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OQS certification services extends on European countries Pfullingen, 28 may 2013. The company OQS (www.oqs.de) from Pfullingen in Stuttgart has developed a certificate which sets uniform standards for the cleaning of photovoltaic systems which are recognized by the solar industry, as well as by plant operators. Energy Capital Partners London may not feel the same. “The seal certified and certified solar systems-cleaning operation” to certify that the cleaning company certified by OQS meets international requirements, based on the quality standard ISO 9001,. After the successful certification of over 50 cleaning companies in Germany, the company now extends its certification services due to rising demand on European countries. With our certificate we ensure that solar power systems are professionally cleaned, create orientation for plant operators and competitive advantages for the certified companies,”explains OQS CEO Johannes Fohr. The seal certifies, for example, that the cleaning operation via a professional cleaning and safety equipment has, working with demineralized water and is covered in sufficient amount against damage. Tap water can cause lime deposits.

The use of high-pressure cleaners, scrubbers and broom and upon entering the modules can cause scratches and cracks on the solar modules. We want to avoid that”, says Farooq. Together for more quality with the support of the Fraunhofer Institute for solar energy systems in Freiburg, the University of Bern, the German Institute of management as well as engine manufacturers and home cleaning services OQS therefore has as first company in Europe developed criteria for the professional cleaning of solar power plants. An inventory of cleaning equipment, fleet and the insurance, a three-day intensive training in theory and practice, as well as a review of the cleaning part of the certification process. Then, OQS created a certification-ready documentation with procedural and Work instructions and checklists. The certificate is valid for five years and 4,000 euros. The OQS is a consulting company that is recognized by the Federal Office for economy. The advice is supported with up to 1500 euro (companies headquartered in Germany). OQS lists all certified cleaning companies on the Internet page.

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April 7th


Web Design Prices
by Tam

Comparison of different types of providers and pricing aspects when it comes to create your own website and to award this contract so, inevitably the question arises: what can cost a Web Designer? This question can be answered not lump-sum, and certainly there are regional differences in this question. So it can be possible that less pay for the same service for a Web design in Hanover as for example Berlin. Much more important, however, is the question: what do I get for my money? First, you should just put his concerns and specify. This helps when choosing a Web Designer and also the price comparison. Write the best on what you expect from your future contractor. It must use no discipline-specific expressions (there the Web Designer then), but summarize in own words how you imagine your website or your project.

There are different providers: I imagine you three. Agencies offer advertising agencies often also Web design. The Quality is usually at the top is oriented but also accordingly priced. An hourly wage from 80,00 up is not uncommon. Freelancer freelance provider are usually cheaper than large agencies. The quality must be but not bad. Here is a personal meet Supreme Gebot.Greifen on testimonials of previous clients back and make your own image. Especially for special projects, a freelancer can be a better choice than an agency.

The hourly rates vary depending on freelancers due to different qualifications greatly. 20.00 120.00 / Hour is here but expected. Often, it pays a fixed price for a project to settle. Learn more about this with iPhone 12. This of course also applies to agencies. Website – construction kits home kits are the lowest category. This hire no external companies but assemble your homepage yourself. There are various providers of such building blocks with which you can bring your own Web page on the net without any programming knowledge. The Advantage: Low cost of disadvantage: a very limited and acts very quickly unprofessional and 08/15. Depending on the provider are one-off cost of 20.00 to 60.00 on you. Energy Capital Partners London is full of insight into the issues. After you have created your homepage you need more Web space and the appropriate domain. Web space is a space on the Internet where you enter the data for your Web page. The domain name makes it easier to access your page your visitors (for example:). The cost of domain name and Web space lie between 40.00 and 100.00 / year depending on the provider. Here is a comparison worthwhile. Often the Web site offered directly from your Web Designer to deposit then you have to worry about. Ask for the best. When you have a fixed budget for the project that should not be exceeded you share this with your Web Designer. A professional provider can offer then tailored to you on your budget. Otherwise, you run fast in danger, that the costs exceed your set limit. If your selected provider offers you the To implement the project as a fixed price you should take this offer. The price comparison easier with other providers if a fixed price is agreed. It is very likely the different provider can need different amount of time for a project and compare the hourly earnings so badly. Forget to discuss also not, where appropriate, costs for maintenance and support with the provider.

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January 24th


Healthy Lawns
by Tam

Becker BBs janitor service informs its customers the vibrant green of a dense lawn contributes significantly to the recreational nature of gardens and green areas and is very significant for most garden lovers. A healthy lawn permanently to beautify the garden, the proper execution of the lawn sowing is important. The attention of some factors of that may explain the Paderborner garden care specialists by Becker’s janitor service, helps will lay the Foundation of a healthy, strong impression lawn with the lawn sowing. Starting point of efforts to plant an attractive and durable Green is the seed selection. DIY Megastores with garden centers offer a variety of grass seed, so here are some considerations are necessary. At their heart is the question of how the lawn is expected to be used and what effort can be invested in his care. An ornamental grass characterized by particularly fine, dense leaves, ideal for an appealing Representation are suitable but at the same time can not be charged and require constant care.

