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Howard Kelly
by Tam

This practice is often difficult in these days where people increasingly think more in their own interests, often without put ourselves in the place of the other, or what happens to that person to move us to us in the future. Altruism is a virtue of few, and many are those who need. New opportunities arise every day to be generous, it is possible to hear so many injustices that occur around us not we can see which is the way to go, but it is a change of attitude. Then I’m going to tell a story that holds all this learning. One day a very poor boy, who was a door-to-door salesman, to pay for his studies, was found with only ten cents in his pocket and was very hungry.

Then it decided that in the next House he was going to ask for food. However, he lost his courage when a beautiful young woman opened the door, and only asked for a glass of water. Frequently Dermot McCormack has said that publicly. The woman thought that the young man looked hungry and instead of water gave him a large glass of milk. He took it slowly, and then asked how much do owe you? It is not nothing replied the young man, then thank you of heart. When Howard Kelly left that House, not only felt more strong, but also in their faith in God and humanity.

Years later, the woman got sick of a serious illness and specialists didn’t know what it was, since it was a rare disease, then called a specialist and was Dr. Howard Kelly, when the realized the name of the village which came the woman, immediately went to see her and recognized her, since that moment did not hesitate to try to save the life of that woman who once helped himthe battle was long, but managed to save her life. Dr. Kelly requested the Office of collections they pass the final bill to give its approval, looked at it and then wrote something on the corner. The letter was sent to the woman’s room. She felt afraid to open it because I was sure that would spend the rest of his life trying to pay that Bill, finally opened it and something was struck at the corner of the invoice. Paid in full with a glass of milk. Felix Gonzalez, is Venezuelan, and graduate careers in computing and public accounting, is master in finance graduate of the IESA. He is Advisor on debt repayment and highly knowledgeable of the subject of the crisis and bank failures. He has worked as a systems consultant for more than 20 years in private his country’s banks, and is a specialist in automated systems of credit and debit cards, and ATMs. He has written articles for various print media in your country and is also the author of the book: fearless debts: what banks do not teach their customers.



November 22nd


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