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PhotoHDR Software
by Tam

Natural photos of bracketing and one shot HDR for entry-level photographer hair, Munich, 04.11.2011 – the new version of the software for HDR photography HDR darkroom 5 comes just in time for autumn Fotosaison and holiday reviews from the photography Division of the House of FRANZIS. The eye of the photographer decides the naturalness and the detail of motifs on images and photos with rich, deep and brilliant lights shines on the subject, but only with the help of HDR software. Developers at the heart of the software have screwed in the new version of HDR darkroom 5. The new algorithm for tone mapping, the dynamic stack processing routine by bracketing and the one shot HDR via RAW data processing deliver faster and above all brilliant HDR photos already with the automated parameter settings. Even black and white HDR photos are now generated with realistic tonal range optimally by the software. As self explanatory is the user interface of HDR software, the straight without further knowledge non-professionals and Appealing opportunity photographer. Of course, all parameters can be individually set. The surrealist, extra stressed contrast assignment for selected subjects, HDR darkroom 5 offers appropriate parameter settings, which gives painting similar results about the fine adjustment.

Franzis HDR darkroom 5 is available as a download at or runs on PC and Mac, and from early November in the trade. The MSRP of the publishing house is Euro 69,00. A free trial version and extensive information material on the product Web site invites photographers to the try out a. One shot HDR outwits the biggest enemies of HDR photography wind, animals and fast-moving objects, as well as the missing stand at the right moment are just annoying when the subject is consistent at the moment. The one shot HDR allows it yet, that the subject can be included in HDR format. The built-in RAW converter generates internal exposure bracketing from all popular RAW formats and delivers expressive Results, where JPEG bracketing are not applicable.

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