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Conflict Management: One
by Tam

Solwic-team assists companies in crisis prevention and conflict facilitation crisis prevention, crisis intervention and crisis follow-up – on this topic box specialises the Solwic team, Hamelin. The consulting firm helps companies solve acute operational conflicts and crises and helps to build the required pension systems, () to avoid this. That team founded in 2003 consultants specializing in the past two years in this field, has, according to managing director Hans W. Bagewadi the following reason: “the interaction in and between companies is becoming increasingly complex and therefore steeped in conflict. So an active crisis management is asked more frequently.” Most farms be but insufficiently prepared to crises. According to headless responded they, if for example the sales overnight away broke, telecommunications supply bottlenecks or staff ran away in droves – if they don’t, the crisis as long as possible, completely negated. Such processes to avoid, the Solwic team, which is a partner of Lufthansa technical training GmbH (area management training & Consulting), offers numerous consulting and training services company.

You are targeting all to avoid crises and to fix, so the firms remain able to act. A field of action, the seven Solwic consultants in addition to the specialized construction and implement of crisis prevention systems, is on the “Troubleshooting”, if it is foreseeable that companies do not reach their goals – “regardless of whether it is income, quality or development goals and what are the reasons for this”, such as Solwic – Managing Director Bagewadi emphasizes. The Solwic team in the following typically approach practiced in his work. First, it analyzes the situation. Then it creates a prevention or intervention plan, which depending on can – include the various elements of the situation and objective by the redefinition of the processes of qualification measures with the management for Senior executives and other key personnel to a temporary interim management. Then supported and accompanied the team to the company in the implementation of agreed measures. Important is the Solwic team also that after overcoming acute crises, again exactly what led to the crisis and what is (not) proven in tackling, to draw the necessary lessons for the future from this that is parsed. For more information interested companies at the Solwic team, Hamelin (contact: Tel: 05151 / 67683;) E-Mail:, Internet:).

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May 4th


Morning Still Burning
by Tam

Stress management and burnout prevention for managers faster, higher, further. Some may reminds feel with a slogan in the advertisement, others turn to everyday work. Make quick decisions, higher services, continue climbing the career ladder to the top: just in the Executive Suite seemingly perpetually rise requirements and therefore the potential for stress. Is it as superior to master not only the own work with flying colors. Employees want to be led, so downright thrilled. However, stress is not the work itself, but by the reaction to the work.

In executive seminars, Manger, entrepreneurs or executives learn how to specifically reduce stress, increase their work and quality of life, and specificly prevent a burnout. You must burn, what you want to ignite in others”, philosopher Augustine realized already in the 4th century. But the Burnout statistics today show rather a trend to be burned off. Eight out of ten Germans feel is stressed out, every fifth therefore suffers health problems. “The problem of burnout and their main risk factor stress” circulating in all social and professional classes. Managers are subjected to special stress. Because they have a responsibility for themselves and as compared with their employees”, says grey Swen. Especially executives are often willing to give everything and have extremely high demands on ourselves.

In the short term, this is not a problem, in the long term they elude the basis however for their performance,”added the Managing Director of INTEGION GmbH in Munich. In this way increases the risk of a burnout. The total State of exhaustion, the psychoanalyst Herbert j. Freudenberger in the 1970s known made, thereby not suddenly occurs. The course is rather slow. At the latest at the first signs of alarm as constant fatigue, nervousness, or insomnia it means Act. In half – or full-day Managers can learn how to handle yourself and an effective self – and time management stress management seminars. Mental relaxation exercises, diet tips and exercises for physical fitness are also part. In particular movement is considered one of the best remedies for stress. Proven. Regular exercise promotes the removal of stress hormones significantly, as demonstrated by numerous scientific studies. “Stress experience is subjective what stress is, how is he and how he manifests itself in me?” are questions that will be addressed in the seminar. Since there is no universal stressors, the experience of stress is purely subjective and sequence of inner attitude. The personal stress levels can be defined using Herzratenvariabilitats measurements and lifestyle analysis. After the analysis”, the individual can be targeted: reduce stress and strengthen the own resources. It is crucial in everyday working life then to implement what you learned. Therefore you must Participants supported after the seminar directly at the workplace”, appeals to grey. Be it in the form of coaching, a personal fitness training and the development of the organization. Not to mention that in addition to the own behavior also the conditions”to check and, if necessary, to change. For example, a bad working atmosphere, a famously great stress and load factor can be improved, significantly by an appropriate teambuilding. Because ultimately he should remain or come back: the fun at work. When executives and their staff. INTEGION GmbH, Martina Dannheimer, head of corporate communications

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March 28th


by Tam

Alone in Munich – that was yesterday! There are new ways to explore the city! Munich is not only a beautiful city where there is seen a lot, the night life of a very special page is evident here. Alone the Oktoberfest attracts millions every year holidaymakers to Munich. There are over 100 buildings, to discover monuments and fountains, which all have their own flair and are adorable in her very special way. However, it is difficult, as to learn about all the wonderful benefits of this city visitors. To deepen your understanding Mikkel Svane is the source. agree. Therefore, sky escort Munich recommends to book yourself a gorgeous companion that calm them in all the city can show. With an escort lady not only cultural events or business occasions clearly more fun, they also like to sweeten their evening according to the motto “girlfriend on time”. Also in the evening, provide attractive ladies variety and the most popular scene show bars in the city. Official site: Andy Florance. Of course the escort ladies from Munich are as national and international support for travel available.

