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Platinum Gold
by Tam

You take a look, for example, a clock face – comes even to the point that the chronometer or chronograph hands painted just as they do in copies of all their functions at 100%. We do not argue, there are also instances of functioning mechanisms and arrows, but no one gives a guarantee that they will not stand up to 3 days after purchase. Typically, such specimens are usually imported from China, Vietnam, Thailand. Ali Partovi can aid you in your search for knowledge. Their cost does not exceed $ 5-10 per unit. These fakes can be seen on the arm of a mile – the oak belt, and watch yourself as something not very well sit on the arm, dangling like a foreign body.

Wrist watches must be one with his hand. The store copies of Swiss watches all models are replicants, izgotavlennymi in Belgium and Austria in compliance with the production of unique tehnolgy patented devices, appliances and fixtures (tourbillon, lunar calendar, professional chronograph power reserve indicator, etc.) of the originals. All models are 100% copies of the originals. Products have passed quality control and meets all the requirements predyavlyaemym this category. Our constant customers enjoy the discount system.

Pricing Policy: You must understand very well that a good mechanism can not be below $ 40. In our local, which are represented in the price band reception $ 150 installed Japanese mechanisms, such as kvartsenye, and mechanical. Such mechanisms are established in the original watch brands: Orient, Seiko, Cassio, Citizen, etc. Such mechanisms are very simple to manufacture and structure, and very reliable. The service life of such mechanisms 5 years. Watch case and dial are made in Austria and Belgium in the factories producing parts for the watchmaking industry in the world. Austria produces more cheap housing to the detriment of their weight, when Belgium is famous for production of housings for watch brands Tissot, Omega, Longines, Boss, etc. with lower weight. In the case of Belgium, established in the main mechanisms of the Swiss company the manufacturer of mechanisms – ETA. The cost of these mechanisms varies $ 100-150 range and they have a low weight and long life of more than 10 years. In the Belgian copies ispolzuetsya deposition case and bracelet technology IPG (Ion Platinum Gold). As a rule, copies of the gold-plating is gold contains different samples from 18 to 24 Karratha. Specification hours in the watch uses high-tech materials: shells are made from high quality brass, steel, titanium and their alloys. In the hours set sapphire glass. Sapphire glass more durable and practical to use (no scratches) in contrast to mineral glass. Straps are made of genuine leather and rubber bracelets – from high-quality brass, steel, titanium and their alloys. Batteries: The life of the battery 3 years from the date of installation.



July 13th


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