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Windows ME was an attempt to create a hybrid of WinNT and "Nine." But nothing good came of it. System was unstable, and something revolutionary to give users also failed. But the really good products, Microsoft has started producing since 2000. Windows 2000 does not differ revolutionary interface. Outwardly, it looked like a Windows ME, but that's all the similarities end. Win2k was built on the NT kernel and used it to maximum. It was written completely new boot that will get rid of legacy MS-Dos. But support for the command line was maintained and was implemented as a virtual machine NTVDM (NT Virtual Dos Machine).

In Windows 2000, seriously raised the level of security through HAL (Hardware Abstract Layer). From now on, the program was denied direct access to the disk and the hardware at all, and it secured the users from a large number of viruses written for Windows 9x and MS-Dos (was defeated by the infamous "Chernobyl"). Windows 2000 was originally designed as a network operating system, and its level of security enabled by Microsoft to extend the sphere of influence. Began to appear a large number of ATM machines, terminals, payment and other embedded devices running Win2k. The system is constantly updated with the fourth service pack (SP4) is considered one of the most universal and secure systems available today. With the success of Win2k already in 2001 there Windows XP. Combined an XP security of Windows 2000, but with a more attractive graphical user interface and expanded set of standard applications.

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November 13th


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