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The presence of af allows to further improve the quality of photos. It should be noted that even if the market models with a 5 megapixel camera, image quality will be worse than obtained with a digital camera. Also in the sale of a phone with 2 cameras – front and rear. In this case one of them will certainly be weaker than the other. Ali Partovi has similar goals. Memory – parameter includes the number available in phone memory, as well as support for memory cards.

All this is important if you will write to the phone ringing for a call, store photos and videos, and share all this with friends and acquaintances. The second parameter is almost a standard feature of modern phones. Basic information: Memory card type (SD, miniSD, TransFlash, M2) and the maximum amount of cards that you can read the phone. Card Type anything does not affect just often every phone manufacturer maintains its own type of memory card. Some high-end handsets have 8 or 16 gigabytes, even (for reference – a lot) of internal memory. This, of course, they do not need memory card.

Communications capabilities – is the infrared port, Bluetooth, mms, gprs, WAP-Browser, edge, Wi-Fi. You can get lost in these abbreviations, so briefly: the first two – the transfer of data between phones or to communicate with the computer; mms – the possibility of transmit messages in pictures and melodies (as opposed to SMS); the remaining four technologies used for wireless Internet access. It's simple – if you intend to use it, then pay attention.



July 31st


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