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Burning Studio Dvd
by Tam

With them, you can print a nice cover for a drive, test cd / dvd drive, edit the music and graphics and much more. Additional utilities too much. I've been using it since 2005 (when it was version 6). Recorded with her a bunch of cd / dvd drive, no problems observed. Recorded discs of different manufacturers. They were pros.

Now for the minuses. Nero is very large – about 300 mb (not all users have broadband Internet access). Nero is very much 'should be' on your computer, in particular in the registry Windows. When I had problems with program, I wanted to reinstall Nero, but you need to uninstall the previous version. And not removed. Entries in the registry and other folders is simply not a lot that just did not try. So now Nero is not my computer set;). Only the axis bear The 'weak' computers Nero will slow, ie program requires a lot of system resources.

However, in my opinion, the main disadvantage – that is what Nero leaves plenty of traces on your computer, from which is difficult to get rid of. I even official '' to help. In general, while working, Nero quite decent software for recording cd / dvd drives. Another very good program for recording cd / dvd discs – Ashampoo Burning Studio. I will not for a long time to talk about it I use it since 2008 and I can say about this program, only good. Ashampoo Burning Studio has all the advantages of the above 'Sockeye', but at the same time weighs much less and hampers are also smaller. Like Nero, the program – a full package for use with cd / dvd discs, which includes many different utilities. At the moment I'm recording cd / dvd discs with Ashampoo Burning Studio;). These were commercial (paid) program. Also in this blog, you can download the program (Free) for burning cd / dvd discs, which sometimes do not yield as above 'giants'. Need to personally test the selected programs and find the one that will be the most qualitative work with your cd / dvd drive and operating system. On Internet forums can be found completely opposite reviews of one and the program for recording cd / dvd drives. The reason may be a different cd / dvd drives, operating system (and especially in various dubious 'bloat' and alterations) and the users themselves. So stop listening, it's time to act:)). I have already made their choice and hassle-free recording quality cd / dvd drives.

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February 9th


Application Interface
by Tam

With the help of some software tools organize the output graphical user interface? You can, of course, 'sew' support for all currently existing video card, but it's a lot of work, plus what if the card was issued after the release of software product? Issue updates? This is also a lot of work for programmers company, which produces our text editor? It is obvious that this is a dead end road. ibm architects found a more elegant solution: api – Application Programm Interface (software Application Interface). Briefly the essence of the idea is this: thought out a standard 'language' in which all applications must communicate a command unit, returning to the example with the graphics card, comes up with a set of methods drawing, causing that your application can draw on the screen some primitives: point, line, rectangle, text. Of these methods, developers of the operating system are whole libraries and distribute free to all of the key at this point, programming languages. It turns out the programmer who is working on a text editor to draw a line to the screen, do not necessarily care about the support of all well-known video, but simply to write code like: Add ('biblioteka_videoprotsedur'); (0,0,100,100); Thus custom applications have learned to communicate with the operating system on standard language, but it did not solve the problem of multiple devices having different capabilities. As the operating system know how to file, click it to this device? It was then, and came up with the driver.

The idea is: let the operating system provides a special program signals on a standard for this operating system, language, and already this program will give commands to the device. This program, the driver is written for each device separately, so she knows how to communicate with him, is written and distributed by the driver, who developed the device. The word driver can be translated as 'upravlyatel' in this context so called program designed to interoperability of the operating system and device. The path that the signal passes from the moment of 'desire' application to draw a primitive, until the appearance of his on-screen, can be symbolically picture: 1. Application calls the API-method of the operating system. 2.

Operating system to the driver card and a standard language gives instructions for drawing primitives. 3. Video card driver, using low-level, unique to this model, graphics, language, gives it (video card) instructions for drawing primitives. 4. The video card converts the digital signal from the driver into an electric current that is passed to the monitor. 5. Monitor and interpret the signal that came to him, draws a picture. At first glance, unduly complex, but the use of such a model has many advantages, some of which I have described above. I hope after reading this article, the reader, it became clear that such a driver, and why it arose.