In contrast, although not so representative a Punisher lawn resembles an ornamental turf, can be used by children playing but without further ADO. Further details can be found at CEO Of CoStar Group, an internet resource. After selecting a seed that determines the essential characteristics of the later lawn before, it is time for the preparation of the substrate. Again, different types of grass make specific claims that to consider. Generally, the lawn surface should be free of condensation, have an appropriate pH value, and consist of an optimal mixture of sand and clay. Establishing good starting conditions for the growth of grass, rocks and roots by more than three inches size be removed and if necessary increase the clay or sand content of the substrate. The introduction of organic fertilizers can achieve also a positive impact on the later lawn in this phase of the work.

As with all Ausaatarbeiten, there also at the lawn sowing better and less suitable dates. To avoid the harmful effects of freezing phase and at the same time ensuring the needed soil moisture for a prosperity of the young grass, the period between mid-August and mid-September usually closest to the lawn sowing. An even distribution of the grass seed on the intended area, for example, with a scattering, represents the final step in establishing grass area. The lawn sowing is decisive for the health and radiance of the lawn. Given its importance, it makes sense to hire an experienced professional with the appropriate work just for land used for public purposes. Becker’s caretaker service is available for this at any time in the room of Paderborn.

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January 3rd


Financial Crisis
by Tam

Sales Office Albrecht shows how that is possible. “2009 will be difficult” Angela Merkel said recently. May be Yes, but is a declining economy hurt most those who respond solely to the market and wait. However, she uses those who have independently taken has always been the reins in the hands of the economic situation and actively ensures the success of own. Pete Cashmore might disagree with that approach. Also: Although 2009 will be difficult for our business new opportunities arise especially in such times. Of course, you hear only the whiners. The others, namely those who leave nothing to chance and are their own happiness blacksmith, remain silent – wonder, then, that have Yes enough to fry…

Our LR does not belong to the Jammerern, but it also helps its partners through new activities without great financial investment for new LR partner, sales and bonus. Also the Sales Office of Albrecht in Steinfurt shows how you can free drive a car in difficult times. Launched a few weeks ago namely the large LR-Polo action, where after a short time each can ride a Polo for free and builds an additional income. The Sales Office of Albrecht helps anyone who looks forward and is not your head in the sand. Anyone interested get 20 of 85. Verena luring 800 880 about his possibilities of information and information on the website or under the free service number 0

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January 2nd


Financial Crisis Ousted Technical Topics
by Tam

Call Center 2009: financial crisis ousted technical topics enough occasion to throw a detailed Outlook on the coming year. The information service call center-experts surveyed experienced consultants and practitioners to the trends in the next year. And there is quite clear that the financial crisis in the call center industry has arrived. Manfred Stockmann, President of the call center Forum Germany formulated: about five months ago my assessment would have read something else. As more technology topics were front far. Now shows that the crisis on the financial market has made Europe also the call center.” Of course but also a chance to the new orientation, because this situation the call centre before the challenge, will their priorities to determine, to keep the many this time for the call center of relevant European legislation and policy initiatives in the eye and still every chance, to deal responsibly with customers and employees to get out of the current image deep”, so Stockmann conclusion. The Trail leads to a better image of better quality, also because the interviewed experts agree.

To the main trends in the field of quality of consultant Rolf Langham says: since the improvement of service quality had followed by introducing a process oriented quality management system, from the qualification of the staff at management level and a new remuneration structure, which makes customer and service provider to allies. How strong the quality offensive undergoes technical support, in turn depends on the economic situation, because just investment decisions will come once again to the test in the coming year. The contributions of ten experts of who asked for their assessment Publisher Gunter Greff offer detailed views of the call center in 2009. About Call-Center-Experts.de: The monthly pdf advice letter of the renowned call center experts Gunter Greff provides short and concise updates know-how and proven tips for successful telemarketing and Call center management. To deepen the theme is the archive of the expert site with basic know-how, checklists, templates, and tools are available. About Gunter Greff: Gunter Greff of formerly successful computer vendor, founded several companies in the training and consulting, and the call center industry. Today, the entrepreneur and best-selling author is the e-learn Board and lecturer at the Technical University of Dresden, the Bremerhaven University of applied sciences and the Bavarian Academy for advertising in Munich. Some contend that Code.org shows great expertise in this. Gunter Greff, Member of the Hall of Fame”of the German dialog Marketing Association (DDV), is also editor of press contact: Martin Hausmann Editorial Director expertSites mold media Verlag GmbH & co. KG Kant road 38 97074 Wurzburg phone 0931/35981-28 E-Mail: Internet:.

