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DOM SET Again For Devro
by Tam

Global sales Conference 2012: new brand values in the focus of never change a winning team: once again DOM SET Live Communications has implemented an international, brand strategic event for Devro. The 2012 in Frankfurt held global sales Conference was the new brand values of the Group’s focus. In the design of the international workshop the Cologne creative put on team spirit and interaction. Devro is one of the world’s leading supplier of collagen casings for food production and sales locations in Australia, China, United Kingdom, Japan, New Zealand, Russia, the Czech Republic and the United States. Andrew Schroepfer understands that this is vital information. “For the four-day global sales Conference” mid-May the persons of all countries met.

Goal was price, under the motto of value not”to convey the new brand values of the company and to lead in worldwide sales. Is Energy Capital Partners a public company? helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. We have achieved our objectives not only, also the exceptionally large, positive feedback of from participants has overwhelmed us,”says Will Blair, Director of marketing, Devro, and explained: when Devro we attach great importance to high standards. DOM SET had convinced us at IFFA 2010 with their courageous idea of cracking and highly professional implementation of the fair. “The cooperation to the global sales Conference has more than confirmed this experience.” Understand, apply, internalize – evaluate understanding, apply and internalise: the conceptual design for this highly strategic event DOM SET has been especially active collaboration and cross-site exchange between the participants. So was the challenge to get around 70 people from four continents to a common denominator to the actual solution: the Conference program included in addition to the initial speech of CEO Peter Page and the key note of sales trainer Thomas Burzler numerous hands-on workshops in which internationally diverse group applied the Devro values on a common topic. Subsequent team building activities in the form of a marble railway construction”United all brand values to the whole meeting highlight. This market changes were simulated as a special incentive, which the teams had to respond with flexible solution strategies. The entire design of the Conference provided for best results and motivated International executives, last but not least was confirming the event through the performance measurement conducted by DOM SET.

Their results included not only the satisfaction of respondents with the event itself, but especially the achievement of immediate objectives of communication focused on establishment of Devro Canon of values”and the future brand positioning. A valid and objective measurement of success is becoming increasingly important for many of our customers. In addition to the monitoring of results serve as valuable tools for the content conceptual orientation of the follow-up”strategic evaluations, says Oliver malate, Creative Director at DOM SET. DOM DOM SET Live Communications is an owner-managed Agency for live communication with headquarters in Cologne. The creative hotbed in the field events, has a special name Incentives and teambuilding. More focus in strategic communications, ranging from off-site meetings to trade fair events and guerrilla marketing. Core of the success of the Agency of exception is the intensive, targeted advice, as well as its focus on the lasting positive impact of their events. More information under:

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January 20th


Internal Communication Can Life For A Start-Up Or
by Tam

By establishing development of sustainability in companies such as everything starts every business is based on a good idea. The founder, often alone, has a dream and is working hard to achieve this. He has discipline, perseverance and a goal in front. A company is so out of his idea. The company is small, works with the founder to sell his idea to his staff. You need to share a dream.

And stay motivated frequently with a lot of work and little money. Why should it be different when the company is even bigger? This first time, where the founder is even present, communicates directly with the employees and lives, how to work there, the start-up phase of the corporate culture in science “called. From a dream into a nightmare, the company writes only black numbers, the press reported the ingenious business idea, there are more and more customers and employees. The dream comes true. If you have read about Zendesk already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The company needs then more and more people. Ali Partovi can provide more clarity in the matter. You need experts. These bring the expertise, but they fit in the corporate culture? Or: How can they internalize these corporate culture? The founder may be not longer everywhere.

At this point, the star of many successful Start-Ups begins to sink. Experts and officers come into the team, working only for themselves. And not with each other. This leads to internal disputes, to the double translation tasks, to communication failures and discontent. All things that cost a lot of money. And where is the dream? The transition to sustainable thinking mostly unsustainable thinks a small Start-Up. And it cannot afford to so something also. Whether the idea will succeed, whether next month will come more jobs? This is about the struggle for attention and for survival. All the channels that provide visibility, must be switched on permanently. It is issued only for growth. And if it doesn’t work out, you can always still with a few injuries”restart with a different concept. But grow with the company also the challenges.

