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In principle each port can be configured freely and on each other any Route port. To know more about this subject visit New Jersey Devils Owner. At the same time, all conceivable routing rules are adjustable, for example depending on numbers or times of day. The VoIPBOX GSM there are versions with two or four GSM channels, 8 VoIP channels (SIP and H. 323), as well as up to two ISDN BRI ports or four analog ports that are configured as trunk (FXO) extension page (FXS) either. SIP trunks can be also set up with the VoIPBOX GSM. In each configuration, the gateway provides additional telephony features such as email SMS conversion, black and white lists, GPRS, fax via VoIP or T.

38 fax support. Paetsch explains cost-effective and environmentally friendly operation “Despite the powerful feature set and the various configuration options the VoIPBOX GSM is easy to set up,”. To do this, the device with the VoIPBOX GSM-quick start tool has an intuitive Installation Wizard, as well as a sophisticated and easy to use Web-based management interface for all other settings.” The VoIPBOX GSM can be installed within a few minutes and commissioned. The power consumption is low and the unit with less than 30 centimeters wide very compact. The VoIPBOX GSM helps companies in this way to reach their cost-cutting and environmental objectives. Technical data: GSM / GPRS: quadband 850/900/1800/1900 SIM cards per channel: 1 VoIP: SIP and H. 323 (incl.

SIP-trunking) antenna: 1 SMA (integrated splitter 4 to 1 in the unit) mass: 280 x 38 x 138 mm power supply: 12 V / 1.6 A images pictures please request at: Dr. Markus Diehl (09545 359 430,) TELES VoIPBOX GSM.jpg with the TELES VoIPBOX GSM, VoIP can be, Combine GSM and TDM connections. The device reduces connection costs and backup concepts is an important part of FMC – UC and landline. Frank p CTO-TELES.jpg Frank Paetsch, CTO, TELES AG information technology of TELES in the Prime Standard of the German Stock Exchange listed TELES AG information onstechnologien (DAX sector software, ISIN DE0007454902) headquartered in Berlin is divided into two business areas: next generation networks (NGN) and Access gateways. TELES has its own offices in Austria and India, as well as a global network of partners for development, sales, and technical support. TELES developed for international Netzwerkdienstleister in the fixed network and mobile telephony market complete class 4 and class 5 softswitch solutions, VoIP gateways and mobile gateways for GSM, CDMA, and UMTS networks.



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