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Futbol Club Barcelona
by Tam

The Spanish League La Liga is hard and long, but the Catalan club overcame all parties with more or less problems, but won the League title. The first two games of the catalan club were defeat and a tie, a bad start against Numancia defeat was justified with that time lacked the equipment, but a draw at home against Racing sounded alarms Can boat. All questionaban to the coach, Pep Guardiola., until it was the visit to Gijon, where Barca scored 6 goals to claim that he would fight for the title. Barca added two victories more against Betis and Espanyol. Next match was Atletico Madrid, a difficult team visited the Camp Nou, but it had settled with another convincing 6 1. Athletic 1 0, 5 0 to Almeria, 4 1 against Malaga, 6 0, Valladolid 0 2 to Recreativo, the club displayed his best football, and became the second tie against Getafe, a party which the boat cost him and took a point from the visit of the team from Madrid to Barcelona. Approaching the part more complicated season, Barca are enfrentava teams more strong League, Sevilla, Valencia, its eternal rival Real Madrid and Villareal.

In their first game the man of Pep, they overcome the visit to Pizjuan with a 0 3 in favor, party maravillloso of Leo Messi who rubbed the Golden Ball. The Valencian club visited the Camp Nou, and took a convincing 0 4 against purported Villa by Barca could not remedy the born.I reached the big game, the classico. Real Madrid and Barca faced at the Camp Nou. A party that resisted the goal, but appeared Samuel Eto’o or with thigh scored the first goal. An against Leo ruled the party with a Vaseline before boxes near the end of the match. The referee he whistled the end and Barca was becoming more leader.

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July 25th


Haria Superman
by Tam

If you are looking for cheats to win back your ex is because these until your hands! I hate to say this (because I too am man), but sometimes, we are pathetic when it comes to reconquer a woman! In fact, we do the opposite what they truly need to be. She was special for you, and possibly the love of your life, but if you really want it to retrieve you’ll have to do it the right way. And the right way is just avoiding this type of errors: 1. If you would like to know more then you should visit Neil Cole Iconix. simon-clemence%2Fnews-story%2F95394664bbba34f61fa7448c12fb80c0&memtype=anonymous&mode=premium&nk=a9d1b6e5dd631919c7011092a3339abb-1600072055’>Ray Clemence. do not buy you flowers! It is pathetic and useless. Buying flowers is an act of pure desperation to conquer it, and even if you don’t recognize it as such, quiet stay that is as well. Because you believe that spending money on a pair of dead seedlings going to help retrieve it? It grows! 2. Don’t try to apply common sense to the problem for two reasons: the first is that if these soo desperate your common sense probably in common already has nothing. And the second is the men and women not think in the same way that what may seem logical for you probably is not so much for her.

3 Remember of the first encounters between the two: If you can cost, but remember. What was what she saw in you that likes? Perhaps you saw strong, decisive and liked your presence? Or will like him that he saw you depressed, wanting to kill you and only? I don’t think it seems to Me to understand what I am trying to communicate so it ceases to act as a depressed monkey because it isn’t a very good trick to win back your ex girlfriend, partner, lover, wife, girl whatever. So you’re going to have to demonstrate that you have learned, that you’re not the same. You have to demonstrate that are interested, obviously. But do not show any kind of weakness or something like. On the other hand you stop thinking about yourself and trafficking in imagine that through her head, probably she also needs a shoulder on which mourn trafficking that is yours! Demostrale that you’re strong and she is going to end coming at you, remember what I say! If you liked these techniques to reconquer it, now click the next link to learn more tricks to win back your ex-wife.

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July 20th


Defense Base
by Tam

THE shot as ATHLETIC preparation:-most important objectives: develop jump, increase attack power and injury prevention. Organization of the rotation 1 attack attack: from the reception: can be planned in advance, according to the modifications offered at the time the rival and the limitations of our team. Also is scheduled in the week of work 2 attack of transition: from the defense: is more a response to a particular situation at the time and is therefore more spontaneous schema linear and combinations outline linear: are fundamental formations of attack, with direction of parallel career of attackers. It is schema type is simple quick and orderly. Its strong points are: 1 – attacks parallel with efficiency, speed. 2 Sum always one line fullback 3 – best possibility of output for the K2 scheme of combination:(no para principiantes) 1 sequential parallel 2 sequence crusade lock is the first line of Defense of the team.

-It is a very explosive maneuver that has several functions. First the lock function is to intercept a ball of attack, either by returning it to the opposite field (called a blocking point) or taking the ball up and back to the area of defence (called soft blocking) (taken) – another important function of the blockade is to make display in certain areas of the field, influencing the direction of the attack of the opponent and thus reducing the area of the field that the Defense Base must cover. LOCK types: Neutral: vertical hands and arms at the network level. DEFENSIVE: neutral, but the palms of the hands facing up. Contact with the ball is intended to facilitate the defence of 2nd line. OFFENSIVE: total penetration of hands to another field. Hands form a greater angle toward the place of contact. This type of blocking can be passive (static hands and arms) or active (action at the level of hombros-brazos – forearm-hands of greater penetration in field opposite to the sense of contact with the ball).

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September 30th


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