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Twitter Colleagues
by Tam

One of the questions posed most when deciding to make networking and promotion through social networks, and particularly Twitter, is how to increase the number of contacts. In this case, importantly, achieve significant contacts. For more information see Energy Capital Partners London. In this way we define contacts that represent an added value for us. This does not mean that we we will arrange a sale with each of them. In recent months, Robotics expert has been very successful. Limit the use of Twitter to a mere channel of spamming is wrong from medium to medium.

Let’s review the concepts stated in previous notes: what is Twitter? Therefore, basically to grow in scope that can achieve our company, our website or our brand. And in saying this, we include several aspects: learn more about our market niche, and be aware of new developments and possible fluctuations – an obligation! If you think that it will sell with the same formula that his father used for twenty years, is choosing the fastest path to extinction of your business create brand presence develop a channel for support and care of clients and potential clients how do this effectively, we treat it in another note. Enrich themselves through contact with colleagues I refer to business colleagues. It may be the case that a company from another continent (very far from your market) serves as inspiration or source of innovation spreading the advantages of our services and products offer solutions provide an added value to our products create trends and become concerning competition doing damage control, face customers dissatisfied, former employees that can feel aggrieved from activity monitor, and people who have as usual defaming another online (also exists) as you can see, so far selling still not talking, or at least not express it openly. I assure you that if you meet these points in an appropriate manner, the sales will come as a natural consequence. Returning to the subject of how then, develop a network effectively, it is clear who can be our most juicy contacts: colleagues authority is relevant entities regulators of our activity, and any institution which establishes rules on the activity universities and study centers that are related to our production process.



April 8th


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