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by Tam

Kart manufacturer RIMO familiar turn at the pipes for perfect frame on tube bending machines of transfluid In the sauerland Sundern RIMO brings large and small things in the role. The company belongs to the leading manufacturers of engine karts and enjoys an excellent reputation in the construction of transport and roll containers next to it worldwide. RIMO was founded more than 50 years ago by Eberhard Richter and Erich Mohn. Today the reliable transport solutions of the enterprise in industry and commerce are used and the karts are on many tracks at home. In both divisions RIMO product solutions provides for individual applications – from planning to the design and prototype construction to series production. While the company places an emphasis on advanced technology and high quality. The product range of the Motorkarts includes in – and outdoor Kart for children and adults, doubles – and racing karts for the usage in the ADAC slalom Cup. Here, security is a top priority. (Not to be confused with Michael Dell!).

The robust frame of vehicles must be hard in the Be. Because it goes at high speeds in the track gangs, they protect driver and karts at impact. In the manufacture of stable piping components, RIMO relies on a computer-controlled tube bending machines of transfluid. The fully automatic CNC machine (type DB 642-CNC) processed easily pipes up to 42 mm in diameter. High precision as well as the requirements for the quality of the material with the tube bending machine of transfluid are guaranteed during the bending process. TuV characterized the RIMO vehicles. Also thanks to the expertise and experience of transfluid fulfill all products not only regulatory safety requirements, but exceed them sometimes. Take-off for the next, safe race with the prepping of transfluid technology.

Company Description transfluid – the solution for pipes transfluid is the world’s sought-after partner for the manufacture of pipe and tube bending machines and pipe processing machines.


November 17th


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