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Mobile Site Flexible
by Tam

It can be so simple – now at joomlapur, the mobile site to the own maintain from 399,–that sales of smartphones have risen in recent years at dizzying heights, is not new. But while the established manufacturer of Apple, Samsung and co. by this trend, the manufacturer of Internet pages larger challenges see provided, for a website presents itself differently on a Smartphone as on a PC. For those who want to optimize their Internet presence for smartphones, the competent and committed partner, which features new and pioneering techniques is joomlapur. Sales of smartphones have risen steadily in recent years to about 30 per cent per year. The little all-rounders look brilliant, are easy to use and just about everything a classic PC can provide the mobile user.

But the clever devices have still another advantage: are small, perfectly portable and always a superb figure. The thrilling paragraph is so understandably, and This trend is also reflected in the forecast, that there are more Internet-enabled mobile phones as a computer in the year 2013. You don’t want to miss the connection, it is high time to make the own site according to the requirements of the Smartphones. The keyword is: mobile Web sites. The appearance of a Web page, with a Smartphone, subject to completely different conditions than on a PC. The operation must be efficient and user friendly, the entire representation should be reduced to the essential and compact as possible.

But at the same time, it should naturally brilliant and appealing look and arouse the interest of the user. Finally she must be system-independent programmed and should be both universally on all smartphones. The competent and highly motivated team of joomlapur has committed therefore to the task, to create mobile websites, which equally meet the requirements of users for ease of use and efficiency. The compact, clear and appealing design of mobile websites belongs to the Core competencies of small teams, but the special feature of the technology used is different: the mobile website can be maintained for itself, so that the information can be published, always within a very short time and date on the mobile website. You can not be closer to the customer, and at a very attractive price!



July 13th


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