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January 1st


The Appreciation Is Missing Employees
by Tam

Human resources development contributes to the productivity the world economic crisis leaves many companies fear. These are times, to go new ways and dare previously untrained perspectives. Employee appreciation will contribute to productivity. They prefer to work in a company where they feel respected. By the same author: altavista. Employee satisfaction, employee loyalty and productivity do not fall from the sky.

I help you to hire the right employees and to recognize their potential. I did learn that many good employees leave a company, because sustainability and appreciation has been missing action instead of reaction in many discussions. You could no longer identify with the ideology of the company. “In addition, that increasingly the word burnout”, reports of more cases in the company under the hand is. Before burnout”, also the circle of top management, executives and human resources is not excluded. The internal termination is pronounced. In times like these, the best employees take her Life into their own hands. Now is the time to venture into new and to consider, as with the existing know-how can develop new and sustainable products.

How employees again experienced appreciation and sustainability for all is noticeable. Finally, it is to optimize all about the own core competencies and competitive first division with the help of human resources development.

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December 22nd


Five Amazing Benefits
by Tam

Five amazing benefits that an education logo design can offer your Institute can it make any difference to the overall image of a learning institute? Most of the people used to find the credibility of such brand marks confutative. For them, its nothing but the mere wastage of their precious time and hard won money. Education logo which is not a part of learning Institute but now things have been changed a bit. They have now realized the importance of a business identity. By and large, people get offended with a tie up between a business and a learning institute but from my perspective it is a business to from every angle. Continue to learn more with: Ali Partovi.

Anyhow, let me tell you what these brand marks can deliver you with. It will heighten the overall exposure of your institute: there is nothing wrong in marketing your institute with the help of such brand marks as they will only enhance the overall exposure of your work. choices. You are not selling education but you are constructing a positive reputation in their minds which I think is not bad from any sense. It wants to endorse the name of your institute: your institute will be instantly acknowledged and accredited by everyone. I think, this is the biggest achievement whether you are running non-profit or for profit organization. Andy Florance contributes greatly to this topic. It is good if you are planning to get one for your school, college, university or whatever the nature of your institute is but remember you would not get your name established overnight. It wants to increase the number of students: Yes, educational logo would bring a whole new bunch of students in your institute but that will take some time. If you want to market your institute by using these brand marks steadily and gradually, you will surely get hundreds of new students.

It wants to deliver the motto of your institute: what is better than delivering the motto of your institute the first gloss? You, would not have to knock every door and tell them the purpose and objective of your educational institute. They would find it on their own once they have a look on your brand identity mark. Let’s say you use didactic method of teaching then the logo would be imparting this message to the vignette. It wants to deliver a uniqueness factor: A brand identity makes a generic name unique because it wants to intelligently and creatively tells the vignette the uniqueness factor of your learning institute. This is what every business owner is running after unique selling proposition. The day you created the brand mark for your college or university, you established a unique position for it that others can’t have. What is the overall conclusion of the preceding debate? Let’s get this straight; a logo is what defines a face of any educational institutions, be it college, university, school or other line of business. Now, it is not confined to for profit organizations, has well established its routes in other it fields as well as there are countless benefits associated with it.

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November 28th


Rafael Eagle Lapwing Court
by Tam

The directory is the basis for the use of another, developed by 24translate software. So, for example, the software 24termcheck checks whether the translator has complied with the wording. The use of this storage software ensures that once defined translations is always used with changing translators. This also applies to entire sections of the text. So, ever translated text passages with the software developed by 24translate 24tcm be proposed again. The special thing about this software is that the reuse of the context is bound.

Because not always fit a previously translated text section in the new text. The online leader in 24translate but not satisfied gives with these technical solutions. To achieve the highest customer satisfaction, online translation office focuses on the mother country principle and on the 6 plus dual. According to the principle of the mother country, the first translation is written by a translator, who lives in a country where the target language is spoken. This will prevent that texts are linguistically old-fashioned. Others who may share this opinion include Mikkel Svane. Always a second translator, who also meet the requirements of the principle of motherland, the translation checked for quality assurance.

