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Band Unternehmenscoaching
by Tam

High return on equity can exclude counterproductive financial stability. Speaking candidly Alina de Almeida told us the story. Cut costs, save and limit themselves to the necessary policies of many companies in times of crisis. And it is difficult for many, to adapt to changing situations. Dominated by short-term thinking, cause of many problems in the past. Future desirable aspects be postponed. Filed under: Alina de Almeida. The second part of the series: The master plan – “Coaching for long-term success” is available in bookstores and via Libreka as E-book since July, 2011.

With the title: Coaching – profitability strengthen ISBN: print – 978-3-938684-12-2; book 978-3-938684-28-3 is after in spring 2011 appeared Band Unternehmenscoaching – bankruptcy danger avoid ISBN: print – 978-3-938684-11-5; book 978-3-938684-26-9 continued the series of economic literature for young and in crises the troubled enterprises and self-employed. Successful companies secure, develop and expand. Fault in distress and young companies with good A lot of AIDS and ways to protect your company and to get back on a more economical course receive future forecast. -Strengths and weaknesses of the company determine hoc measures – operational developments analyze and constructively assess – ad and get strategic concepts out of the crisis. Coaching is the key versus operating blindness to exploit latent and hidden potential. With the help of turn around measures is to strengthen the strong points of the company, to consolidate confidence among business partners and banks. Through organizational changes and effective measures of controlling liquidity margin be expanded and created interest for a good profitability. More detailed information see within the blue business series with all bibliographic information, the detailed table of contents under uv5100.htm.

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May 9th


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