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February 3rd


Windows Mail
by Tam

Many people are surprised and wonder why after you install Windows 7 any revisions it has no program to read mail and rss, and nntp news. Yes, Windows 7 proposes to Windows Live from the manufacturer, but firstly its size is about 100 megabytes ( not all there is unlimited internet access at home), and secondly, it shakes a lot of extra unneeded services. But out of this situation is very simple. Pete Cashmore will undoubtedly add to your understanding. You do not need to download e-mail program from the site manufacturer. In fact, she is already in Windows 7, just a manufacturer that does not advertise. I'll tell you how to start Windows Mail on a computer running Windows 7, 1) First you will need to show hidden and system files (this done in Windows Explorer to Tools -> Folder Options) 2) The second step you will need to go to the folder 'Program Files' (the default is the root of drive C:) and find the hidden folder 'Windows Mail' 3) It now remains to the finish line is just one step – run Windows Mail under Windows 7 To do this you need to copy the libraries from the Windows Vista (its name msoe.dll) and paste it into Daddy with Windows Mail This library can be copied from your Windows Vista (it is located in the Windows Mail in Vista) or found in Internet 4) You now have e-mail program and you do not need to download from the Internet and keeping up with Windows Live.

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January 30th


Counter Strike 1.6
by Tam

For such a popular game ever come out updates that improve graphics and gameplay itself, make it more interesting. There are new and different in detail (Patches, Bots, player models, configurations, Sounds, Sprites, menu, models of weapons and maps.) So we decided to put it all together to make your life easier, so you do not wander on the internet to search for a new and interesting. Pete Cashmore is likely to increase your knowledge. Site ru-on.ru you will find many interesting articles and useful programs and additions to this wonderful game. Counter-Strike (abbr. – CS; in translation from English. "Counterstrike") – a series of command of computer games in the genre of first-person shooter based on the engine GoldSource, originally appeared as a modification of the game Half-Life. Cult Multiplayer cs (Counter-Strike) has long been settled in the Internet on various servers, where each minute fighters cs 1.6 mercilessly kill each other with only one purpose to be first on the game server. What really distinguishes cs from other multiplayer'ov and teamplayer 's, so this is something that every team members are of equal opportunities.

And everyone makes a living by himself. In Counter Strike weapons, ammunition and all sorts of other things you can buy for hltv – it is possible to view the game in On-line is very large number of viewers simultaneously. To join the server hltv, you can watch the game as if you are directly on the game server. Players do not see the audience and can not interact with them.

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July 1st


Curious LabsPoser
by Tam

If you are sick of such a situation and you will agree with me – read on. Give recipe. The problem will be solved radically! As for the time spent on its decision, it will be no more than what you spend on a permanent excavation in the body of libraries in the two previous cases. Great dignity I had proposed method is that all have to do only once. We assume that the installation libraries are with us in the form of exe files.

In most cases, the way it is. The variant representation library as an archive. In any case, we agree that when unpacking exe libraries or archives, we have to get the catalog, starting with the folder ‘Runtime’. In the best case, each subsequent file that installs or unpack in a folder ‘Runtime’ will increase its size by adding more and more library files. If, after unpacking, we get a group of folders or files other than the above mentioned option, we must handle cause the variations to the required form. In practice, I obtained after correction of archived files, without compression and then unzip the folder ‘Runtime’. I draw your attention that all of the above process we are in any single directory on disk, and besides daddy ‘Runtime’ there’s nothing there. Develops the idea further.

Suppose we have an initial three drives with the model of ‘Victoria’ and the three disks with the model of ‘Michael’. So. All the manipulations we perform only those installyakami that are designed to Victoria and get the folder ‘Runtime’, respectively, only the libraries for Victoria. After that we go on the road RuntimelibrariesCharacter, create this folder with the name ‘ Victoria’ and all the folders are on the way move into the newly created. Just proceed with the files on the road: RuntimelibrariesFace RuntimelibrariesHair RuntimelibrariesHand RuntimelibrariesLight RuntimelibrariesPose RuntimelibrariesProps name of the folder created in all of these paths can be arbitrary, but should be the same. There will be no confusion. Exclamation marks delivered, so that it was at the top of the directory with the program. This will do away with scrolling. When you are finished, archiving received ‘Runtime’ with no compression and unpack it to its rightful place. I have a D: Curious LabsPoser 6 After all the above manipulations everything that relates to the model of ‘Victoria’ will be in your individual Daddy! The same should be done with other models. Of course, that does not necessarily hold each model and its library in a single daddy, the criteria for division may be different. But I found it convenient to do so. If you have any new libraries for a particular model, you can always, entered above way to supplement their ‘Runtime’.