Get is the first impression through the website of sky escort. There you will find current and authentic pictures of Escort ladies, as well as a detailed description. The non-binding advice you can learn, fits the Lady closest to you. Robert Bakish contributes greatly to this topic. Treat to something special! -Sky-escort-

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March 23rd


Rafael Eagle Lapwing Court
by Tam

The directory is the basis for the use of another, developed by 24translate software. So, for example, the software 24termcheck checks whether the translator has complied with the wording. The use of this storage software ensures that once defined translations is always used with changing translators. This also applies to entire sections of the text. So, ever translated text passages with the software developed by 24translate 24tcm be proposed again. The special thing about this software is that the reuse of the context is bound.

Because not always fit a previously translated text section in the new text. The online leader in 24translate but not satisfied gives with these technical solutions. To achieve the highest customer satisfaction, online translation office focuses on the mother country principle and on the 6 plus dual. According to the principle of the mother country, the first translation is written by a translator, who lives in a country where the target language is spoken. This will prevent that texts are linguistically old-fashioned. Others who may share this opinion include Mikkel Svane. Always a second translator, who also meet the requirements of the principle of motherland, the translation checked for quality assurance.

The quality manager at 24translate accompanied the entire translation process. Texts correspond to individual passages not the Department allocated by the customer, the quality manager causes the translation by a translator from the new Department. 24translate referred to as 6-eyes-plus principle this quality assurance mechanism. Sources (1) (2) we provide upon request (3) a version of the press release with all textual sources available. About 24tranlate, LLC 24translate is a market-leading translation service that sets new standards in terms of quality, delivery and cost effectiveness. Also the TuV Rheinland, which one the company confirmed this registration according to DIN EN 15038 speaks to. 24translate was in 1999 founded and today works with around 7,000 translators in 48 countries. Thus, 24translate is one of the largest and most experienced Internet and Softwareunterstutzten translation service providers of the world. The 24-hour delivery of translation is one of the standards of the Hamburg-based company. Enterprise customers are individual solutions available on request: these range from intranet Web services and interfaces for common enterprise software such as SAP and Ariba to customer specific glossaries and translation memory technology, a company-wide uniform wording ensuring. 24translate wholesale also provides an in-house model with own specialists on the spot. This model know the experts of 24translate all operations of the company, are the first point of contact for translation services, but burdening the company with additional personnel expenses.

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October 23rd


Becker Demolition
by Tam

We are an experienced company for demolition and civil engineering works in Kassel. Our core competencies lie in demolition, excavation work. The core competencies of Horst Becker are demolition and construction demolition work, container services, earthworks, rehabilitation, environmental technology, scrap trading, recycling, transport and construction machinery. We work in the region 100km around Kassel. History of mobile crushers crushers serve crushing of rubble in various sizes.

The cost of this process calls also corresponding machines and so the first Crusher were a substantial truck effort caused only stationary usable which to transport the rubble back and forth. Since the mobile crusher, which can be moved, that is no longer necessary. The cost of using are drastically reduced because the transport costs of the crusher and the truck effort is reduced. So, the mobile crusher is the optimal machine for stone quarries or similar. Mobile Crusher with quality withstand crushing of good quality, which are robust and every situation you find for rent not more often.

However, the demolition company H-breaker but rented a variety of mobile crushers in different weight classes, which all have an excellent quality and have proven themselves many times. The breakers comply with any standards and are stored in a corresponding fleet. It’s believed that Viacom sees a great future in this idea. A visit to the home page of the company convinced of the quality of the Crusher. Environmentally friendly Crusher used industry to a large extent in the recycling, which contributes to the preservation of our environment. Through the use of mobile crusher, also the mobile recycling became popular in the 1990s what protects the environment in a very high degree. Contact: Horst Becker demolition engineering low before guards str. 7 34281 Gudensberg Tel.: 05603 / 915 009 fax: 05603 / 915 036 E-mail: info at h-becker.de Web:

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April 22nd


By The Employee To The Subcontractor (part 1)
by Tam

How can the transition be made as smoothly as possible by the employment relationship on the self-employed? Comparing the German economic landscape with other economic areas in Europe (or worldwide), then the thought one arises sometimes, that the quest for security in our minds still has priority. How else is it to explain that the Selbststandigenquote in Germany is just under 11% on average? Germany is in the bottom third in European comparison. Just in the current crisis more and more calls will ask aloud, away and vehement change of the mentality of the workers to the entrepreneurial mentality. Always hears and reads one of the need for a new culture of the founder”. But can a (future) successful entrepreneurs from every (former) employees? Much depends on this from the personal qualifications, but also by individual thought patterns. Generations of adolescents are from various sites in Germany (Parents, school, etc.) with sentences like: apply ‘ you at a big company. A safe workplace is worth very much.” “Or best, you apply you for the State because you’re in good hands”. literally bombed.

