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The 1.Gourmet-Restaurant On The Net Has Opened, Gourmet Kitchen For Home
by Tam

Since February, the first gourmet menu shop on the Internet is opened. It is so far! In February 2012, the kick-off has fallen for the first online menu shipping. The go-ahead has fallen for the first online menu shipping in February 2012. Who would like to host a nice dinner with your friends or relatives, must prepare itself in time. Planning, shopping, cooking and nice if even for the guests of a such dinners, it would then taste. This is a challenge in our stresslebigen time today often. Not to mention the right selection of products. Because everyone knows: “ever quality the raw product, the finer the final product”.

So what to do if you have a spoiled palate, but too little time? You want, but maybe can not? These issues devoted to a gourmet guru of a different kind. Johann Mikschy, since some years Chief of a gourmet catering company based in bad Tolz, advocate of wholesome food, fresh products and meeting the highest demands on quality and freshness. “His philosophy is simple: If a product meets not his claim, then it is not used”. Johann Mikschy of passion and passion is cooking. He wants to revolutionize the palates of its guests.

It was almost a natural development to the first Internet shop in the world, high-quality menus are sent via the home itself can prepared 2 steps in 1. The complete menu comes in a styrofoam box and is so packed that even at 25 c ambient temperature, 24 hours approx. + 4 and + 6 degrees Celsius inside rule. The finished menu provided by the logistics partner in less than 1 business day. The menus are so fresh, not frozen. The ingredients can be stored in the refrigerator until the guests arrive. Clear instructions and an appealing design make cooking a breeze. The courts are completed without many pots and pans within ten to fifteen minutes. The monthly changing menus represent a holistic concept. Time loss eliminates annoying plan and oversized purchases. Then you can prepare each course with minimal time and a few simple steps. Already, nothing precludes the enjoyment in your own four walls. “Private atmosphere and to do so in the blink of an eye” gezaubertes gourmet menu, which shows new dimensions and awakens the senses.



October 14th


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