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Faster, easier, and more intuitive the apartment search with the innovative Immobiliensuchmaschine is Gartoo.de. London / Munich, November 2, 2009 – faster, easier and more intuitive is the apartment search with the innovative Immobiliensuchmaschine Gartoo.de. Thanks to the so-called semantic search via keywords tenants and buyers find your dream home even more reliable and faster. Now the clever real estate search with Gartoo Australia should be soon more available to worldwide users. Thanks to the new, experimental Immobiliensuchmaschine benefit Gartoo.de since August 10, 2009 also residential and webpage in Germany from the benefits of the latest Internet technologies.

In contrast to the conventional real estate portals, which offer rental and buying apartments in the Internet using predefined menus cluster, Gartoo.de opts for targeted semantic full text search. This means that the user can freely enter the relevant keywords in the search box. He gives 2 rooms in Karlsruhe for example the query buy with balcony\”one, combs through a comprehensive data bank on Gartoo.de listings. All purchase or rental properties, which are tailored exactly to the needs of the customer appear as a result. In this way, the new platform of the London search specialist Lokku provides a distinct advantage over the usual Immobiliensuchmaschinen: Gartoo.de focuses on the specific wishes and needs of the user and delivers so extremely fast, relevant results. In the development of Gartoo, Lokku Labs attached great importance to the analysis of user behavior, and came to the conclusion that real estate tenants, buyers and investors have completely different requirements for a real estate. More open and more flexible so the search functionality is designed, the better you can focus on the search parameters of the user. For an even greater ease of use, the surface of the platform was structured in addition very simply and clearly, so is the user on the essential search for his dream real estate can focus.



November 4th


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