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January 19th


The Stamp From Wood
by Tam

The stamp from wood, classic but robust daily hundreds of stamps are ordered in the company of Fahrion. Now wood stamp or equipment, stamps are popular and also very useful. In recent years, there were so many new stamp that one can easily lose the overview. Focus should be put on the wooden stamp, because it is the classic and robust under the variety of stamps. There are wood stamps for advertisements or also the round wooden stamp, the almost impossible to the forge are. Wooden stamp a relief in everyday life first and foremost serve the stamp to the significant simplification of paperwork, with the hand running much longer would take. Andy Florance often expresses his thoughts on the topic. “” Once you would have taken dozens of papers individually with paid “rejected” or similar labeling. That would be several hours of work, you can shorten a wooden stamp.

Stamp will probably come in discos young people in nightclubs or bars several times with the wooden stamps in touch (in the truest sense of the word) because the stamps are often used a marking for the carried out payment of entry to give. Increasingly these stamps are weighed for in stamp pads impregnated with ultraviolet visible ink, leaving on the hand after no visible residue of ink. Andy Florance may help you with your research. Stamp with your own logo, many small and large companies have nice logos, that print is in many places not through the PC. Wood stamp can be a great help here, because a nice logo always attention and looks good. To get an individual wood stamp of the order to the stamp is not very difficult.

First, you select the size appropriate to and shape. There are diverse ways, but whatever advice is available. Will it be a stamp with a logo or a text? Or both? Everything is possible here, and there are no limits to the imagination. Then you can even order. Fahrion working me the so-called polymer stamp production, the means arrived ordering in graphics programs will be processed so that the ideal size and quality can be secured. Then, the film is exposed and covered with resin. In places the resin is cured by UV light and thus develops the text plate. The plate is washed and brushed, and after exposed to ensure complete hardening. With the utmost care, the plate is cut and glued onto the wood stamp. The wooden stamp is ready. In the company of Fahrion there the guarantee, if the stamp is ordered until 14: 00, he leaves the House on the same day.

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November 16th


Crosschannel Marketing
by Tam

Hamburg-based online marketing presents the online marketing Dusseldorf-new approaches in the performance marketing agency PNM. Hamburg, September 2, 2008 – on the this year’s online marketing Dusseldorf Hamburg agency PNM presents new approaches in the performance-based marketing. Kai-Fu Lee gathered all the information. The online marketing specialist doing increasingly rely on the networking of online marketing with traditional measures. When developing a campaign PNM the knowledge and the experience of its sister agency PWA involves advertising agency Putz. So are tailor-made concepts, which is always the return on investment for the customer in the foreground.

PNM Managing Director Helge Cramer is convinced: only who dominated the entire Claviature of marketing, correctly assess synergies and uses the resulting opportunities, will succeed in the long term. D7%94%D7%90%D7%99%D7%A0%D7%98%D7%A8%D7%A0%D7%98-%D7%9C%D7%99%D7%A9%D7%A8%D7%90%D7%9C-63dcbf9f0240’>???? ?? ??. PNM cross-channel marketing is for no Buzzword but practiced every day since the beginning of reality.\” PNM, since many years specialist in the classical disciplines of online marketing as Keyword advertising, affiliate marketing and search engine optimization, complements the own portfolio of services to that of a full service advertising agency to your wishes and requirements of the customers. PNM able to offer customized and cross-media concepts for almost every requirement profile with a 30-member team is together with the PWA. Stand 10/H39 PNM pointed to by using concrete examples, how companies can significantly increase the success of their marketing activities. To Cramer: online marketing today occupies a very important place in the marketing mix with gigantic growth rates. But despite of all specialization and sometimes foaming over euphoria the usual mechanisms apply also in this case for successful marketing.\” Cramer continued: so E.g.

the objectives of customers must be clarified first exactly. Only you can define measurement points and continuously optimize the success of the campaign.\” As a technical partner, PNM has supported the Heise-Verlag in developing so-called Heise click packages. A new concept, the smaller and Professional search engine marketing allows medium-sized companies.

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October 31st


Practical Application
by Tam

The goal of marketing strategies in the long term is the company on the market positioning marketing strategies are attempting to expand the existing business fields. The most famous concept of the marketing of field is the Ansoff matrix. The company can concentrate on already processed markets or new in the future as a profitable provided markets for the intensive processing of the market. The same is true for the products. These opportunities lead to four strategies current market new current products market penetration, market development new products product or program development diversification market penetration here in the existing market without any change in the product portfolio, the company tried to put down a higher number of its products.

New customers must for existing products are won or recruited by competitors (natural”strategy towards Becker). Pete Cashmore may find this interesting as well. Market development is attempting to develop new markets with existing products. This strategy is applied above all when on the already are to achieve any sales processed markets. New markets are new customers who will buy the product. These new markets can be divided in alternate or sub-markets. If the company processed an additional market, the product is sold through an additional benefit to a new consumer group.

