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Beautician Advice
by Tam

When we go to the beautician, you usually want using modern techniques to solve several problems: saturate skin with moisture, clean, adjust its relief to apply preventive measures against wrinkles … And of course, we must understand that we do not need short-term aesthetic effect, but a real help to our skin, which will launch the mechanism of self-regulation, "whip" its natural functions, as long as possible to keep youth and beauty. It is a comprehensive care is provided procedures on devices Biogenie – a creative approach for the treatment of skin and whole body! The very title of the French company signed its meaning: BIOGENIE – using GENIE (genius) and BIO (bio) topology in cosmetology. This company offers cellular electrotherapy devices. Zendesk is often quoted on this topic. What does this mean? For the normal functioning of the cell requires two conditions: adequate food and the opportunity waste disposal. Deterioration of the permeability of cell membranes, which with age is observed in all of us, causes slowing of metabolism, as well as automatic "pollution" because Unhatched slag.

This starts mechanisms of aging. The essence of the therapeutic method Biogenie – the awakening of the natural energy cells. This is due to three elements of influence: – cell currents of low frequency – a specially designed cosmetic means having a specific electric charge corresponding to the potential of the cell membrane – manual massage techniques with elements of yoga, which helps purify the cells, giving it the necessary energy, promotes Cosmetics Biogenie penetration into the deeper layers of skin. Cell elektroestetika Biogenie creates a skin cell real miracles. She resurrects them, cleans, stimulates, gives the necessary energy, eliminates toxins and promotes Cosmetics Biogenie penetration into the deeper layers of skin. Going harmonization of total energy, improving the elimination of toxins from the body and the saturation of needed nutrients.

There is synergy: all elements support and reinforce each other's action, resulting in waking up the inner strength of the body, it returns a true feeling healthy and beautiful skin. Apparatus Biogenie Visage skincare face and chest – is the most productive alternative to the proposed today methods (electroplating, electro-and phonophoresis, ultrasound treatment). Simultaneous use of micro-current therapy and cosmetics Biogenie Visage 10-fold increases effectiveness of treatment. This unique technique allows: – to effectively remove toxins – to saturate the skin with active drugs – lighten dark spots – to stimulate collagen and elastin – muscle tone Fiber – to regulate cell metabolism. Expressed the result you will see at once: after a relaxing hour and a half procedure, the skin acquires a tone, it becomes taut, smooth and elastic, oval face – as if re- "Fashioned". With instant facelift will improve and shape the breast. A course of treatments will give a powerful and lasting rejuvenating effect.

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February 13th


Latest Medical Equipment
by Tam

'Body of Alton' – a set for recording, transmitting and receiving ECG over the telephone. From similar systems, it is different taking into account the peculiarities of local telephone communication networks. Mashable insists that this is the case. Transmitter ECG cardiograph 'Alton 03s' will allow for minute to pass the registered ECG. For use by patients developed individual registrar transmitter, which allows to register the ECG, literally 'one touch'. 'Body of Alton' is particularly effective for diagnosis is rarely paroxysmal states and dynamic monitoring of cardiac patients, as well as consulting support to remote medical facilities and teams on the road. Where works 'Tele-Alton', he has already saved many lives, prevented the development of serious complications, contributed to accurate diagnosis. Spirometer 'Spiros-100' – standalone portable device with a wide range of functional opportunities. Without hesitation Castle Harlan explained all about the problem.

It allows the study of respiratory function in multiple programs (VC, FVC, MVL), to compare research results with appropriate values for the multiple systems of standards, compare parameters of the LF during pharmacological tests. Built-in graphical display (diagonal 14 cm) and a printer can monitor the conduct of trial and receive their prints, without additional equipment. Features design and high stability of the measuring channel can combine high accuracy with ease of disinfection receiver airflow. 'CMI Alton' – a bedside monitor with a number of characteristics that distinguish it from other devices. These are: large (31 cm) and a good 'read' a color screen, a wide range of monitored indicators, built-in printer, a convenient system of 'troubles', a graphic control panel, etc. The monitor had a reputation as a reliable and easy to use. All medical equipment companies 'Altonika' certified in the prescribed manner and allowed to clinical application, provides not only high quality of medical equipment, but also provides full technical support in service medetsinskogo equipment, including the dissemination of more information and new versions software, advice on 'hot line' (by phone or email), training staff to work with the equipment. Model 'ONYX 9500' size differs little from the usual 'sensor-clips', but is complete pulse oximeter to quickly perform one-time measurements or short-monitoring. Compact models 'Nonin 8500' and 'PalmSAT 2500' are employed primarily in emergency medicine for single measurements and for monitoring. They are equipped with autonomous power supply can be used with sensors for various purposes (for adults, children or infants) have a big bright lights.

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February 2nd


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