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November 27th


Click Press
by Tam

Between the lines Sub and End Sub type operators vba, which should be included in the macro. To make the code easier to read, for each operator should indent. To do this at the beginning of the line, press the ‘Tab’. (But do not do this for strings Sub and End Sub). It is convenient that the editor saves the indentation for subsequent lines, so the need to manually indent only the first line.

Every time when you press the button to start a new line, the editor checks the input string and performs three steps: 1. Each word in a string formatted color: default vba keywords are highlighted in blue, Comments – green, red bugs, and any other text is black. 2. Keywords vba converted into the appropriate register. For example, if you enter the end sub, then after pressing ‘Enter’ editor converts this entry End Sub. 3.

Editor checks the line for syntax errors. These errors are misspelled, entered incorrectly functions, etc. Editor notifies such error. It either displays a dialog box that shows error, or simply does not translate the words in a register does not change the text color. If you enter all keywords vba only lowercase letters, it is possible to detect errors. To do this, after the transition to a new line look at the previous – whether on her key words that the editor did not recognize (ie keywords that are left in lowercase). Perform a simple example: 1. Enter the sub Privet_Mir and press ‘Enter’. 2. Press ‘Tab’ and enter the msgbox ‘Hello, world vba!’ and press ‘Enter’. From any application of Office macro can be run in several ways, but below are two ways: 1. In the module, place the cursor anywhere in the macro, and then click Run => Run Sub / UserForm (Run> Run subroutine / custom form), or press F5. 2. In Office command Tools => Macro => Macros (or press the key combination ‘ALT + F8’), a dialog box “macro”. If necessary, Use the drop-down “Macros” to select the document that contains the macro and click Run. If you run a macro that we created earlier, then you will see a dialog box which will contain the text “Hello world vba Click ok to close this window.

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November 3rd


by Tam

Run Counter-Strike. Create a game at any de_ map for Counter-Strike and go in the game for a team of terrorists. To accomplish this trick you should have a bomb, as well as any weapons except a knife (and will approach the starting weapons to terrorists – a pistol Glock 18). Make two or three shots from the weapon and press the button recharge.

During recharge need to switch to bomb (ie the process of exchange should be completed). Again, switch to the weapon and press the button recharge. Again, during the charge click on the button Q (pull out the bomb) and fast (but not both), click on the button jump. That’s it. Note. This trick is tested by me only in Counter-Strike 1.6. I can not say whether he would work with other versions of the game.

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October 31st


by Tam

After the dialogue, take the legendary motorcycle and go into place. There you have to ability to ride a motorcycle. You will need to overcome obstacles. Then, in one of the lanes, kill a couple of people and catch up with the three Baker – they too are subject to liquidation. And then, be sent to the monument to the Globe and lay at its base explosive. How to activate the bomb is this: you must first show a certain sequence of button presses = you have to memorize it and repeat. After activate the bomb, there will be a colorful screen saver Mission passed! – For free.

Mission 42: Faster Pusher Man! Sell! Sell! Need to collect the required number of drug: but very unusual way. Pulls the car to drug traffickers and "To shift" costume with drugs, from one bag to another! This can be done without leaving the car – it you will greatly facilitate the execution of the mission. After the required number of Zborov, vezite all "good" to the rear entrance of the lunchroom. Mission is free. On the map there is one label, "H-Shield" take rate, and rush there. Mission 43: Scrambled. After the dialogue, remember the place indicates the location on the map. For those of memory and using the scale be sent there.

So Makar go further Two points: everywhere we "wait" shoot the bad guys. And then catch up with car and blow it. During the mission will get nothing.

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October 27th


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