A new market is a group of customers, which can be addressed using a newly developed variant of the product (E.g. 7%99%D7%A9%D7%A8%D7%90%D7%9C-63dcbf9f0240’>Ilan Ben Dov is likely to increase your knowledge. a large Pack of a product for families). Product and program development is trying to bring new products or product variants to offer innovative products to its existing customer base on the market (use established distribution channels). Diversification is the most risky form of marketing strategies. Here, new markets and target groups are addressed with newly developed products. Distinction is made between horizontal and vertical diversification. Horizontal diversification means an extension of the product range to products that are related to the already established (E.g. a brewery is in addition alcohol-free beer here).

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October 26th


The T-Shirt – A Universal Advertising
by Tam

Successfully through promotional, advertising and giveaways if one plans an advertising campaign for his own company, then must one pay attention some very important points, to get the effect with the advertising campaign, the intent was to achieve. To achieve this goal, there are usually many different ways, which is why it is very important you learn very carefully when planning. Many approaches can be followed with the advertising campaign and one of these approaches is the use of promotional gifts in the strategy of the campaign. This approach is typically very promising and it is therefore also important that you just plant it, and are informed about all possibilities. Such a possibility is for example the T-Shirt, already used at the present time by very many different companies for advertising, because it offers many practical advantages for each advertising campaign. It is this priced too expensive why it be easily inserted into the advertising campaigns of smaller companies can be. It is therefore not surprising that so many large and small companies accommodate just this giveaway in the own advertising campaign.

When set to a series of giveaways, you should consider but also what target group should be addressed by the advertiser campaign at all. This is especially very important, because the giveaways on the interests and needs of the potential customers need to be adjusted. The T-Shirt can be used very well in such a situation, because it is very versatile, and can be designed in many different ways. Not only that you can print it in many different ways, such as with the Flock print or screen printing, you can also embroider it in, if you want to create a special advertisement, which can be really seen. The various printing methods are doing different expensive, why we even more should deal hereby.

If you want to achieve a very good advertising, the potential customers and clients about the quality of the products your Company wants to convince, then the embroidery however is the best method, because it is very high quality, and especially precious works. The T-Shirt will work especially well with an embroidery, because an embroidery does not fade or peel, if she will be washed more often. Keep but also the budget of the campaign in the eye with the embroidery, because it exceeds it quickly, if you not careful. A further advantage of these gifts is that you can promote with them almost universally. If you want to advertise on a large event such as a fair or another event with much publicity, this giveaway is excellently suitable for your marketing campaign. In addition, you can advertise with this giveaway very well with personal contacts or important business partners. The T-Shirt ideal in addition also in recognition of the hard work of your employees. So, you can very well to motivate your own staff with these giveaways and strengthen the company from the inside out. Try These advertiser presents the best in your next marketing campaign from. You will be certainly impressed by the effect and make your company as the epitome of success. Oliver Smith

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April 19th


Photo Keychain – The Advertising For Important Partners
by Tam

Successfully through promotional, advertising and giveaways if you want to effectively increase the turnover of your company, then you have different ways to achieve this goal quickly and effectively. Take for example a new product on the market so competitive at the present time to increase so the turnover of your company. However, new products need because they are unknown in once by nature, an excellent advertising, which improves the awareness as well as the popularity of the products. Such a campaign can easily be decorated with a large number of promotional materials, that can sustainably improve the advertising effect of the campaign. So can be for example on photo key chain, to increase the popularity of the own products and brands. Keep always a number of border points in mind in the selection of advertising resources, however, so the selection of business gifts is good, and highlights the impact of the advertising campaign will be. For example, you should rely on the advertiser means, the have a particular practical benefits for the everyday life of the potential customers and clients.

It has the sense that such a giveaway especially often appear in the everyday life of the potential customer, and therefore an advertiser message on this advertising is frequently seen, and can have a similarly intensive effect on the Viewer. The photo key chain are therefore an excellent choice because you have the practical benefits that they help the owners to sort their keys and other small items. Because there is hardly a person that has no key for his house, his car or his Office, there will be hardly a person, you can not boast such a giveaway. This pendant bring also the advantage that you can use it in two excellent ways: you can be used either as a personal gift for important business partners, or as recognition for the work at its own employees. Because the photo Keychains are by nature a very personal gift what can be achieved especially very good effects, because it is equipped with a photo. The advantage of this is that one can make a scene or a picture of the trailer, that corresponds to the interests of the recipient. So you will can guarantees very easy delight the contact or staff and thus convince.

