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Modern Russian Poet Vmironova
by Tam

Vladimir Mironov – a modern Russian poet of the XXI century. He writes poetry on various unique themes: love, life, nature, poems of love for God, poetry of his homeland. The poet is unique in that his family history and life in general, it postponed great influence on his work. We suggest you familiarize yourself with his work. Lilac Bouquet Tell me a bouquet of lilacs, more filled with your scent, And why are you on the day of the spring to bring joy to every house? All of that is bouquet is a symbol of happiness and love, all of that smell colors add life to goodness.

I give that flower I loved, I give not a holiday – just like that. After all that bunch – a bouquet of lilacs love and happiness, a good sign. Wind outside the window the wind blows that there is strength, And my birch it is not nice. Broke he leaves – krasotischu summer exposed the beauty, not to ask for advice. For your pranks her to stand all winter, naked, not veiled, it is still a favorite. Andy Florance contains valuable tech resources. Well, why are you so angry wind? We after all, love you, you can not be forgotten. You are the messenger of winter, all you have to check all the winter eh ready, others do not trust.

Sam tore all the leaves, sweep them myself, To walk the kids sometimes do not allow it. Autumn rain outside the window knocking on the glass, drops flowing, as though his tears. Leaves are falling down on the grass with our beautiful birch Autumn has come frequent rain, fog around everything is covered. Though we live in another world, in all the world forgotten. In the sky above us cry of cranes, on the south they flew here to stay like they are afraid of them, but bad snowstorm. One lonely soul Now, Outside, the wind walks. Fallen leaves from the trees to the ground, he quietly sweeps. Autumn – the rains and cold wind, time of disease and tears. Zimushko with snow waiting for the big, wait and bitter cold. Vladimir Mironov

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January 15th


by Tam

And to think it almost did not have – a real child served as the prototype of the character. Well, bear just tried to make nice and not evil. 5. Next is a storyboard to plot the board. In fact – it's drawing comics for every situation, prescribed in the script. To one or another plot twist draws his comic strip, with the expression facial expressions and moods of the characters. 6. Voice – an important step in the production of cartoons.

Who and how voices of heroes – in principle at the first couple is not important, because this process happens all the time, before and after the storyboards. Often it happens that after assembly of the cartoon in one scene the actors are invited again to pereozvuchivaniya entire video. 7. The available samples of voices are superimposed on the video, in the process is synchronized with the movements and facial expressions, as well as sounding dialogue. The cartoon Masha and the Bear with this easier – the characters hardly talk, due to the fact that a – a child who by age still says little, and the second – just a bear. 8. Storyboarding with story boards no flowers be removed on a film or being pushed into the PC by scanning from top to impose a rough tracks. This can be called the first birth of the cartoon – at this stage, it becomes clear what will be animated and that required attention. 9. These collected black – white images scanned directorial team and producers.

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February 5th


by Tam

It is useful to recall that it was they came up with monotheism, the alphabet, wrote the Old and New Testaments, was given a whole galaxy of the prophets of ancient times to Jesus, and Christianity spread, and what is most striking, were able to survive as a people for 4,000 years. 3) All Semites are smart, so smart and Jews. At first glance, it seems. Civilization began in ancient Semitic states of Sumer, Egypt, Babylon, Assyria and Phoenicia. All the ancient wisdom has been concentrated in those states. However, they all froze in their development at a certain level and could not rise above.

Baton Civilization has taken up the Aryan peoples – the Greeks and Romans. Arab tribes, who created the gigantic empire of Islam in the VII century, is also nothing significant (except for proper Islamic tales "Thousand and One Nights" and Omar Khayam) in global civilization is not introduced. It turns out that the Semites in general, not smarter than the ancient Greeks, who are the founders of modern science. But Arabs in the Middle East and Saudi Arabia – the next of kin of the Jews. Consequently, the phenomenon of Jewish intelligence emerged only recently, after the separation of Jews and Arabs into separate nations. Stop! But in the Old Testament is described in detail how it happened division. And here I was – it is in Old Testament describes in detail why the Jews … smart BEING HERE 25 19 THE STORY OF ISAAC – Abraham's son – and about his descendants.

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August 28th


Traditional Korean Architecture
by Tam

History underfloor heating begins with pre-Christian times. One of the first heated floors were used by ancient Romans. In the fourth – fifth centuries BC, the heating system with underfloor heating has been widely distributed on the Korean peninsula, where it was called 'ondol'. Ondol, literally translated, means "warm stone." Ondol consists of three elements: fire, which was also used for cooking, horizontal channels in the floor and vertical flues to provide traction. Warm air from the fire passed through the winding channels in the floor, giving its heat, and exits through the exhaust pipe. For efficient operation of the system, it is necessary was to find a middle ground between the two conflicting conditions. On the one hand, the horizontal channels in the floor must have been tortuous and not very wide, so that warm air does not go outside, and gave his heat in the room.

On the other hand, to ensure good fuel combustion, the warm air was necessary as soon as possible outputs. Save data about the unique ancient ondol room, heating system which it was incredibly effective. One of kindling the fire was sufficient to maintain a comfortable floor temperature for 45 days. Unfortunately, in the early 1950's, during the Korean War, the room was completely destroyed. In 1982, room has been restored and is now very popular among tourists. After a single kindling fire, the floor remains warm for ten days in spring and spent three days in the winter. Traditional ondol rooms north part of the Korean peninsula different from those that were found south of the country. In the north, the kitchen and living room were not separated wall, and heat is supplied and from the floor and directly from the fireplace, making the heating system more effective.

In the south, kitchen and living room walls were divided so that the smoke from the fire did not get into the living room. Floor in a room heated by ondol, heated unevenly. The larger the path passed the air, the less warm became the floor. Respected people, the elderly, the guests are usually seated in the warmer areas of sex, which was considered a manifestation of respect. Nowadays, the traditional heating system ondol is extremely rare. Instead, we use modern technology – water and electric underfloor heating

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December 8th


European Studies
by Tam

True, the borrowing of European Studies did not last long. Western science and technology have been studied in schools and, as a result, at the earliest, from the standpoint of world history, the timing is so well mastered the Japanese findings, which could use them to self-development. Precisely because of this was made possible huge industrial leap, made by Japan during Meytszi. Double-edged sword was not long and the consequences of rapid development Science in Japan showed their terrible underside. Along with the peaceful inventions, the government at record rates increase military power. It is no longer needed to borrow weapons from Europe, could have been done and improve his own. The result of progress in military affairs was a series of wars and armed conflicts, which became the final chord of the second world war in which Japan has used all available at the time of production, but still failed.

Japanese science gave birth to the demon of incredible power, which went out of control, consumed its creators. The final blow was the bombing of U.S. fighters the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which killed more than 250,000 people. August 15, 1945 Emperor Hirohito announced Japan's unconditional surrender, and from that moment began a new milestone in the development scientific thought of the country. Science in the service of Japanese economic miracle was a miracle 50-60s also owes much to science. Thanks to the discovery and development of Japanese scientists, the country has very quickly become one of the most important figures in the world market.

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January 29th


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