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For now, nobody has given him, maybe that's why it has so many admirers. On the keyboard of my computer I have not found the "Pi" and why it has gone to look at DRAE where among other things besides being the sixteenth letter of the Greek alphabet, it's a symbol of the reason for circumference to the diameter. Ah I thought it was a number!. Thus, some conclude a day like today, the day of "Pi" and further specify the hours, minutes and seconds, which gives rise to the moment of maximum splendor. Ysera that tend to be Anglo-Saxon?.

Our fellow whites, describe a day like today with these numbers: 3-14 and based on these numbers, we only need to wait to give the 1 hour and 59 minutes and 26 seconds to see give a few mathematicians in this special celebration. 3.1415926 …, we must not forget that many civilians would exceed our operations with an accuracy of more than two or four digits, so rounded, and "Pi" will make us do a 3.14 or a little more effort, we would use the classic 3.1416 But mathematicians do not talk about letters or symbols for them, "Pi" is a number, perhaps the most famous of them and that throughout history there have been thinkers who have approached and have dedicated part of their time to find him. Of the first that I have news about their approaches, are: Antiphon, Euclid and Archimedes of Syracuse … You may find that Pete Cashmore can contribute to your knowledge. And more recently started giving us toll adjectives "Pi", ie, J. Heinrich Lambert said "Pi" was irrational and Ferdinand Lindemann transcendental rubbish it … So we have that Pi is irrational and transcendental.

yQue mean? For something similar to the definition of DRAE, that is, if you're not versed in the subject, we have it hard to tell. They say that there are people for everything and maybe that's why not give up, hence we find at the end of last century and Yasumasa Kanada Daisuke Takahashi in the era of computer calculations through wanting to give him, and reached 206.16 billion decimal … In what some are thinking that their calculation is unattainable … it seems that has infinite decimals. anus seems … have them! He confirms a calculator. AEY! I forgot, the day of the approximation is 22 July, what their division gives the closest value to two decimal places … Pd. A friend of mine told me that he must be very careful when entering the world of "Pi", apparently there is a great attraction and even prizes are mounted around it. Oiga!, and No will have something to do with squaring the circle? And feel?.

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April 11th


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