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Mahatma Gandhi
by Tam

Even and when it was largest and most powerful. But he had already created a very strong in his leg callus and another stronger even in his mind. DECIDED THAT HE COULD NOT ESCAPE AND SO WAS. Some time ago I read as they train fleas for circuses. Only there to trap fleas and put them in a glass jar. Then cap the bottle and opened small holes so that it can breathe but who could not escape for him.

The flea will attempt to escape and will be stops against the lid. That will hurt you and your nervous system shall be amended more jumping under each time. After a few hours be able to open the vial and fleas cannot escape. They forgot as jump high! You remember when you were a child and they asked you that you wanted to be. God, Superman, an astronaut or something like that. But on the way they have given us psychological taps, like those fleas receiving against the lid, and we were jumping each time lower. Us convinced that we wanted to be was not possible.

Today, many no longer want to be superman or astronauts or engineers or entrepreneurs or managers or great workers or large parents or what is important is what you want to be you? Or already forgotten as skip height. If you feel that this is your case, you can also try with subliminal options such as: Subliminal programming. Big changes in society, the most significant ones, have been because there were beings that believe that things can improve. Examples abound: Jesus believed that all we can find our way to God. Mother Teresa believed it was worth helping the poorest of the poor. Mahatma Gandhi believed that the release of the India could be achieved through non-violence. Martin Luther King believed that equality of rights between whites and blacks could be reached.

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January 12th


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