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Hanging Buildings
by Tam

Because of the low mechanical strength of a roof can damage even falling from the trees branches. And in this case is not without repair necessary. FRAME ATTIC Make rafters on the ceiling – a quick way to build a framework of traditional roofs. Small-caliber ROOF value of the roof for any building can not be overestimated. Most modern Developers perfectly aware of this and give "headdress" of his home no less attention than the "clothes" of its walls. However, this cautious approach does not always apply to small buildings such as hozblokov, Summer showers and other "nice" houses in the yard. "Where there is a roll of tar paper or stekloizola lying around, here and covered them" – often thought the owner, started the construction of another "small caliber" facilities.

Such approach has the right to exist. But you can go the other way. And having at hand all the same roll material. It suffices to show imagination and your roof will give you a different view. Box-Beams for Your Hanging LINE I built the house alone, so it was necessary to develop a design, easy to manufacture. A special problem is designing a roof. Build build one without aides easy.

They need support, and here – pull your. Be at the same time in two and sometimes three locations just a magician can. Do not break it? The author of this article shows by example that one person can also build a house. Sophisticated technology, special Accessories allow you to do this very effectively. Today he talks about how single-handedly built the roof. OUR ROOF – BLUE SKY! Make it part of the roof transparent – effective way to solve the problem of insufficient light house. They are often used by architects, designing buildings in areas with difficult terrain, buildings, surrounded by tall buildings in a dense forest, etc. But to make a transparent roof in place even with the warm climate, it is necessary to solve a number of architectural and engineering problems. Skylights What should be the attic window, to satisfy several requirements? After all, it is important to ensure good coverage of the premises (Without overheating in hot rooms) and effective ventilation. At the same time they should be comfortable to use and to be embedded in the roof. Slate – MATERIAL CHARACTER roof and facade – the person at home. They give it a complete individual species, and this is enough to critically approach the selection of roofing and finishing materials. And not just in terms of durability or efficiency. Becoming increasingly important properties such as appeal, compliance with sanitary norms, eco-friendliness. That all these qualities has natural slate. He all the more interesting that combines the possibility of using as a roof, and finishing material. Inconstancy of its structure, a different color and natural shine will add individuality, elegance and beauty of any roof or facade. Design options of homes using natural slate – an infinite set. Used for a variety of roofing slate tiles of different shapes. Depending on the coating is divided into universal, rectangular, decorative and so on. Consider some slate covers in detail.

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September 9th


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