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Yes Essential
by Tam

What contradiction! What should I do to make money, be happy, successful, good health and make my dreams a reality? We risk a response. To find the hermeneutic, mechanism or method that allows us to make the most appropriate interpretation of human problems and access with a solution to our question, must rely on certain premises, for example, let us assume that what leads our lives is the subconscious, i.e. 95% of our time are at least driven by him. If we are then able to reprogram our (subconscious) archivo-memoria with the palabras-razones – images-emotions that represent our new purposes effectively and if our hemispheres, emotions and memoria-dura do not reject the selected stimuli, would be against the system or bio-method that can trigger, combine or trigger the essential set of events that may lead to the sought-after achievement. Perfect!, but how you do that, there is something true, proven, accepted that guarantees us the desired result? The answer is NO! But let’s not be negative, we can find it. Me I promise to start searching for the elixir vitae so everyone can get what we want in a simple way and without too many efforts, that Yes, those who want to know the results of my research They must keep track of my items and I promise that you will have the secret before that it be published in the leading academic environments.

Joke, but without a doubt, soon appears the system that achieves the perfect synchrony that our species may reach their most coveted wishes, while I therefore suggest that we cling to what is known, to tested, improvisation enough!, prosperity formula is very simple, is as follows. A_saber: 1) what. (2) How. (3) Determination. (4) Action.

(5) Perseverance. We must determine what to do based on what they always wanted, what we do well, what we like, we moved and we are passed the hours without realizing when we carry out. How is related to the planning of what you decide to do. The determination is essential to avoid the setbacks, doubts, swings, if I am determined to do something, nothing and no one can stop me. He then must be put in motion, add the essential action to convert the idea into a reality. Finally, if the idea is correct, you’ve planned, are given and you’ve put in motion, perseverance will be there, nobody you move or away from that follow and will be only a matter of time get the wanted results. How to earn our living through gainful is today on the internet, this gives us a very broad panorama, from the simplest to the most complex, that diversity allows us to accommodate the election our knowledge and of course to our budget, but can be, I do it for some time so I would propose to put hands to work. You can, of course you can, it is very simple, it must abandon the stage of analysis and observation and get moving now!. Just find the five feet to the cat!, decide you, desire and action. Until the next.

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February 9th


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