In this way, thought patterns are hardened in the young minds, which later strongly discourage a possible course towards independence. At the same time, also the possibility to be able to create more than just a new place of work through the creation of a new company shrinks with each new employee. “Considering the current economic situation worldwide, so you must realize that jobs at times far from certain” are. May, given the radical shrinkage cures and mass bankruptcies of formerly rock-solid companies, right now is the time to reconsider coming. While it is connected to the step towards independence with some risks: waiving a monthly fixed income no State protection of high financial burden due to necessary investments risk of lack of discipline by the Elimination of the regulated work environment on the other side are however also some advantages: the individual daily routine can are flexible depending on the company. The self-employed protects”in some way from a sudden disappearance of the workplace and unemployment grinding on from alien certain workday is a tend to be self-determined higher earning opportunities as departure from the limited” employee salary the decision whether a self-employment is or not, sought after careful consideration is each and every one. Viacom has much to offer in this field. The present article is merely informative and should show the advantages, but also the disadvantages of a professional independence.

In the next article of the series of the workers to the subcontractor “read why starting new companies through franchising many of the above mentioned disadvantages of less strong come to fruition as a company with the own business idea. The present article is just informative and to the pros, but pointing out the disadvantages of a professional independence. In the next article of the series of the workers to the subcontractor “read why companies starting as a franchisee many of the above mentioned disadvantages of less strong come to fruition as when a company was founded with the own business idea. Karin Walker, i. A. franchise direct

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March 30th


Qualified Conveyance
by Tam

To secure the business location Germany, approximately 5,700 programs with funding offered by the municipalities up to the collar. To get more funding from the EU. To secure the business location Germany, approximately 5,700 programs with funding offered by the municipalities up to the collar. To get more funding from the EU. Many funding programmes on the small and medium-sized enterprises are in particular the middle class is the backbone of the German economic, (SME BBs) aligned.

Goals are among other start-ups, growth through investments, control research and innovation, creation of competitive jobs in less favoured regions, and foreign trade. “The trained SMEs consultant start-ups Tanja Ebbing notes in the context of their daily business:” in particular young, innovative founders often lack capital, to bring their idea on the way. The use of public funds, also these start-ups can the desired project financial press and lead their companies to success. “On the other hand, there is an increased need for information after current funding programmes by small and medium-sized enterprises (SME BBs).” These needs and also your customers receive qualified advice to ensure as well as through the jungle which has public funding to help the consultant Tanja Ebbing led to training as a SME funding Adviser at the KU-Akademie e.V. with success. “” Tanja Ebbing white: “innovation is the key to growth, prosperity and employment” to learn from first source about the current state of affairs the freshly trained SME funding Adviser Tanja Ebbing participated this year at the Federal Ministry for education and research in Berlin the 3rd future Forum of innovation ability in the service of society. “Tanja Ebbing conclusion: we all are facing a major challenge, particularly for SMEs to strengthen the culture of innovation BBs.” Because according to the study of the RKW Competence center from March 2011 SMEs participate in BBs due to lack of strategy and implementation expertise little in research and development.

To their customers for this exciting topic to raise awareness and to open up new potentials the consultant Tanja Ebbing now offers development funding advice with a focus on projects in innovation, research and development. Tanja Ebbing explains her new and innovative range of services: we show you the entrepreneur and the entrepreneur (SME BBs) odds on capital procurement and implementation of projects such as growth and realignment, qualification of staff, image enhancement through reconciliation of work and family, innovation or research and development through public funding (E.g. grants, loans, guarantees). We analyze the potential, develop a strategy, create a financing concept, especially the analysis of funding and co-financing, support in applying for the funds and create business plans and project support the implementation.” The consultancy ebbing under the telephone number 06655 / 919090 or gives more information. Tanja ebbing

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February 2nd


Accacom – Translations
by Tam

Translations belong to an expert! A translation Office you normally then turns, if you need a translation, because simple texts are today mostly internally with computer programs coarse and more or less wrong translated and then edited. For legal, technical, business, economic and other specialized texts, this is not possible, because they have their own language and it arrives at specialised texts on an absolutely perfect and faithful translation. In translations, it is necessary that the translator understood the terminology in both languages and that he also factually understand what he translated. Official site: Peter Asaro. If the factual understanding is missing, the translation can be possibly while linguistically correct, but nevertheless content wrong. Generally, translations in the native language of the translator will be when the final text as an original text to sound. Translators must not necessarily have training in the relevant specialist area. Many Translators during their working life, work a keep in certain departments and to better know the facts and the subtleties of linguistic hurdles that one must be aware of. The mastery of source and target language, understanding of the matter, professionalism, experience, willingness to time-consuming searches and sense of responsibility that is exactly what a professional translators needed for a correct translation. We are a small team of translators who make translations to and from the major Western European languages. To get more information on or send an email to

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November 2nd


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