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Wooden Houses
by Tam

Warmth and comfort of the wooden houses has its own characteristics, so their construction is necessary to pay attention to some of the nuances of design. This primarily refers to the buildings Hardwood (log). Some skeptics argue that in a wooden house is blowing from the corners and joints. The practice of modern construction proves that the purged can only properly constructed house. First of all it is desirable to use the so-called winter wood, that is harvested in winter. For example, in ancient times timber felled for the construction not only at certain times of the year, but at certain times of the day – namely, in early morning hours, when the tree is still asleep, and all biological processes are not so active. Although it is already out of tradition. Currently used a large number of both traditional and advanced methods cutting cup – place the angular connection logs.

Therefore, the cutters qualification is crucial. Ready to frame must be accompanied by detailed technical documentation showing that the house produced according to a proven technology, not chopped "in haste" in the presence of order. Particular attention should be given the choice of windows for wooden houses. Summer residents are well aware of how great is their significance, especially in the cold time of year. But if the house is designed for permanent residence, then the window should be as warm and as well protected from the weather, as in a city apartment. In addition, changes in temperature and humidity are not the best way affect the durability of wooden walls.



August 1st


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