Qualified specialists work with customers to develop requirements and manage complex IT projects.

It becomes the crucial task for the future, to attract young scientists in this field”, explains Norbert Haab, head of professional services and training. The field of activity of the merchants of Informatics is commercially-oriented. It includes the analysis of business processes and creating functional specifications and project documentation. The it administrator acts as an interpreter between programmers and clients”, explains Norbert Haab. The budding Merchants of Informatics professional services in the Department “trained. Focuses on the specific use of IT technology, procurement and deployment of IT systems, project management and documentation, presentations, and user training. The trainees get to know first the company, including the latest systems and developments.

You are actively involved in the project work. This requires an intensive examination of customer requirements. That training at PORTICA sustainably, practice-oriented and is of high quality, the optimizing proved already several times. Last year, best IHK training company middle lower Rhine 2011 drew the Industrie – und Handelskammer PORTICA titled “from. In addition, the company collaborates with the Rhine-Main-Berufskolleg arouse curiosity and interest among young people for the regular training. I am, just here to learn the profession of information technology businessman”, says Timothy Hausmann, the first future Informatics merchant the House of PORTICA. Via PORTICA GmbH marketing support: PORTICA is a leading optimizing on the German market and optimize marketing, sales and information processes for more than 40 years. The company serves customers from diverse industries and settles in E-Commerce, advertising material logistics, sales promotion, and business process outsourcing hundreds of projects each year. The focus is on the efficient handling of processes through the interaction of logistics, information and financial management.

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May 23rd


Microreaction Technology
by Tam

The Haus der Technik offers a seminar on 19-20 March, 2009 in food. In the past few years microstructured reactors, mixers and heat exchangers, allowing a continuous chemical reaction control in fine channel structures have entered successfully in the chemistry laboratories. With the Microreaction technology a variety offered the chemist and technologist response technical advantages. These include mainly the strong intensification of substance and heat transport in chemical processes, access to optimized process conditions, which are often not available in macroscopic conditions, as well as a significant reduction in the risk of potential of chemical reactions. You may find that Samsung can contribute to your knowledge. The Microreaction technology is used in laboratories as a highly efficient tool for the analysis and optimization of chemical reactions. Increasingly be realised also production processes involving the use of Microreaction technology. The Haus der Technik offers a seminar on 19-20 March, 2009 in food. Aim of the course is the wide application potential Microreaction technology to show for the work in the chemical laboratory and pilot plant and to give potential users of decision AIDS for their practical work on the hand.

Based on the technical bases and main “micro effects” the application possibilities of Microreaction technology for a wide variety of chemical processes and response regime are pointed out, which in addition to the current state of the art, future trends will be addressed. The transmission of this broad application potential in practice form the second focus of the course. These are questions of process design and process development, which deals with design of Microfluidic components, the connection of process analysis and other aspects of the practical implementation. As a seminar leader, Mr. Dr. Stefan Lobbecke could be won by the Fraunhofer Institute for chemical technology ICT in Pfinztal. The detailed program of events get interested on request at the Haus der Technik, Tel. 0201/1803-344 (Mrs. Gebauer), fax 0201/1803-346, E-Mail: or directly here: htd/events /…

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May 26th


Marcel Hall
by Tam

Experience and a good education is important for the career of coaching, the coach should certify them also. Sympathy is a decisive factor in the choice of the job Coaches. Therefore, it is advisable to contact several coaches. In the preliminary of the career of coaching can be perceived if fits the interpersonal level. The personal style of the job coach is often as important. Here, it is important that job coach and client to each other fit for a successful coaching career. Also a type of Laissez-Faire and a structure fanatics can perform successfully together a coaching.

It is crucial the intuition of the principal to the coach. On the basis of references can be verified, what experiences others had with the job coach. At this point can be determined, how helpful a career can be in this job coach coaching. The Marburg study to the German coaching market 2009 (www.coaching-report.de/ news.php? id = 608) has determined that approximately 8000 coaches working in Germany. It is not known how many of them specialize on career coaching. However, shows that the huge mass of offers. The selection seems even more important for a successful career in coaching, the matching job coach. An online database is recommended for the search.

The European Coaching Association offers a very good platform, as it ensures transparency through the licensing of ECA and ECA’s quality standards. (www.european-coaching-association.de) Managing Director of coaching house Berlin, systemic consultant and personal and business coach Marcel Hall reports: the job interview at the beginning of the career or job change is very crucial. It is important not to move but to be authentic. Only as a long-term working relationship can be created, in which feels the workers well and can work well. The job coach can help to identify your own values system and work out what is really important in the job the customer.

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February 3rd


Masterly Cooking Profession At The Highest Level
by Tam

“delphi gastro training course offered: (ie) the chef say has in the kitchen”, Managing Director Armin Wenge white. As specialists and executives in the hospitality industry responsible for the planning, production and marketing of food and services in its operation.” After the Chamber of Commerce, the graduates find positions in hotels, gastronomy and catering. Due to demographic change, highly qualified professionals are sought desperately by the industry. All participants and participants have already completed chef training and an at least four-year professional experience. During the several months period of the master chef, they get an excellent education, which ends with a practical final exam before an independent panel of the IHK competent lecturer team. But until that time, the graduates must get even the necessary tools. So are on the aspects of Economics and business administration, law and tax extensive timetable such as corporate governance, controlling or accounting, human resources, information management, and communications. We convey in”beyond action-specific qualifications, so Wenge next.

After the course to our chef lead employees and operations plan, perform and monitor.” Also, the participants get mediated, as are procured food and kitchen appliances, food technology and nutrition knowledge applied, advise guests and marketed products from the own House. Another important point is to provide of the substantive competence and maturity, to educate young people to chefs. But the delphi chef course offers even more. Trained are not only specialists in the middle management level. After passing the master examination, each graduate has the general qualification for university entrance, which entitles him to degree courses at colleges or universities. Information: the Cologne-based company delphi gastro training is a division of delphi safety GmbH. Managing Directors Dipl.-ing.

Armin Wenge has already hygiene assurance schemes such as the paperless Autocontrol system developed in 1995. 15 years ago, he founded the Cologne kitchen HACCP circuit 44. Since then, the company has grown steadily. Founded in 2002, delphi Lebensmittelsicherheit GmbH employs nine employees, 15 hygiene officers and twelve hygiene inspectors. 23 lecturers and a collaborator in the administration work for the delphi gastro training. 2010, the company generated a turnover of 550,000 euros. Of 80 percent accounted for by food safety and 20 percent to the delphi gastro training.

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December 26th


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