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Massage Technique
by Tam

Classical massage technique is described in various handbooks on massage and self-massage. Many authors have noted the need to maintain the already established techniques of massage, to warn against unreasonable aspirations Some experts complicate manipulation technique. It is important not the invention of new manipulation, and development on the basis of long-standing classical massage techniques particular methods used to differentiate According to the testimony and the nature of the disease at this stage of treatment. Laying patients to massage the back, waist, back, thighs, shins, feet srednefiziologicheskoe position: – The patient lying on his stomach, his head on one side, his hands – along the trunk, under the rib cage folded towel under the ankle – a roller. With massage, front, rear and side surfaces of the thigh – the patient lying on his side, arm is bent behind his head, legs slightly bent at the hip and knee joints. Between the knee – a folded position of competence.

For massage of the chest, front thigh – the patient lying on his back, his hands – along the trunk, under the knee – roller blades under – a folded towel. To massage the abdomen – position of the patient is the same, only the legs bent at the knees and hips, bent so as to completely stop adjoined to the couch. To massage the scalp, neck, trapezius muscles – the position of the patient sitting at a special table, his head rests on a special bracket with a roller, the hands are crossed each other on the table.

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September 15th


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