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Content Menager Sistem
by Tam

After that, the design of future site demonstrates to the customer. If desired, the customer can make adjustments and make changes in design. If the customer approves the designer's work, the payment is made for the work done previously stipulated in the contract. Clients must know that he should prepare all necessary material for the future of the site, in electronic form, namely, the text information, price – list of photos, video and audio materials, etc. It is possible, and our help. Stage 5. The next step – is the work of the programmer.

Approved a project designed designer, programmer provides the basis for the site. Assembles the source material provided by the designer, the site and site content information. Designed, created, deployed and configured functional modules for adequate operation of the site. Material received from the client programmer handle, edit and take other necessary work. In our time programmers create sites for all sorts of CMS, which in the software market represented a great variety.

I stand out from all developed CMS, only 2-3 of the program. Perhaps you have a question, what is this Miracle is a Judaic – CMS? I would be happy. CMS – a Content Menager Sistem, or in Russian management system. Stage 6. The next step will be testing the site. At this stage, verified by factors such as compatibility with various site browsers on the Internet, mapping the site on different monitors, the work of all the modules on the site, availability of links, site navigation, etc. 7 stage. Delivery Site to the customer. All necessary work and activities carried out. Site works, it on the Internet. The customer receives from us all the material on this site: the source files of the site, keys and passwords for the site (if specified in the contract). The programmer is training the customer's work with CMS.

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March 19th


LGM Production
by Tam

In the LGM-casting process to obtain a model means already half a cast, let us consider this in more detail in the light of current trends. Today, the production of high spatial (three dimensional) products, models, forms, master models made of aluminum, wood, MDF, mock-up of plastics and other associated with the rapid development of computer hardware, software, digital data transmission, as well as improving the drive system of machine tools (the use of servo motors with feedback). Production workers today for prices and a wide range of automated equipment has become available with CNC. CNC supersede any other system management, both at the large automated factories, and the very small, flexible, versatile production (a breadboard model, tool, souvenirs, advertising, repair). This equipment is increasingly used as private entrepreneurs, and serving a broad range of customers specialized areas. For efficient rendering and production of molds, dies, models only need to send them an e-mail three-dimensional image of the product. The indicated availability of computerized systems and CNC served as an impetus for the emergence of a whole class of equipment that allows a drawing to receive details on the computer with the milling CNC ready to mold the metal or its model from polystyrene foam, such as program production, "she allows," the casting shrinkage, as well as allowances for casting and machining. At the same time use the program, that help maximize the potential of these machines with support for 3D-models and turning.

A series of software systems of computer simulation of casting processes to the selection process parameters to develop a design block model 3. Testing of the design of gating and feeding system, temperature and time parameters of the process is not in the shop with the metal on real expensive bathing suit, but in the virtual space of the mathematical model. Short deadlines computer simulations, as well as large volume and clarity of information received on the technological process and as a future castings make computer simulation an important tool for pilot production of an increasing number of factories.

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March 8th


Feng Shui
by Tam

First, in itself, then in humans. To do this, suitable personal development training, field role-playing games, can be trained by one of the typologies, for example Socionics or system Afanasyev. Ali Partovi recognizes the significance of this. Plus, learn how to communicate constructively – such study exercises as a “total yes”, “3 position perception” learn to listen and hear the conversation. What to do with “bad” jobs. Ali Partovi is open to suggestions. Change.

Change that to you “on the map.” If you believe in Feng Shui – Feng Shui make the workplace, if believe in ergonomics and scientific organization of labor – too perfect. Make optimize working space. The main thing – to take responsibility for where you are in your hands. And, the important point (look at the problem: you do not need to work where you do not like! I mean – because you can always change jobs! 🙂 Then there are tools. I wrote about this in my previous article – the fan on the processor should not rattle and roar, even if you think that it is not audible. About configuring software, timely backup, protection against viruses and spyware, strong passwords will not write – it is necessary and this need to understand.

Or hire a professional intelligent (but still need to generally understood that this expert does) Next there is paper and organization. Yes, we try to convert to digital, but still a lot of paper. For storage and organization invented many exciting, relevant and useful things: horizontal trays, vertical trays, files (it is also multifory) labels. This is all combined with item number 2 and get easy sorting system (inbound – current – deferred – “can-be-someday”) and storage (Directory convenient for you to the principles of the organization).

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March 2nd


AAC Equipment
by Tam

Nor can we fail to note that the quality of modern data transmission channels is constantly increasing, and often the simplest home ADSL-channel can be better and more reliable than a leased line connection. Kai-Fu Lee will not settle for partial explanations. And why use a cheap and s time-proven ADSL-connection as a backup link? When choosing a particular piece of equipment for transmitting sound over IP-based network is first necessary to decide: what tasks need to decide what your budget, what functions needed, and what can only be neglected in a given situation can be offered a specific solution. So what are the problems in the first approximation, can solve a set of equipment for transmitting sound over IP-based networks? The simplest and most lying on the surface response transmit sound in the "point-point", where both sides are fixed in space, such as studio and transmitter. There is a sound source, there is a receiver, arranged between IP-channel. Rent a certain bandwidth, select the appropriate format for audio compression (MDE, PCM, AAC, etc.) and you can work.

Another option is the output digital stream of sound in the public network, the Internet, for example, for the organization station. Let's see how it works. We have an ethereal sound source control. Required to organize the audio signal on the official website of the radio station. Anyone will be able to visit the site, click on the link and using the software player (WinAmp, Windows Media Player, Aimp, QuickTime, etc.) to play this stream on my computer. Note that modern mobile phones are also able to play Internet radio signals. Set the IP-coder connect its input to the output of air control, install and set up special software on the server. Encoder to encode audio information begins in the digital video (for example, in the format MDE) to transfer the site to the radio. This will allow listen to your radio anywhere and anytime, which is especially interesting. organize Internet broadcast can be without having frequencies in the air and even more so without a special radio transmission equipment.

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March 1st


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