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Free Browser Based Online Game
by Tam

Crossroads of the Worlds – a free browser based online game, new to the Internet project is not yet a year old, but already it draws from all of the real world and invites them to comprehend this fantastic world of Virtual For Varkross most players, the nickname given fans of the project has become a place where they found the real, proven fighting friends, found the second half and put together the knot, feeling close to a decent, loving man and a shoulder on which you can rely on in time of emergency, as in this fascinating universe, and on the other side of the screen Every fight is a truly unforgettable experience (up to 20 players beginning of the battle, or 10 soldiers from each side. Where you'll see such large-scale slaughter, and the more they will be able to participate? Believe me – nowhere ). The fight generated a very balanced, and the opposing team you must find a player whose forces do not exceed your requirements, thus giving each team a chance to win. There are nice utility (snacks, great add-on), such as "cart shopkeeper, enabling you need to buy scrolls and Mana Recovery X directly during the battle, if you forget to do this before. Shadow (master replicas) arising near the enemy and your ally, not giving him a chance at salvation, the smell of blood on the battlefield, the wild cries of the dying, hiring intervene in the battle, in order to reverse the outcome of the massacre and battle your opponent, all this and more will not make you bored for a minute



August 4th


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