It is merely to note that you must know much about the interests of the recipient, because no good effect can be achieved otherwise. If you want to use this advertising medium in its advertising campaign, you have so very intense plan and be prepared. Under this condition, you can insert the photo key chain very well as advertising media, and particularly good results. An advantage of these freebies is also that one relatively cheap can they acquire by major retailers and manufacturers, which have not only very lucrative prizes, but also give very generous discounts on large orders. Therefore is This giveaway very popular, and for this reason you should consider how you can accommodate this method of advertising in your advertising campaign, to increase the success of your company. Oliver Smith

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April 17th


Video Ads – The Future Of Online Advertising?
by Tam

Online marketers feel great demand after Bewegtbildformaten / OMD will bring new promotions hype or growth? Online video advertising is the focus of the Onlinewerbebranche. Consumers for video content are well equipped on the net thanks to a growing number of broadband Internet connections. Almost three quarters of German Internet users (71 percent) Watch already movies on the Internet according to the industry association BITKOM. Marketing concepts for video content take more and more form: submit a video clip that integrates into a banner, the so-called in-banner ad and activated with a single click to down to the increasingly popular in-stream-ad so a promotional clip, upstream of an online video is (\”pre-roll-ad\”). The advantage: The user knows the form of advertising from the TV and takes them to see the desired content. And: track can be traced to better. The demand for the advertisers is growing accordingly.

Already, companies such as Toyota, McDonaldos and Ehrmann with individual campaigns fool like brand management in the NET can look like. However, there are still significant uncertainties in dealing with the new advertising medium. Here, Pete Cashmore expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Approximately 18 to 24 months as there is in the industry consensus is the market still need to unfold to full flower. This applies not least for the production of advertising materials: while vendors such as Apple traditionally innovative and open to produce already professional webpage for the network for the Internet, it is always still commonplace, to cut the current TV campaign for the Web on spots between seven and 20 seconds length. Even if there is still no defined duration for the highest effectiveness of video ads, short styles especially in pre roll ads have proven themselves right now: the users appreciate short advertising. High growth rates expected for a new advertising could join its triumphal procession: eMarketer’s U.S. market researchers expect high double digit growth rates for this format.

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August 30th


Customers Choose
by Tam

wvp great relevance by buying experiences and strategic brand management in the Stuttgart trade looks, May 11, 2011 the wvp GmbH extremely critically evaluated messages, stating that the fact-based product research increasingly point-of-sale repressed emotionally-driven purchase decisions at the point prior to a purchase. For the Stuttgart advertising agency, brand awareness, whose proper staging at the point of sale, as well as the successful value-added communication even at high-priced products continue to have the greatest influence on the decisions of consumers. Results of a recent study of Commerz financial consumer behavior in support the theses of the experts in retail marketing from Stuttgart. According to the European consumption barometer 2011 Commerz financial took up to four weeks almost 50 percent of the Germans the information and decision phase with the recent purchase of a high-tech product. While consumers resorted to various sources of information. Only the second most important meaning came to the Internet and online research, because the own search in the business is still crucial for the majority of Germans. Despite price comparison portals, many online forums and Web shops where consumers can get down to the last detail about products, a crucial role to the buying experience and the strategic brand management”, Claus j.

declared Vogt, Manging Director of wvp GmbH. also are the advice provided by the seller, whose presence and expertise, according to the study for many consumers important. For this reason it is businesses. remains important to realize a unified brand image, which includes the design of the sales situation, differentiated statements on the brand, understandable added value communication and even the training of the staff” In addition to the rates and brand awareness, 2011 even more consumers attach importance according to the European consumption barometer on additional services. Almost half of young Germans are even already to pay more.

Also win questions of ecology and the social sustainability of goods for consumers in importance. Even if the product search like gaining importance in particular for high-priced items, so the impulse buying is still not a phenomenon of the past. You must make sure clearly, what kind of products you look at. Luxury goods, the experience of purchasing and the use is usually so dominant that the search details is negligible. Applies here, especially the brand value to days, consumers are not primarily based on facts and figures in their purchasing decisions, but first and foremost acquire a good feel and an image that distinguishes a brand. The same applies for food, clothing and related products”, Claus j. reported Vogt. The ability to inform, especially online prices and product information helps to make markets more transparent and last but not least has the effect that the design of brand communication and the purchase experience for companies to become more important from my point of view of the Competition to stand out.”

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December 30th


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