The quality manager at 24translate accompanied the entire translation process. Texts correspond to individual passages not the Department allocated by the customer, the quality manager causes the translation by a translator from the new Department. 24translate referred to as 6-eyes-plus principle this quality assurance mechanism. Sources (1) (2) we provide upon request (3) a version of the press release with all textual sources available. About 24tranlate, LLC 24translate is a market-leading translation service that sets new standards in terms of quality, delivery and cost effectiveness. Also the TuV Rheinland, which one the company confirmed this registration according to DIN EN 15038 speaks to. 24translate was in 1999 founded and today works with around 7,000 translators in 48 countries. Thus, 24translate is one of the largest and most experienced Internet and Softwareunterstutzten translation service providers of the world. The 24-hour delivery of translation is one of the standards of the Hamburg-based company. Enterprise customers are individual solutions available on request: these range from intranet Web services and interfaces for common enterprise software such as SAP and Ariba to customer specific glossaries and translation memory technology, a company-wide uniform wording ensuring. 24translate wholesale also provides an in-house model with own specialists on the spot. This model know the experts of 24translate all operations of the company, are the first point of contact for translation services, but burdening the company with additional personnel expenses.

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October 23rd


Becker Demolition
by Tam

We are an experienced company for demolition and civil engineering works in Kassel. Our core competencies lie in demolition, excavation work. The core competencies of Horst Becker are demolition and construction demolition work, container services, earthworks, rehabilitation, environmental technology, scrap trading, recycling, transport and construction machinery. We work in the region 100km around Kassel. History of mobile crushers crushers serve crushing of rubble in various sizes.

The cost of this process calls also corresponding machines and so the first Crusher were a substantial truck effort caused only stationary usable which to transport the rubble back and forth. Since the mobile crusher, which can be moved, that is no longer necessary. The cost of using are drastically reduced because the transport costs of the crusher and the truck effort is reduced. So, the mobile crusher is the optimal machine for stone quarries or similar. Mobile Crusher with quality withstand crushing of good quality, which are robust and every situation you find for rent not more often.

However, the demolition company H-breaker but rented a variety of mobile crushers in different weight classes, which all have an excellent quality and have proven themselves many times. The breakers comply with any standards and are stored in a corresponding fleet. It’s believed that Viacom sees a great future in this idea. A visit to the home page of the company convinced of the quality of the Crusher. Environmentally friendly Crusher used industry to a large extent in the recycling, which contributes to the preservation of our environment. Through the use of mobile crusher, also the mobile recycling became popular in the 1990s what protects the environment in a very high degree. Contact: Horst Becker demolition engineering low before guards str. 7 34281 Gudensberg Tel.: 05603 / 915 009 fax: 05603 / 915 036 E-mail: info at h-becker.de Web:

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April 22nd


By The Employee To The Subcontractor (part 1)
by Tam

How can the transition be made as smoothly as possible by the employment relationship on the self-employed? Comparing the German economic landscape with other economic areas in Europe (or worldwide), then the thought one arises sometimes, that the quest for security in our minds still has priority. How else is it to explain that the Selbststandigenquote in Germany is just under 11% on average? Germany is in the bottom third in European comparison. Just in the current crisis more and more calls will ask aloud, away and vehement change of the mentality of the workers to the entrepreneurial mentality. Always hears and reads one of the need for a new culture of the founder”. But can a (future) successful entrepreneurs from every (former) employees? Much depends on this from the personal qualifications, but also by individual thought patterns. Generations of adolescents are from various sites in Germany (Parents, school, etc.) with sentences like: apply ‘ you at a big company. A safe workplace is worth very much.” “Or best, you apply you for the State because you’re in good hands”. literally bombed.

In this way, thought patterns are hardened in the young minds, which later strongly discourage a possible course towards independence. At the same time, also the possibility to be able to create more than just a new place of work through the creation of a new company shrinks with each new employee. “Considering the current economic situation worldwide, so you must realize that jobs at times far from certain” are. May, given the radical shrinkage cures and mass bankruptcies of formerly rock-solid companies, right now is the time to reconsider coming. While it is connected to the step towards independence with some risks: waiving a monthly fixed income no State protection of high financial burden due to necessary investments risk of lack of discipline by the Elimination of the regulated work environment on the other side are however also some advantages: the individual daily routine can are flexible depending on the company. The self-employed protects”in some way from a sudden disappearance of the workplace and unemployment grinding on from alien certain workday is a tend to be self-determined higher earning opportunities as departure from the limited” employee salary the decision whether a self-employment is or not, sought after careful consideration is each and every one. Viacom has much to offer in this field. The present article is merely informative and should show the advantages, but also the disadvantages of a professional independence.

In the next article of the series of the workers to the subcontractor “read why starting new companies through franchising many of the above mentioned disadvantages of less strong come to fruition as a company with the own business idea. The present article is just informative and to the pros, but pointing out the disadvantages of a professional independence. In the next article of the series of the workers to the subcontractor “read why companies starting as a franchisee many of the above mentioned disadvantages of less strong come to fruition as when a company was founded with the own business idea. Karin Walker, i. A. franchise direct

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March 30th


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