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Thoughts About Life
by Tam

About life … … Sometimes, when left alone, alone with his thoughts, feelings … with myself, involuntarily start thinking about life, her sense of what you want, what you dream about what you regret that you would like to change … unfortunately the answers to many questions and are not … maybe they can find later …

Life seems so complicated … but actually it is very simple, you just need to understand themselves, identify what you want … that looking for … what you dream and then you're just going to strive for it, wait for it, and it always will be in your imagination … and that's when you start is defined, searching, waiting …

and you are sure that when you find, what you're looking for- will be truly happy … but often it happens that you can not find what you imagined myself and that's when you start to feel a sense of disappointment, but still continue to look for, but every time you wrong-hope to become less and less … and that's when you start asking yourself: "but what I'm looking for?" and can not myself answer it. You give up, you start to get confused in my mind … and eventually come to the conclusion that since you have not found what I was searching for something or you're looking for that something is wrong or that what you are looking to find may not. And then you start to try to change your desires, dreams, thoughts … trying to rethink everything … and that's after a certain amount of time you are ready himself to answer the question, "what I want?" (actually, it's always things that are much simpler than those of which you dreamed of and which was originally not found) and now you start a new search … it can certainly happen immediately, but usually you find, what are looking for a second time … And then what do you and you start to feel that same frustration in his life … as if it's something most of which you are looking for, dreamed, what he wanted, but you forget about the fact that this "simplified version" of your happiness … and of course you can live and live well, but you want something else … the very things you do not find the first time about what was trying to forget, inventing new desires and dreams … but do not fool yourself … and maybe you can pretend you're happy I found what I was searching for myself … but you'll know that this is not true … That's how we often try to deceive ourselves, to pretend, that we have found everything what they wanted in life … but with all this, we continue to feel deeply unhappy people … so whether or not to deceive ourselves? Should I change my desires and dreams, or still need to try to look for them again and again … personally me the answer is obvious, is worth listening to yourself and your heart, you can fool anybody, but why not a cost not to lose hope but should not matter what try to find something you really want, what you dream, because just find it you can be truly happy, and say to yourself, "I have no regrets"



April 26th


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