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Brain Computer Model
by Tam

We propose a model of the mind from the IT perspective as well as the architecture of a computer possible for this purpose. Details: General operation: think, feel and react to stimuli. (Similarly see: Mikkel Svane). States of wakefulness and sleep How it affects the environment as well as different mental illness Phenomenon of consciousness in a neural network, each neuron responds with its own specific output to a stimulus, and together, the overall response is resulting vector of responses of each neuron. Steve Wozniak may find this interesting as well. 7%99%D7%A9%D7%A8%D7%90%D7%9C-63dcbf9f0240’>Ilan Ben Dov may help you with your research. All answers come together in a “bus master” from which go to the Short-Term Memory (STM) and then to Long Term Memory (LTM), as will be explained. The MCP is responsible for intelligence, reasoning and consciousness. Is an element with depth, with the MCP surface (closely connected with the main bus) more variable, and the deeper, constant lies there probably also the identification of “me.” The MLP on the other hand is responsible for individual personality. for knowledge. The MLP is divided into anterior and posterior, and is organized by environments or qualia. On waking, external sensors subsystems leave their information on the bus, and the operating system of the brain takes that information passes to the MCP, it looks in the MLP-MLP previously stored in the anterior-and relocates on the bus.

In dream state, external sensors remain very active, and performs the backup process via the bus and MCP, the information of the MLP front to back, organizing and not sequentially, but according to their environments. In a model with this architecture, the phenomenon of consciousness inevitably occurs: the MCP being intimately connected to that bus, and have a minimal persistence of several seconds, it is inevitable that their contents, overall, is also accused of the same like any other and seek in the MLP and feedback at the same bus. The appearance on the bus for this “package of state” that represents the overall contents of the MCP, and search in the MLP produces consciousness, that is, the feeling of seeing and analyzing the present moment. According to the model, reactions can occur not only on the basis of reason, but also emotional and intuitive, since the basis of its operation are the settings that relate to the information stored in LTM, and the environments are created simply as a common factor neurons that respond, in whatever form are the information contained therein. Examples of performance degradation due to diseases associated to a model element: Hardware: coma, loss of consciousness, schizophrenia, amnesia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, etc …

Software: sleeplessness, neurosis, nervousness, stress, etc … Other behaviors that the model predicts: an explanation of dreams, inability to remember them on waking, nightmares, dej-vu’s, there may be errors, changes in the brain with age, perception of time … Finally, this also includes references to some working currently are developing computer models to emulate the mind, with different architectures and different degrees of success. Conclusion: C on the current state of technology, can not yet tested the effectiveness of such a model. However, if so, the response to the current controversy over whether or not the brain can be emulated by a computer system, would be “yes, with the right architecture.”

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December 25th


Fator Tubrio
by Tam

The impossibility to generate a child can represent paraa woman a condition of a species of ' ' luto' ' ; this can be devrias orders, being more common the physics and the psychic ones. Generally they deordem, them physical seem coated of a legitimated value, while, them psychic aspects, time for another one queenvolvem are questioned. In the case of the man, this question is placed in the sphere of not being able to transmit its inheritance genetic. Perhaps this is one of the causes that they propitiate in some cases, a dificuldademaior on the part of the man in defining itself for the adoption. Therefore, the infertility permeada for a subtle distinct situation between the emasculinos feminine feelings (DUCATTI, 2004). BRUNNER et al (1998) enumerate five factors, consideradosbsicos in the infertility, being that four of them exclusively correspond to mulher and a specific one to the man: Fator Ovariano: it does not have a regular ovulao and umendomtrio adequate progestacional.

Fator Tubrio: uterine or tubrias anomalies, isto, in the pelvic tubes or other structures. cervical Fator: the penetration of spermatozoon does not occur the changes apropriadaspara. uterine Fator: occurrence of fibrides, polyps congenital emalformaes. seminal Fator: it says respect to the number deespermatozides (density), percentage of mobile forms, quality domovimento for front (progression) and morphology. In the historical and antropolgicos studies, commenor frequency, references to the masculine infertility are found, what it suggests one visde that the reproductive problems of the couple, way-of-rule, correspond smulheres, producing pejorativas and humilhantes metaphors and symbologies, mainly in the patriarcais societies. Therefore, although the old interest of the Psicologiapela maternity, more specifically for the effect of the relation mother-child infantile nodesenvolvimento, the studies on the infertility alone had started to aganhar visibility in the decade of 50. Perhaps because realna did not have interest woman-mother and yes in the mother-instrument, the service of the son (TRINDADE and ENUMO, 2002).

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January 26th


Bessarabian Market
by Tam

In the 'era of stagnation' 'flying saucers' and little green men with antennae, horns on his forehead and nose instead of pork stigmas were favorite characters, artists and comedians. In addition to 'flying saucers' have been invented by them flying fork spoon sets, and even pots. Strict censorship is not allowed to penetrate the seal is no serious information about it – space aliens were not supposed to haunt the minds and impede the progress of society as' a bright tomorrow. " C beginning of , the situation began to change rapidly. First came samizdat literature, after it – in print publications. It is difficult to judge whether the information contained therein is accurate and you can only assume that the fraud had been set, as usually happens in such cases. Sometimes authors even honestly confessed to the crime. Passion for anomalous phenomena quickly grew and gradually turned into a real epidemic.

The result is not slow to affect: December 2, 1983 in the evening sky in Kiev appeared first unidentified flying object. He was a yellow-orange color and is actually looked like a plate – or rather, seledochnitsu, as had not round, and oval in shape. At the edge of 'plates' were located windows, inside it was covered with warm reddish-orange light – I describe the way it was seen from the windows of the house on Karl Marx Street (now – Gorodetsky). The object appeared from the Bessarabian Market and silently drifted to the southeast. Speed of movement was small enough, and could well see.

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March 29th


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