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by Tam

What is a blog? Blog in English the word weblog (online journal or diary of events.”) But it is not so simple. To date, the blog is a website of someone who decides to share with the world of any of the information. Be it a thought, interesting ideas, photos, music, news and more. Behind every blog is the author. Blog is the work of a person or group of people. The main feature of blogging is breaking records by date, archives, categories.

Also in blog visitors the opportunity to be present comments to the posted information. These comments are actively ongoing debate, discussion. People share their views, express their attitudes, offer new ideas or just chat with. But a blog can lead not just one person! His blog can be university or company can have a blog and a group of students as well as the development team. His blog can have absolutely every person that has something to say. To date, the majority of blogs is a reliable and high quality CMS (Content Management System). The main representatives of CMS – wordpress.org and lifetype.com (Accordingly, wordpress and lifetype).

This Bespaltnoe freely propagating engines. Man does not need to create a website, do it for design, takes care of hosting. From it only requires placement of information, everything else is ready. Modern the concept of WEB 2.0 provides many opportunities for bloggers. Publication of absolutely any information and files, comments, RSS, Trackback, tape friends, avatars, change in appearance, tag, search, and more. RSS allows you to track visitors changes in the blog, ie as soon as the blog changes (add an entry or comment, depending on which user has subscribed) posetitetl subscribed to RSS, receive change notification.

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February 2nd


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